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Old 03/23/10, 07:01 PM
Join Date: Jun 2008
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HELP: New German ear hanging over....

I know this may be no big deal....but.

Our baby german shepherd is 2 months old. His ears were folded over. Then as of the past week, they became stiff. Everything seemed fine....

Well, the dog fell asleep and when he woke up, the one ear is flopped forward.

Any thoughts....???
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Old 03/23/10, 07:07 PM
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Texas
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My two terrier mix pups when I first got them had one ear up and one down. When they got about 3 mo. old one of them had both her ears fold the other one's ears stand up.

Probably after a couple months they will both stand right.
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Old 03/23/10, 07:11 PM
Join Date: Oct 2007
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Not to worry. The ears will stand up in their own time.
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Old 03/23/10, 07:16 PM
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Southren Nova Scotia
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I had a german shepard when I was 14 yr. I got him at six weeks old and both ears flopped over.A few months later one ear was up and one down! The other ear didn't stand up until he was nine months old.

Our present dog is half Border Collie and half Old Fashioned Farm Collie. Both ears were flopped when we got her at eight weeks old. By four months one ear was up and one down. By six months both ears stayed up.She has white ears with black spots on them. She sure was cute when those ears flopped over with her spots showing!
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Old 03/23/10, 07:53 PM
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Southern Idaho
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Libby, our four month old German Shepard puppy, still occasionally has one floppy ear. They will grow out of it in time. Her sister, Schatzi, who is owned by our DD is the same way.
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Old 03/23/10, 07:57 PM
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: southern ohio
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when they're babies they flop, they will eventually stand up all the time
it's funny at this age they will be up one minute and down the next. I love the german shepherd breed. my favorite. we've had 3 over the years enjoy
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Old 03/23/10, 08:52 PM
Minelson's Avatar  
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Location: South Dakota
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They flop during a growth worries. It just means that he is growing I love German Shepherds! They are just the greatest dogs
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Old 03/23/10, 09:23 PM
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My mom has a Papillion, definitely not a German Shepherd, lol But the vet said their ears flop when they're teething. It may be the same for other dogs too.
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Old 03/23/10, 09:55 PM
TJN66's Avatar
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Location: Farm Country NY
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Yep...ours flopped too. I read on a board to feed them yogurt. When they teeth it takes calcium from the cartilage so that causes the ears to flop. Yogurt is good for them, has lots of calcium and helps with digestion.
It seemed to work for us. Ruso's ears were up by 6/7 months.
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Old 03/23/10, 10:39 PM
Join Date: Dec 2008
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I know this sounds nuts but the wifes G S can flop his ears at his will
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Old 03/24/10, 02:22 AM
||Downhome||'s Avatar
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they can fold them when they get older too. not just puppies thing.

if the cartilage got damaged you would have issue. I have one here I really just think hes lazy because the will stand up. but they fold about midway most of the time always looks like he is irate about something.

give a wistle if they stand up your good. if not you may not of got the dogs attention find another method.
shepherds have always been my breed and own five total as I write this. though mine are white and will never worry about dysplasia and will kill any critter that should not be in the area. they just chase the cats and nieghbors dogs (not always though doh).
but the wild ones coons and such they will kill with out a command. they are smart dogs. enjoy yours!
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Old 03/24/10, 11:45 AM
laughaha's Avatar  
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Location: PA- zone 5
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GSD ears will typically go up and down and back up and back down before finally staying up. Don't worry about it. It's normal. We used to breed white GSD's so I have alot of experience with this. Really, his ears will be fine. They should be all the way up and staying up by 6 months, sometimes it takes a bit longer.

He's only 2 months old, they probably won't always stay up right now. He would actually be atypical if they were always standing up right now. Gotta remember, GSD's have HUGE radar ears.
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Old 03/24/10, 12:55 PM
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German Sheperds have been used for many years as accurate weather predictors.

One ear flops, barometer drops.

Two ears down, better get out of town.
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