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Old 11/09/10, 11:12 AM
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Location: Georgia
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Anyone here had wisdom teeth out at older age?

Has anyone here had their wisdom teeth removed when you were older? I know it's common to have them taken out when you are in your late teens/ early twenties but for some reason, that didn't happen for me. I did have two taken out many years ago because of being impacted, and if I would have been smart, I would have had all of them out at that time. I now have a cavity in one that requires it to come out and I was just wondering since I'm "40'ish" what exactly would I be experiencing. Lots more pain??? I'm afraid of that as I don't do pain very well. Both teeth that are left are not impacted, however, I'm still planning on going to for the procedure!
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Old 11/09/10, 11:16 AM
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Georgia
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Oops. I meant for this to post on the Countryside Families forum. Trying to figure out how to move it.
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Old 11/09/10, 11:19 AM
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Location: W. Oregon
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Depends on how the roots are, mine just popped out, little brothers had to be broken, then pulled one piece at a time. They were grown around his jaw bone. I have had 2 rear molars pulled, came out very easy. Go to sleep, then take you pain killers so pain doesn't sneak up on you. Good luck and hope you have an easy time of it....James
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Old 11/09/10, 11:26 AM
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Tennessee
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I had an impacted one taken out when I was 60ish and was asleep so didn't feel anything. He said he had a tough time getting it out but I don't remember an extraordinary amount of pain afterwards. Best wishes!
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Old 11/09/10, 11:53 AM
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Location: South of DFW,TX zone 8a
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I was 34, put me to sleep, those suckers were in tight and impacted.
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Old 11/09/10, 12:10 PM
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Location: Missouri Ozarks
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I was about 42 when I had my impacted wisdom teeth taken out and I was also asleep so the procedure was no issue. I did develop dry socket but the pain wasnt that bad and they give you pain meds to deal with it.
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Old 11/09/10, 02:26 PM
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Location: Levittown, Bucks, Pennsylvania
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I was in my mid 30's and they were not impacted and wee fully erupted. The doctor used a shot of liquid Valium and I was awake the whole time. Then it was Tylenol & Codine, I would awaken in pain, take more, read a chapter & pass out...repeated for 24 hours & then I was fine.
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Old 11/09/10, 02:29 PM
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Texas
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Had mine out at 60, wasn't completely out but didn't feel a thing. Rapid recover and very little pain, went off the pain medication in two days. Important to follow the antibiotic regimen and precautions to avoid dry socket.
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Old 11/09/10, 05:48 PM
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Location: Central Texas
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Had mine out in my 30's, just a few shots of novacaine..

They were tight and pushing my other teeth around, it was a bit unnerving what with the prying and pulling and all but not a big deal.
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Old 11/09/10, 06:31 PM
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 61
My husband had his out at age 60. Was put to sleep and no real problems afterwards.
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Old 11/09/10, 10:54 PM
lonelyfarmgirl's Avatar
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Location: Hoosier transplant to cheese country
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I had one out when I was 31, because it suddenly decided to come out in an awkward place. It hurt really bad, and was an emergency outpatient extraction. they shot me up real good until my whole face was numb, and popped it out. there was a gaping hole in my mouth for a couple months, and it hurt, but not agony. the worst part was I had to eat real careful. food had a way of gettin up in there, and was impossible to get out, and I kept wanting to stick my tongue in the hole.
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Old 11/10/10, 10:22 AM
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Location: Manitoba, Canada
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I had them out a little while back at age 48.

Did it with just Novocaine, no nap gas. Dentist swore a blue streak, sounds were horrible, and 3 of the 4 were billed as "difficult extractions".

But for all of that, I had very little swelling and not much pain. Some Tylenol T-3s following the extractions, regular Tylenol by the day following, no painkiller needed by second day following. Most of the soreness actually came from where the dentist was leaning on my neck for leverage....
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Old 11/10/10, 12:48 PM
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Klickitat, WA
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I was in my 40's, had all 4 removed at the same time in the dentist's office. I was out, a friend of mine drove me home, where I slept most of the day. Did it on Friday, so I only missed one day of work. Real pain only lasted a day or so, I wasn't even very sore on Monday.
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Old 11/11/10, 12:33 AM
deb deb is offline
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Location: WI
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I had so many teeth removed before I had braces that there was room for wisdom teeth in my mouth. However 8 years ago one wisdom teeth had a big hunk break off. I made an appt to get the tooth removed the next day which was the day before Thanksgiving.

My dentist won't do extractions. The extraction was done by an oral surgeon and I only had Novocain shots. The oral surgeon was so skilled and had done this kind of thing so often that the removal was fast and clean!

Since I only had Novocain I was able drive myself home (55 miles). I took codeine w/ tylenol after I got home and went to bed. I slept most of the next 24 hours. We didn't have a real Thanksgiving dinner that year because I wasn't up to cooking or eating real food. I think I had Mac n' Cheese because I didn't have to chew it.

in wi
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