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Old 01/12/09, 08:43 PM
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Registering Beehives

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum.

My 8yo son and I will be starting our first bee hives this spring. We have both been doing a lot of research and studying lately. We have bought two hives and ordered our package bees for this spring.

While doing my research I found that Alabama requires all bee hives to be registered with the Alabama Dept of Agriculture. They also want a map to the hive locations.

Is this common practice by state governments?

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Old 01/12/09, 09:20 PM
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They don't require it in I haven't done it. The statute says that it is voluntary...but strongly recommended.
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Old 01/12/09, 10:14 PM
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Registration is free and optional here in Indiana. We also have a super-nice state inspector who is very interested in helping backyard beeks.
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Old 01/13/09, 05:58 AM
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Registration is mandatory here in Illinois. Free to register and a free inspection every year. The people who inspect are also beekeepers, and are looking for disease or Africanized bees.
You are required to give a location and new this year, co-ordinates, supposedly so they can notify you if any crop dusting or spraying is being done on farm fields near you. I guess the farmer is required to look at the map co-ordinates and notify you.
Ok to me, we do have one farmer the next street over that does sometimes use crop dusting on his field.
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Old 01/13/09, 07:18 AM
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It is a state by state thing. Michigans only requirement is a state licenced & inspected honey house to sell honey any place except your front or back door.

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Old 01/13/09, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by alleyyooper View Post
It is a state by state thing. Michigans only requirement is a state licenced & inspected honey house to sell honey any place except your front or back door.

************************************************** ****
There was a the not so distant past........when Michigan had one of the strongest requirements for registering hives and doing inspections in the country.......with severe penalties for scofflaws.
You were required to submit a yearly map of each yards' location, how many colonies in each yard and were "taxed" for each coloney as part of recovering the cost for the inspection that may or may not occur. All this was done "supposidlyl" to control the spread of AFB (american foul brood); with destruction mandated of each hive that was found to harbor the disease. Sadly, it was soon noted, that the inspectors were actually the ones who were unknowningly/uncaringly spreading it from hive to hive and yard to yard and the outcry from uncompensated beekeepers who lost their colonies, soon led to those "requirements" being set aside........either that or the state just didn't get the funding to continue. Either way, a thing of the past. Good riddance!
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Old 01/13/09, 09:28 AM
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Maine Hive Registration

Yes, we are expected to register our hives in the month of June every year. It's a trivial, small amount for the privileges it gives you. It's done in June to assure your not registering hives that didn't make it through the winter/spring. It's not like a bad thing. It allows our state inspector to know where hives are in case there's an outbreak of Brood or CCD. He can then look and see who might be affected and better control the situation. If we all lived miles from one another it might not be necessary, but where there is now a flooding of neighborhood hives, it makes a big difference. It's a disease control that most of us understand. Our State Inspector is well liked and respected all over the country. We enjoy his visits should he drop by for a rare inspection.

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Old 01/13/09, 08:19 PM
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There is no where to register them in Nebraska. I have to pay to have them inspected so I can ship queens. If I wasn't selling queens they wouldn't inspect them at all.
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Old 01/19/09, 03:49 PM
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Registration is required here in PA. I've had bees 5 years and have been inspected twice. I found the inspection process interesting, and enjoyed a chance to talk about 'my' bees and methods with the inspectors.
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