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Old 03/16/08, 08:23 PM
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Why do baby goats get crusty eyes?

Is there something I need to do? I have a couple of kids with crusty eyes. One of them is unthrifty and the other seems otherwise healthy. Crusty eyes can be a symptom of a sick goat, yes? I wiped them out and gave Termycin (I know I mispelled that). Could this just be from the dusty barn dirt floor? I am worried about it. Please tell me anything you know about kids having crusty eyes. Thanks!!
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Old 03/16/08, 09:58 PM
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Central Indiana
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Does anyone know?
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Old 03/16/08, 11:50 PM
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Is this something you can post a picture of?
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Old 03/16/08, 11:58 PM
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Central Indiana
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Well, I would but I cleaned the eyes up and put that medicine in them. If the get crusty again, I could. She had some yellow goop and crust on the eyelashes. I took warm water and wiped it all off. The eyes weren't crusted shut but still had quite a bit around them.
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Old 03/17/08, 09:22 AM
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Are there any other symptoms? How old are they? My buckling was born with very watery eyes..he still has it but it's clear..not crusty. I posted about it and someone mentioned that sometimes they get the amniotic (sp?) fluid in there eyes and it irritates them and to use the Terramycin. I did, but I wasn't able to do it every day (long story)
If it were me, I would continue with the Terramycin 3 times a day until it goes away. Unless there are other symptoms that signal something else going on...then I would hope to find help here...or call a vet.
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