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Old 11/22/08, 05:34 PM
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Tri-color goats

I have Boer goats, and this summer a tri-color (on head only) was born. In some information I saw on this forum, a tri-color goat is rare - and is worth more money? Any info you can give me?

When you say tri-color, is that on the entire body, or does just the head count?

I'm new at this so any information you can provide would be appreciated.
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Old 11/22/08, 06:14 PM
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I've never heard of tri colored Boers on any forum, but I've seen them in a variety of color patterns. Usually Boers of colors other than the traditional white with red heads, or mostly red Boers, are the result of being crossed with another breed. I would think the worth of a Boer goat would be determined by pedigree/show quality mostly and secondly, by local demand for a certain colored goat - ie: there are some who would pay more for a spotted percentage Boer because they like spotted goats. So, if someone is specifically wanting a tri colored Boer, they might be willing to pay more for it, but I've never had anyone ask for one. The most popular non traditional colors around here are red and spotted Boers. Some folks are also interested in black Boers
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Old 11/22/08, 06:17 PM
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Red face

Tri color in goats in general would be anywhere on the body - with Boers, I don't know if there are any specific requirements. I know black headed Boers go high around here.

I think Tris are the prettiest :-) My favorite marked fainter girl is a tri but also considered blackbelly (blackbelly being the base, then white tossed on top (think paint) - she's bred to a blue, I'm hoping for blue tri (blue is a dilution of black) She always tends to replicate herself too - and throw a base blackbelly.

Here's her little clone from last Jan

Tri-color goats - Goats

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Old 11/22/08, 06:46 PM
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What a darling baby!!!
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Old 11/22/08, 07:07 PM
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The tri-color boers I've seen marketed as tri-color, I wouldn't consider tri-color [red paint with darker red/chocoate patches on red for example] That said, I've never seen a tri-color FB boer... lots of percentages and a few PB.

bawhahaha. Goatkid, I have a solid black FB doeling. I heart her.
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Old 11/22/08, 07:09 PM
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There are several colored of boers, most did come in fact from outcrossing some where down the line but their are some true pures.
If you find some one who is neively breeding for color alone, or some one who wants a different looking goat for pet then sure they are worth more, but if its not a bulky goat with good conformation then its not worth anything more than its siblings.
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Old 11/23/08, 05:38 PM
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That little baby is darling!
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Old 11/23/08, 05:45 PM
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Missouri
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My Tri is mainly of the white body, but has dark red, gray and tan on his head - very pretty marbled coloring -

Thanks for the information - I just read the one reply where a lady had sold a tri at an auction getting same price for it as the regular ones, and this response was NEVER sell a Tri as a regular goat! That was why I was questioning it. He is not different in body structure or build - looks like the rest except for his coloring.
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Old 11/23/08, 08:15 PM
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Not quite sure what you mean by tri-colored. I have never heard of one being worth more.I have two that have tri-color.They are both registered PB(american)which means there is something besides boer somewhere.One is solid red with a black stripe on her back and black hairs on her head and a white belly band.Her daughter is traditional with black markings on her red head.What you may be talking about are the spotted boers which seem to sell for a bit more and have different shades of the same color and white.For the most part the boers worth is usually judged by bloodlines and build.But then again somethings are worth what you can get someone to pay for it.
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Old 11/23/08, 09:40 PM
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Chris brings up a good point.

If your animal has the good bloodlines and build, adding a little 'paint' can bring a premium. The doeling in the picture and her mom have both. I can get a premium for her kids because of that. I do have another paint/tri that has the build but not as impressive bloodlines, and her babies aren't as flashy. She would probably bring not near as much as the first doe.

Unfortunately in my breed, there are a lot of people selecting for certain LOOKS. Please don't do that. It can ruin a breed. In one of the sheep breeds I have, there was one group that were really going for a 'roman nose' (what this has to do with fleece or meat???) and unfortunately there were a bunch of sheep out there with horrid bites that were unable to eat! The 'trendy' market drives me nuts - blue eyes, moonspots, etc....doesn't matter once they are on someone's table!

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Old 11/24/08, 12:47 AM
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There are people that buy just for a certain color. If the conformation and pedigree are good then the color is probably an added bonus. I admit I do like color in my herd. My lamancha does range from black with white markings, brown and black, brown and white, and a solid white one. I like a little variety.
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Old 11/24/08, 01:40 PM
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If they're boers, they sure are cute, but as a friend says, you don't eat the color. Breed for conformation and meat.
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