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Old 08/18/09, 08:49 PM
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Buck Pen Pictures??

Could you post pictures of your buck pen, Please?? :baby04:

The boys are in a temporary pen now but I need to build a new and improved one. Just looking for ideas for housing, fencing, space, etc. And pictures are always good!

They have to be moved sometime this fall because I have decided to put the garden where they are now.

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Old 08/18/09, 09:26 PM
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This pic only shows part of the pen. The pen extends off to the right. I use livestock panels. They work great for older bucks. I find that some bucklings will jump out.
Buck Pen Pictures?? - Goats
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Old 08/19/09, 07:12 AM
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I highly recommend what the above picture shows. Note that the hoop house sides are outside the pen. This is why that's a good thing:
Buck Pen Pictures?? - Goats
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Old 08/19/09, 11:50 AM
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My bucks would wreck that!

Our big bucks, Horned Angoras, are in a pen thats all wooden pallet walls for now. Their new pen will be a combo, cattle panels, wooden framed field fencing and pallet fencing. My bog boys know how to use their horns to tear things apart. They would destroy a tarped set up.

For horned goats I recommend something more like this.
Its not finished we are just working on it now.
This is actually one of our lamb pens, but the goats are done the same.
Buck Pen Pictures?? - Goats
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Old 08/19/09, 07:25 PM
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Thank you for the pictures. I am considering using cattle panels but with the cost I am concerned I won't be able to give them enough space. I know I could add to it as I could afford another panel or two. But I was wondering what you all thought about using cattle panels where I know it will get tested - like around gates and right outside the shelter - and then using several strands of electric fence in other areas. What do you think? We have the does & babies in 6 strands of electric now and so far so good. But that has only been completed for a couple of weeks. Do you think a partial hotwire fence will work for bucks?

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Old 08/19/09, 08:10 PM
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We took a 5 (or 5 1/2 ?) foot tall round pen panels (on 3 sides, the west side is 48inch woven goat fencing with 2 strands of electric above it). We lined the round pen with cattle panels (on the inside, so the bucks pushing on them would have less effect then panels on the outside) It's a good sized pen.. 40 x 60 or so. Their *barn* is a 10x10 building. The yellow tarp was a quick fix summer shade project. We plan on building a porch of sorts from wood & tin this fall. It now houses 4 bucks & a couple wethers. I'm adding 3 more '09 bucklings, but plan on adding another smaller 8x8 *barn* on the other end of the pen. I like the fact that we NEVER miss heats. The girls are able to rub/slide along the fence and wag for the boys (and no, we've never had an accidental thru the fence breeding.. I use to worry about that, but since it's NEVER once happened, I worry a lot less about it) We so many bucks I really needed to build a secure *fort buck* ...here's a couple pictures from earlier in the week.. there were 11 or so does in heat that day!

Buck Pen Pictures?? - Goats
Buck Pen Pictures?? - Goats
Buck Pen Pictures?? - Goats

susie, mo ozarks
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Old 08/20/09, 07:08 AM
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Buck Pen Pictures?? - Goats
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