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Old 08/21/04, 01:27 PM
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Sanyo Kerosene Heater

A year ago, I bought a Sanyo Kerosene Heater (model OHC 510) at auction, so it came with no instructions or manual.

I've never used a kerosene heater before and am a bit flummoxed as to how to go about using it.

Does anyone else here have one of these heaters? I just need simple guidelines on filling and --- and, well, turning it on, wicks, etc.

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Old 08/21/04, 06:24 PM
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I do not use one of these heaters but I have light one several times for others.
1...You must use K1 kerosene
2...The wick should be rather clean, no grubby build up, black in the burn area is OK
3...Fill the tank with the above referenced fuel
3...Place the tank into the heater
4...Wait until the wick has time to saturate with the fuel
5...Using the small knob turn the wick up until you have about 3/8 inch showing
6...If you are using a match, strike same and light the wick
7...If the burn is bellowing black smoke turn the wick down a bit
8...When the wick is light 360 degrees turn the wick down until it will keep the grid above the flame a bright red
9...There should be no visible smoke and the unit should now be generating heat and the grid is very bright. This is the burn settling.
10...For safety reasons, never fill the unit inside and when hot. Keep the heater away from flammable materials. If you are in a tight structure you need to ventilate.
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Old 08/22/04, 09:59 AM
Join Date: Aug 2003
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Thank you! That's exactly what I needed to know.

I got it ONLY for emergency use (if, say, we have an ice storm and all the power lines get downed and stay downed for a week or so, and I run out of propane ) --- but I want to be sure I know exactly what to do and how before I have to use it.
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Old 08/22/04, 02:49 PM
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Also beware when using kerosene heat you generaly want to have a window craked for ventilation not use in a closed up room while sleeping and preferably have a co monitor working to warn if you start to use up all the oxygen in the room. My wick heater is great in the garage much more quite than the salamanders that sound and look like jet engines you may even be able to set a tea kettl on top for hot beverages. I would strongly recomend you take it out to the garage to light it and shut it off cause they stink and smoke. when operating in a garage make certain no gasoline or fumes are in there.
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