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Old 02/26/12, 11:50 PM
hippygirl's Avatar  
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Location: Alabama (east central)
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Originally Posted by Shygal View Post
My own two feet and a wheelbarrow. I don't like anything about it
Ha! Same here!
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Old 02/27/12, 12:17 AM
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Depending on what needs moved can be anything from the truck to the tractor and wagon down to the mower with cart, wheel barrow, or Willy with a couple 5 gal. buckets.
Now that I think of it, even the pockets of my bibs on occasion.
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Old 02/27/12, 01:03 AM
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Location: Indiana
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We use Kubota RTV's, any used one we get in. We have a Kubota dealership so we just use whatever we got on trade. LOVE them.
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Old 02/27/12, 05:59 AM
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I use a wheel barrow. What I like about it: It's paid for and it's good exercise. What I don't like about it: It's harder than Hades going uphill full of dirt, rocks, bricks, firewood, jugs of water, what have you.
"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow the fields of those who don't."-Thomas Jefferson
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Old 02/27/12, 08:26 AM
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1993 Dodge diesel 4 x 4 and a small tractor for the 'regular' farm stuff. Haflinger mare for wet ground and in the brushy/ lots of trees areas. Two wheeled chore cart and 20-something step grandson for everything else.
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Old 02/27/12, 10:27 AM
Join Date: Aug 2005
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my 1950 Farmall Cub Demonstrator
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Old 02/27/12, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by hippygirl View Post
Ha! Same here!
Me too. When I can't move it the first two ways, then I get out the D15II.
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Old 02/27/12, 03:19 PM
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Location: Foot of the Blue Ridge Mts.
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Old mule Kate, or a wheelbarrow. Ford F150 for hauling hay.
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Old 02/27/12, 03:51 PM
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Here lately I have been using my Cub Cadet riding mower and a 2 wheel cart behind it. For every thing. I have a 4 - wheeler too, but it dont get used as often.
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Old 03/01/12, 05:45 AM
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Location: Southern/Lower Michigan
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I have a few garden tractors that I use.
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Old 03/01/12, 06:01 AM
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Location: Western New York
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Honda 4 wheeler mostly, we have a swisher ATV cart with the huge tires and that does all the fence fixing and hauls about 40 face cord of firewood in a year. Then the cart comes off in the spring summer and fall to round up the cows. The poor little thing probably runs better than 300 days a year.
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Old 03/01/12, 07:49 AM
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1953 Farmall Cub, Cub Cadet rider, Honda Fourtrax, Recreatives MaxII 6 wheel amphib for hauling deer and wood out of the swamp.
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Old 03/01/12, 01:23 PM
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Location: Merced, CA
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We have a couple of 5 wheel John Deere Gators and they work great even in water (when I am irrigating). I have even used it in a pinch when I needed to move some sheep from up front to our back pasture hauling them in a 16' stock trailer. Any fence work we load them up and bring along our generator and have all our work gear. We do also have Quads and a Kubota Tractor with bucket.
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Old 03/01/12, 02:17 PM
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Location: Western New York
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Originally Posted by camp10 View Post
I have an ATV. I have a mower that I can pull behind it and a trailer.

I've put over 700 miles on it in the last 5 years and it's never left my little farm.
I just looked at ours this morning when I went to gather sap and cut some wood. We bought it 50 months ago as a year end tax write off it has 1401 miles on it!
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Old 03/01/12, 09:21 PM
Join Date: Feb 2004
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My Work Toys

Chevy 3/4 ton diesel pickup
23HP Garden Tractor with dump cart
Golf cart with dumpbed, gun rack, roof rack and garden tool holder
DR powerwagon
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Old 03/02/12, 10:48 PM
Rock On
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Location: upstate , ny
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Our current utility vechiles are a Kubota Mini Excavator and a cub cadet from the 60's with a 2 wheel cart and a wheel barrow. The Kubota is used in land shaping mostly as we dont have any animals and don't plan to. We have used the cub for moving stones, dirt , mowing. We have been giving serious consideration though to getting rid of the mower in favor of a 2 wheeled hand cart. The land we live on is very steep and does not lend its self to machines that well. If my son rolled it ever , it would be very bad. I have over time grown a strong distaste form maintaining dirty gas engines. The idea of hand tools with less potential for costly (Money and Time ) issues appeals greatly to me. Also I can say to my self at least I am trying to reduce my footprint on others even if by a small amount. i'll miss the cub a bit but its just stuff?
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Old 03/03/12, 01:27 PM
Formerly 4animals.
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Location: south alabama(Hartford)
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cheap ford ranger pick up that is also my daily driver
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Old 03/03/12, 03:52 PM
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construction and Garden b
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we use the skidsteer for just about anything around the yard. wheel barrow for small loads! small plastic sled in the winter!
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Old 03/03/12, 11:54 PM
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we have an 02 silverado 3/4 ton that hauls everything big. we use our 90 something polaris atv for small jobs and for plowing snow. we use our john deer lawn tractor that was given to us (free is the best!) for maintaining pastures and the lawn. what I am hoping for, is that my dad will get a new toy, and let me buy his Rhino, cheap.
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Old 03/04/12, 12:00 AM
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Oh yeah!
And we have one of these wagons:
What type of utility vehicle do you use around the place? - Homesteading Questions
(ours has a little hitch on the front that lets you hook it on the lawn tractor, 4wheeler, etc.)
I couldn't run our place without it, really...
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