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Old 02/15/12, 12:39 PM
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Vermont
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Ringworm around eyes

We have a couple heifers who look like they have ringworm around their eyes. Skin is very crusty/flakey and they have lost hair around their eyes.

How do I treat this? They have been handled and are fairly tame, but not tame enough to let me scrub around their eyes without moving. I don't want to get any nasty chemicals in their eyes. What can I do?
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Old 02/15/12, 01:44 PM
Saanen & Boer Breeder
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Haven't had this in calves but did in goats and it was mites. I treated with ivomec (gave injectable orally) and then dusted them with pyrethrin dust or seven dust or something of that nature. The goats eyes looked like they were going bald around them and were even a little puffy if I remember right. Not sure if that helps any!
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Old 02/15/12, 02:04 PM
Dariy Calf Raiser
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: missouri
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Trout river. Ringworm will go away when sun comes out. Or you can rub on iodine for a few days in a row will fix it also
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Old 02/15/12, 03:12 PM
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: North Alabama
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Mine broke out with it last year and I ran to the vet.....
Who told me what Myersfarm just said. Give it time, let it run it's course. It sucked, my whole herd looked bad. It eventually went through them all and away. Hope it doesn't come back this year.
Good luck
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Old 02/15/12, 04:00 PM
Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: Vermont
Posts: 984
Ok, thanks everyone. In the spring they will go out on pasture, where they will stay all summer, so hopefully the sunshine clears it up. Right now they are inside most of the time on a bedded pack.
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