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Old 08/06/05, 12:09 AM
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Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: Canada
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Big Round Hay Bales...worth?

In your neck of the woods, what is a large round bale of hay worth these days?
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Old 08/06/05, 12:30 AM
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: N.C.
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Most folks get around 12-16 dollars. We live in Western N.C.,and my dad- in -law told me this when I asked him about his roundbailer. Marty.
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Old 08/06/05, 12:34 AM
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Location: Tennessee
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About the same here. Prices may change as we see the effects of drought. Right now, we've put up some good hay this season.

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Old 08/06/05, 04:42 AM
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: MN
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$16-24 a bale depending on size & quality.

Up to $60-75 a bale for top notch dairy alfalfa. But that is different than what you are asking about?

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Old 08/06/05, 06:18 AM
milkstoolcowboy's Avatar
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I'd rather buy hay by the ton than by the bale. When I have surplus hay, I sell it all by the ton.

Here in SE MN, hay yields have been reasonably good, so prices down somewhat. Lots of second cutting got some rain on it, so those bales are bringing less as well.

For a 5' by 6' big round bale weighing 1500 lbs., they've been going from $22.50 to $60 a bale, but most selling between $35-$45/ bale.
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Old 08/06/05, 08:28 AM
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Location: South, South Alabama
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Not sure about the exact size or weight but rounds go for average of $50 here in Baldwin. Not sure about surrounding counties. I only wish we could get it for $16 each. We pay $11 for square alfalfa and $5 for bahaia (sp?) hay.
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Old 08/06/05, 08:51 AM
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Location: Florida
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A 5' X 6' roll of coastal bermuda is about $35-$40 around here. Small square bales go for $3.00-$4.00.
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Old 08/06/05, 09:01 AM
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Here Are About The Same As Tyusclan.
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Old 08/06/05, 09:29 AM
mtman's Avatar  
Join Date: Sep 2004
Location: AR
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about 14 bucks a large round bail bermuda
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Old 08/06/05, 09:41 AM
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Lexington Texas area
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Good Coastal Bermuda in a heavy round bale is $25-$35. here in central Texas. Most folks that raise cattle also raise hay, I don't though. That's what I pay to have it delivered.
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Old 08/06/05, 09:48 AM
willow_girl's Avatar
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$25-30 in northeastern MI
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Old 08/06/05, 10:36 AM
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Location: West River SD
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Round bales come in different sizes. You need to know the weight of the bale before comparing. Current price is about $45 per ton here. In order to sell we have to take at least two bales into town to be weighed as a sample of weight. Our bales are usually 1500 pounds.
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Old 08/06/05, 02:33 PM
littlebitfarm's Avatar
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I paid $25 each for 1600 pound bales of grass hay delivered. I also get 600 pound grass bales delivered for $10 each

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Old 08/06/05, 06:19 PM
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They don't offer them by weight here, just by size. A 4 x 5 round bale of Coastal Bermuda or Timothy runs $20-$25. You've got to go for a looonnnnggg drive to find something else...and I'm not seeing any Timothy offered this year at all!

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