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Old 12/28/12, 08:48 PM
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any danger to raising cattle under/near high tension wire?

I remember years ago, there being a scuttlebutt about raising dairy cattle under high tension electrical wires somehow changed the milk.

Any research or truth to that?
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Old 12/28/12, 11:34 PM
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Not sure, but they do give off a purdy good humm, I wouldn`t want to live under them. > Thanks Marc
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Old 12/29/12, 01:12 AM
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Only problem I have seen associated with power lines is stray voltage.
Place down the road from me was a very well maintained and productive dairy farm. New lines went through and a big substation placed less than a mile from his place.
Stray voltage wiped him out. Went round and round with power company, electric engineers and so forth. Bottom line is he got some money and no longer milks cows on the place cause his barn became a dangerous place for them..
As far as grazing them through some pastures under the wires I wouldn't worry too much about it.
I'm sure that if you look around the internet you will find all sorts of stories designed to scare you though.
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Old 12/29/12, 08:48 AM
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Go out and hold a flourescent tube in one hand and point it towards the lines. When it glows, you'll better understand what your cows are getting 24/7.
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Old 12/29/12, 02:42 PM
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Location: Central WI
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then remember your cows are totally different from the photons zooming around in a glass tube...
Deja Moo; The feeling I've heard this bull before.
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Old 12/29/12, 05:24 PM
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Have seen conflicting stories, that's why I am asking. Regarding the grazing, it would be managed grazing so time might be limited in any on place - edge of one corner of one small corner of 120 plot. Thanks
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Old 12/30/12, 12:39 PM
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I think it is a bunch of hooey. However, I would not buy land under a high tension line because it would be difficult to sell because so many people think it is dangerous.

And hey, if your cows are lighting up like florescent light bulbs, electricity is stimulating, so they would probably give more milk.
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