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Old 11/05/12, 11:25 AM
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Cheap Bulk Coffee Beans

Hello All.

I drink coffee every day. Usually Folgers or Maxwell house (whatever is on sale). Not the greatest stuff, but I'm cheap.
My wife likes the gourmet coffee beans in various flavors.
While I don't care for the flavors, I just love the strong, natural, COFFEE FLAVOR that seems to be absent in pre ground coffee.
If my wife makes a pot of her coffee, Iwill reuse her grounds and just add mine to them and it makes a huge difference on the flavor of my cheap, plain coffee.

My question is, does anybody here know of a place where I can buy bulk quantities of fresh coffee beans without paying "gourmet" prices.

Folgers is over $4.00/lb on a good day. Is it possible to get fresh, unground beans for that price? I would buy 20# bag or more.

BTW, have you noticed that what used to be the old (3 pound) coffee can has now been replaced with those plastic containers that weigh less than 30oz? The sizes even vary within each brand, or from store to store.
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Old 11/05/12, 11:32 AM
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I drink Chicorey. It is good. My DW drinks a roasted coffee name of Bifferdoodle. Mine is Community Coffee. I do enjoy her coffee and she will not drink mine. Both of these are companies in Arkansas so I think if you want to buy in bulk it is possible. I would buy a LB from ya if ya start to blend your own.
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Old 11/05/12, 11:33 AM
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Seems to me you can have good or you can have cheap. I buy green coffee beans and roast them at home. I don't drink all that much coffee, so feel that when I do I deserve to drink something I will enjoy. I get most of mine from Coffee Corral, but the average price for green beans is $8/lb give or take. On the other hand - coffee from fresh roasted, fresh ground beans is so superior to the supermarket stuff that you will never want to go back.

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Old 11/05/12, 12:29 PM
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I buy from and roast my own in a castiron skillet. There are tons of youtube vids to show how to do this. -- Tim
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Old 11/05/12, 01:11 PM
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I hope I'm not hijacking the thread, as I'm also interested in buying buy beans in bulk, but I'm wondering how long they'll store (as in prep storage) if vacuum packed in mylar. I would imagine green beans with the higher moisture content wouldn't store very long.
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Old 11/05/12, 01:36 PM
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coffee beans

Since I retired, I think I've become a coffee starbucks, always buy it on sale w/coupon and grind it each morning. Save the bags for a free cup in town. BUT I would like to know where you buy the green beans to roast????
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Old 11/05/12, 02:00 PM
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I buy green coffee beans from sweetmaria's (good stuff)

They have "bad experiments" if you don't care about taste for under $3

and if you buy 20# $4.50 a pound of various ones.. (High Cupping Scores) I like their beans..

a cast iron skillet or even better an air popcorn popper (takes 6 minutes) is quite easy to roast.

stored properly, green coffee gets 20+ years. once roasted at 6 months it begins to turn rancid.

some coffee snobs won't like the taste after 6 months of green beans storage, but average peopel will be fine with 20+ years of vacu- oxygen free storage.
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Old 11/05/12, 06:54 PM
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Wholesale Coffee by Country

These folk have several countries listed - you might find something you like. We have done our own roasted in an old hot air popcorn popper with big success... There was another site that had 50 pound bag prices but I can't find that one right now.

I love coffee and we have been roasting for awhile. Great - you can roast them longer if you like a strong coffee....
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Old 11/05/12, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by mildblue View Post
a cast iron skillet or even better an air popcorn popper (takes 6 minutes) is quite easy to roast.
I have go to try this. I've been buying whole beans from Costco. Knowing me, I'll probably burn the place down waiting for the beans to pop.

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Old 11/06/12, 12:17 AM
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Coffee is one of those strange things that, once a person has arrived at their personal favorite, no other choice will do. Personally, I can't drink coffee black. It's too strong and it burns my stomach. I drink mine with half and half. Not milk or creamer, lol! To me, Starbucks is terrible, but most people rave about it. My favorite is Dunkin Donuts pre-ground. Love the Dunkin Donuts... not too strong, but no annoying off-tastes like Maxwell House. Here in Atlanta there's a place called the Dekalb Farmers market where you can buy in semi-bulk, and while it's eight bucks a pound you can get it from just about anywhere in the world. If all that's too much, you could simply move to Hawaii and grow your own (darn, -that- was some good coffee!)
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Old 11/06/12, 05:38 AM
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I agree warwalk, that Kona coffee is hard to beat!
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Old 11/06/12, 09:36 AM
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If SHTF, any coffee will likely do.

We simply can't grow it this far North without an overly elaborate greenhouse setup. (unless you are from Hawaii or Florida)
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Old 11/06/12, 09:58 AM
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Thank you for all of the responses. I will have to check out these places.
I may even try to raost my own.

I've heard a lot about chickory, but never tried it. What does it taste like?
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