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Old 09/22/09, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by totustuus View Post
I tried gasoline on one nest, sprayed another with wasp killer and tried the insecticide powder on the third. All were effective.... So many ways to wage war.....
For yellow jackets in the ground, nothing beats gasoline! Put a cupful down the hole (none should come out with all that gas), wait a few minutes for the vapors to build up, light a piece of newspaper and throw it on top of the hole.

WHOOSH!!!!!!! (The ones that didn't die from the gas have now been incinerated in the fireball!) Hey, when I want revenge, I want REVENGE!!!

They are indeed nasty, and once riled up stay "on guard" for a while.

Of course, you can't use the gas and burn method near anything combustible. I'd try the wasp and hornet spray and wait until night to douse the hole.

Currently, I have a nest of them in my back porch on the outer wall. They found a hole underneath the windowsill on the outside and have happily made a nest between the wall joists. I've been trying a cheap (Dollar Store brand) spray, and while it kills the ones flying around, it hasn't killed the nest yet. (I'm thinking possibly the hole to the nest is at the bottom, so the spray isn't dripping down on them.)

I do torment them from the inside - by banging on the wall. They come flying out to investigate and I keep banging and more come out. But if some poor unsuspecting soul came walking by, they would get stung in a hurry.

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Old 09/22/09, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Annie View Post
Fishhead, was the bucket all the way full of water? And how close does it have to be to the nest?

I've got a humdinger of a nest at the base of a raised bed, with another access hole at the top of the bed. Problem is, found out I'm more allergic to their stings than bees and I'm a chicken to get too close to it. Besides, my old rosemary plant is in that bed and I don't want to use gasoline by it. Have I said I really hate yellowjackets!!!
Just add water to within 3" of the top. You can set the bucket within 15'-20' of the nest. They should be able to smell the meat. It seems that yellowjackets get more aggressive about finding food in the fall. Once while driving out from AK I stopped at a rest area to eat but the jackets kept landing on my sandwich as I was eating it.

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Old 09/23/09, 09:24 AM
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A can of hair spray and a butane lighter. Works for me


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Old 09/23/09, 06:24 PM
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Appreciate the info, fishhead! Gonna try this tomorrow. A friend told me seven dust also works, but I really don't want to get that close. I'm a chicken!


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Old 09/23/09, 06:39 PM
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I know it's hard to keep in mind - but yellowjackets are beneficial predators of plant pests and pollinators. They are just very protective of anyone messing in their business (kind of like some homesteaders on this forum) ;-)

Yellowjackets just out in the back of a field - where no one wanders should be left to do their yellowjacket thing. It's good for all of us as long as we don't mingle.

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Old 09/23/09, 10:02 PM
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We have tons of yellow jackets around here. in the areas we work in we just watch for the hole and pour a cup of gasolene in it. gone the next day.


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Old 09/24/09, 05:44 PM
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My husband got stung pretty bad by some a couple of months ago. He was mowing the lawn and moved some boards that were near the foundation of the house......yellowjackets attacked him. He got stung pretty bad. I searched online for a way to get rid of them and they said to take a pot of boiling water out to a ground hive at night. He did it and it worked good and quickly. The whole hive was destroyed and the funny thing is that all the other yellowjackets in other areas around here are gone too. We really did not want to spray poison anything or gasoline out there as we had a couple of snakes that live in the area and did not want to harm them in the process.


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