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Old 06/02/08, 11:41 PM
Join Date: Apr 2008
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natural udder wash

We are milking tomorrow and I want to make my own udder wash. I plan on using tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract. ANy other ideas that are "natural" as in no Clorox?

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Old 06/03/08, 12:38 AM
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Nubian dairy goat breeder
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i would be careful with such strong ooils like tea tree as this might taint the milk.
you do not need to use chlorox as udder wash. a mild soap will do. i still would use a teat dip of some sort for disinfection after milking for mastitis prevention.
Susanne Stuetzler
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Old 06/03/08, 05:16 PM
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Im lazy, I just use unscented baby wipes. And I agree about the Tea Tree oil. Unless its diluted way down, it can be caustic.
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Old 06/03/08, 05:31 PM
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have to ask about the teat dip... my babies are nursing and I am milking... do I still need to use a teat dip and can I make my own? Sorry to jump in on the thread.
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Old 06/03/08, 05:37 PM
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Location: Texas
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Why not use an iodine based udder wash - it is basically iodine and lanolin. These are essentially natural ingredients and will ensure proper germ kill for the safety of your milk and your doe. When used in proper concentration it leaves no residue.

This is JMHO but when it comes to my food and the health of my animals I'm not willing to just throw something together and hope it works KWIM?
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Old 06/03/08, 10:07 PM
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Iam with nappint- the iodine/lanolin commerical teat dip is both natural & effective. I believe it is USDA Organic approved. For those who aren't up on ingredients, iodine is usually extracted from seaweed and lanolin is, of course, sheep wool fat.

Many commercial dairymen use the iodine/lanolin dip for its effectiveness. I've been using it for several years with only 1 case of subclinical mastitis.
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Old 06/04/08, 01:26 PM
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Thumbs up iodine mixture for udder wash?

Do you mix this udder wash yourself??If so what are the amounts?
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