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Old 03/02/10, 09:03 PM
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Vitaflex MSM (joint supplement) for goats?

A friend of mine has an old wether that has arthritis/hip problems. He is urinating/peeing well and I've seen him - he sure walks like he's arthritic. He walks with short minced steps in his back legs, and has lost weight over the last half of a year. We hope he gains now that I have helped her put him on a more specialized diet. We tried giving soaked shredded beet pulp and soaked alfalfa pellets, but he won't touch anything soaked. She's feeding the mill's goat grain mix with shredded beet pulp and alfalfa pellets mixed in. She also started adding AC at my direction. He gets free choice alfalfa hay, but I doubt he can compete for it very well, and may have bad teeth. She is moving him soon to a dog kennel where he'll have no competition, fully in the barn, full access to minerals (sweetlix), and alfalfa pellets, and hay. She's probably going to offer more shredded beet pulp and up the amount of grain - right now she has to sit with him and fend off the other goats. She's getting him a blanket from hoegger, too. Seems like a lot of work for just an old wether but she has her goats for JUST Pets and he was her first goat of all time. She is willing to put him down but has no way to keep his body around until she is able to dig a grave, which she'll have to do by hand.

Anywho, now that the background story is covered, we talked about possibly a horse joint supplement might be beneficial. She bought Vitaflex MSM (I think, she didn't have it right in front of her as I was talking on the phone with her), and was planning to give it at the same rate as listed for dogs 90+ lbs, as described. Do you think this will help him? I was thinking he might need more than that because of their fast metabolism. Opinions?

Dona Barski

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Caprice Acres

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Old 03/03/10, 06:57 PM
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I have used Joint Health from Jeffers and the Jonit Flex from for years in my older does. First it was for all my old CAE positive does in the 80's and now because I use the combination of Glucosomine, Chondroiton and MSM for myself, I even make a salve with MSM in it, I give it to all my older does over their milkstand grain. We give it to our dogs also. Vicki
Vicki McGaugh
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Old 03/03/10, 08:13 PM
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It helps my joints, I would sure try it.
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Old 03/04/10, 02:52 AM
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I've seen MSM work wonders in a 32 year old horse.
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