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Old 01/06/05, 08:20 PM
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Cool Gerry Mazerolle


A couple of questions- One can you update your website if it needs it, so that Im looking at current land for sale(I think it was last updated in October?)

Whats the catch to living in New Brunswick? Theres a lack of jobs right? Its a beautiful country, seems friendly, environmentally healthy.
Not happy about the documentary I just watched on the clear cutting of the forrests.
What your view on that?

Where are the best places to live in NB? What kind of jobs are out there?
How hard is it to buy land? or a farm?
If you'd rather send mail- namesdrivemebatty @
Its a gift to simple, its a gift to be free
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Old 01/06/05, 08:26 PM
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chech the singles forum I posted a reply from the relator about those issues... doesnt seem like a big bother.

work would be the real issue.
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Old 01/07/05, 08:18 AM
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Location: New Brunswick, Canada
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Hello Natureschild,

It's not often I get my name appear in a post so I best reply promptly. I am in the process of upgrading my website and posting many new properties. I have been in the woods all year as they say. I always find time everyday to check out the homesteading today forum as I think it's the best one on the internet. It gives a great understanding of rural North America.

There are many nice areas to homestead but I think New Brunswick has more to offer than most. The province is saturated with small homesteads from one end to the other and people lived off the land for the past 400 years. Now I suppose as everywhere else homesteading is by choice rather than necessity.

I think there are job opportunities here in New Brunswick. There are always mill closures and such but overall I think New Brunswick is doing pretty good. A good place to start would be having a look at the City of Moncton website as it's our largest city with 100000 people and never far away really.

As far as clearcutting I think education and other more natural options of harvesting are paying off. Recently the New Brunswick government announced plans that would address many concerns. Forestry does drive our economy and private land owners are free to cut every last tree on their property as long as they keep 100 feet or so from watercourses. More and more people however are choosing to harvest their woodlots in a sustainable way but when the old fellow dies and the family sells the woodlands it usually goes to the highest bidders which at the moment are the logging companies.

Here is a self photo of myself at a recently clearcut 25 acre woodlot. Not much remains but it does grow again as you can see by the maple shoots. They can provide much enjoyment in their management. Of note this one in Saint Norbert will be going on my website shortly. It's 25 acres at $325.00 US funds per acre ($8000.00 USD) but does have a nice little brook and a high view at the rear. It is however a mile or so in the back woods access only by old logging roads. I do hope natureschild to add many properties soon and do invite you to visit my website and if I can be of service please let me know.
Gerry Mazerolle - Homesteading Questions

I hope this information is useful to you and thank you comfortablynumb for the post that you refer to. I am much grateful.

Best of 2005 to everyone

Gerry Mazerolle (Land Sales)
New Brunswick, Canada, is the world best kept secret.
We offer a great way of life, peace and privacy.
Come back to Nature-Come home to Kent County.

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Old 01/07/05, 10:32 AM
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Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 118

Thanks confortably numb- I went over to that thread immediately. It answered questions I didnt even think about asking.

Gerry-thanks so much for you quick answer. It was very informative. I like scrolling your site. Iam just waiting for the right time and right moment to make a move.
Its a gift to simple, its a gift to be free
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