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Old 09/03/12, 04:33 PM
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49 cattle stolen from Mass. farm

Most have been found at auction site in Pa.

Cattle bandits swipe 49 cows from Mass. farm - News - Boston.com

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Old 09/03/12, 05:18 PM
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At $1000 per head, that's better than stealing scrap metal - less work too.

Only going to get worse, as people discover stealing, pays more than working.

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Old 09/03/12, 05:44 PM
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unless bodies start showing up with a sign on them saying "cow rustler".

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Old 09/03/12, 06:14 PM
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A farmer in our area lost a tractor and bailer out of his field ,value around a 90,000 loss

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Old 09/03/12, 06:20 PM
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And nobody saw them being herded through the City of Providence ?

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Old 09/03/12, 06:20 PM
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Only going to get worse

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i went to the woods because i wished to live deliberately to front only the essential facts of life,.......,and not,when i came to die,discover that i had not lived...Henry David Thoreau

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Old 09/03/12, 06:37 PM
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This has been going on for years.......

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Old 09/03/12, 07:10 PM
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This gets more attention now because of the economy and location. I've known all kinds of people who have had animals turn up missing. It's a running joke with my friends when we're hungry to say we're "goin' cow huntin' because they're just standing around."

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Old 09/03/12, 07:29 PM
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I havnt heard much of that here in Okla. I guess its cause we have trees with limbs that hang straight out, and some of them are in down and lowly places in big range pastures where nobody would notice them, Or the pecans or whatever that was hanging from them lol

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Old 09/03/12, 07:46 PM
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Jules, the goat grandma
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We've had rustling of calves around here for years and have been told to keep our goats out of view of the road too (which we've attempted to do).

I agree that it's only going to get worse due to the economy.

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Old 09/03/12, 08:18 PM
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some what off topic, but my DD had her goat stole for about 3 months, and then about three months later a neighbor found her near there place,

apparenlty she had gone to the fair, as she had been trained to show and so on, Who we do not know, or why if some kid would have need one for fair I would have most likely loaned them a goat for the summer, but why steal it.

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Old 09/04/12, 03:31 PM
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We once got to live rent free on a huge farm because they wanted people "there" at night. They had 48 or more cattle loaded up and hauled away over night once. That was about 15 yrs ago in Lexington KY area. And a few yrs before that I lived in W. VA. next door to a dairy farm. I loved driving by looking at the cows and calves in the field. Then one morning there was a cow lying dead, one hind leg was cut off way up high. Not an animal predator in this case, it was a knife and saw. I guess its just getting worse these days.


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Old 09/04/12, 05:41 PM
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And it has the opportunity to get *alot* worse if things don't change in the big house... Spent the Labor Day weekend visiting and chatting to old friends about what happens if...

What do you think should happen to the thief? Hang em!

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Old 09/04/12, 06:47 PM
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This summer it has been outboard motors and wheelers. Winter is coming so it will change to snowmachines anytime now.

There was a reindeer wounded a month or so ago. Reward offered in Fairbanks reindeer case - AP State Wire News - The Sacramento Bee

Kinda hard to rustle a caribou..... I can't even find one to shoot. Got one in the freezer though!

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Old 09/04/12, 07:03 PM
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Our Grandparents had cattle on their 360 acres on the top of a small mountain in Oregon. They would have some go missing and mainly they would be found shot as hunters mistook them for deer. Despite signs prohibiting any hunting on their property, folks came on there sometimes.

My grandpa kept his gun by his door up high, loaded and ready to go, he kept farm dogs always on the alert. All of us respected it and no accidents ever took place, all the Grandkids and their friends...it was out of their reach. It was not just for the coyotes, he would run people off from time to time but never fired a shot. There were folks brave enough to come down his driveway in a pick up truck on occasion but they never left with an animal in the back. They had to sneak in from the wild country on the exterior portion of his property if they were going to steal anything successfully, not many animals strayed back there because there were bears.


Thank you kindly,

Romy "Island Girl"

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Old 09/04/12, 07:26 PM
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last ranch we lived on came up 17cattle short. still don't know if they tried crossing the river and fell in (winter), or what. it was a winter that we were snowed in for weeks, so the thought of someone getting a pot in there to load that many seems highly unlikely. we wondered if they maybe made it across the river? some 'genius' left the gate open when the boss allowed him to fish there. expensive lesson for boss man!

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Old 09/04/12, 09:05 PM
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Here, they butcher them right on the property.

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Old 09/05/12, 01:47 PM
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Interesting. We don't have that problem in the Indiana Territory. We have paid cows with cell phones to report suspicious goings on. We call it Cow Tipping Off.

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Old 09/05/12, 04:19 PM
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They recovered the cows stolen

Cattle bandits rustle 49 cows from Mass. farm

Cattle bandits rustle 49 cows from Mass. farm - Local News - Providence, RI - NBCNews.com

Providence — Police said most of the 49 cows stolen from a Dartmouth farm have turned up at a cattle auction site in Pennsylvania. Dartmouth police Sgt. Allen Shaw said that 39 of the animals have been found in New Holland, Pa. Police are still investigating, and Shaw had no additional details about the alleged theft or...
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Old 09/05/12, 10:53 PM
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Rustling cattle is nothing new. Been going on for centuries. Only the methods used change. There's a story in my home area about a small farmer who was also one of the richest. He'd start out to the railhead with 2 head of cattle and arrive with 20. He'd take one out of one herd and one out of another and so!

In the 1940s, there were a lot of shanty people living along the Wisconsin River. Only time there was work for them was temporary farm help and they often worked for food. We didn't mind hearing someone tapping on a milk can cover to dip out a gallon of milk for a baby and that was often a clue as to who was doing it. Missing vegetables also tolerated. Drew the line, however, when a calf was butchered in a barn stall. Meat was available in the river and the woods, not the barn. Got word out that next time someone could get shot. Never had that happen again.


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Old 09/06/12, 01:43 PM
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The pastures out here are so big that most animals are killed and quartered up right there. If they go out during the middle of the week, the thieves really don't worry about anyone coming along. Still I haven't heard of many cows being taken. One man killed a calf down here by the river. I'll bet he wondered how they found him. He left his knife next to what he left. Duh. I hope that no one on HT gets hit by these thieves. Please stay safe out there!

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Old 09/06/12, 02:03 PM
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Bret, don't know where you live in IN but the "tip off cows" don't live near us because we've had this sort of thing for years; cattle and hogs. Once we installed a night light to help discourage hog stealing and the thief used that light to just butcher the hog right in the barnlot; took the hams and loins. Once our son announced (when he thought the "right" people were in attendance) in a local hang-out that we were through calling the sheriff and planning to put the Colt policy into practice. The calf that had been stolen the night before showed up the next morning about 2 A.M. in the barnlot, bawling for mom. Not been any livestock stealing here since.


This world is not my home; I'm just a'passin' through.

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Old 09/07/12, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by FarmboyBill View Post
I havnt heard much of that here in Okla. I guess its cause we have trees with limbs that hang straight out, and some of them are in down and lowly places in big range pastures where nobody would notice them, Or the pecans or whatever that was hanging from them lol
Oh it happens in Oklahoma. We came from a town where there were several arrests for that very thing. It is usually people you would never think would do something like that. One was a guy who worked for a very large rancher but he never took their cattle only the neighbors..
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Old 09/07/12, 10:44 AM
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Could the ID device that can be inserted in domestic animals be used for Cows?
If it contains material that a metal detector sees it could be cut out.
But if sales private and commercial had to be predicated on "the Cow must have the ID device" then stolen Cows would have to go far underground to a very small scale black market which typically collapses that business model.
P.S. I'm not a more rules person.
I'm a less rules, simpler rules person.
Good luck.


If an elected official is in charge of a budget and that budget is not balanced, the elected official is not eligible for re-election until the budget is balanced.
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