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Cattle For Those Who Like To Have A Cow.

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Old 02/27/12, 11:43 AM
CIW CIW is offline
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Brown Swiss characteristics

I'm looking to take the best advantages of the limited efforts (time) I have available at the present time.
I remember my uncle Kenneth had about a half a dozen Brown Swiss cows that he would breed and milk. He bred to a beef bull except when he was looking to replace one.
Put those calves in a feedlot and fed them out. According to my dad they seemed to have good gain rates and marbled out well.
Being the little kid (12) at the time I don't remember to much about their temperment except that when I would go to their place to help put up hay, I would always ride one home when I went down the road to get them at milking time.
I have found a gentleman that sometimes has bred heifers for sale. I am thinking about getting one from him. But he doesn't milk them. Just uses them to raise calves.
Is anyone using this breed for a family cow.
Heavenly Father doesn't need to steer a parked car.
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Old 02/27/12, 12:15 PM
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Great milk and rather calm . I find them to be a bit stubborn and it is almost impossible to bottle feed the babies.
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Old 02/27/12, 01:48 PM
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We had one for 2 years, just sold her back in October. She was a really nice cow, very laid back, no problems with her. She got along with the other cows with no issues. Really good milk too. They are big cows though and they eat a lot so that is really the only con that I can think of. They are great as family cows as long as you want a big cow.
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Old 02/27/12, 09:55 PM
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I agree, slow, plodding, somewhat dim whitted compared to other breeds. As oxen, a lot of the old timers like them because they are so slow and unexcitable.
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Old 02/28/12, 12:12 AM
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Utah
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For us, little cows are hard to get under. We're a little bigger people. To bring us up to waist level, I've actually thought of pouring a raised platform to milk on.
I've built myself a vacuum pump to run a couple of milkers.
Feed consumption isn't a major issue in our situation.
And as I get older I find that having slow moving animals in my life isn't a bad thing.
Heavenly Father doesn't need to steer a parked car.
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