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Old 01/13/10, 12:10 PM
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Good Egg Laying Chart That Compares Breeds?

Hello All--

I am trying to make decisions about which breed of laying hen chicks I will order for this-coming Spring (raised Dominiques this year--my 1st year w/ chickens--and like them, but want to try a different breed next year for comparison purposes).

I am trying to find a good online resource that compares many different chicken breeds and their various traits w/ specifics (like how many eggs they are reputed to lay per year). I am especially interested in heritage breeds but am open to others as well. I have looked on the american livestock breed conservancy site, and there is good info there, but I was hoping for a site w/ actual comparison #'s.

Sometimes, I get tired of wandering endlessly around the wide world of cyber space, trying to find what I am looking for, so I thought I'd just ask and see if you could give me some direction. Thank you!

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Old 01/13/10, 12:19 PM
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Oh man, this is fun isn't it picking out your layers? There are a number of great websites devoted to poultry with fantastic experts there. The best I have found for many years is Many pros there, judges, commercial and backyard, farming poultry raisers.

Also lot of good books out there with these charts in them. The above site will have good ideas for you and very good suggestions.

Here's a very nice chart:

Have fun! Spring is pretty exciting when you have chicks or ducklings coming!!

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Old 01/13/10, 02:16 PM
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How about checking out the POULTRY FORUM? This would be a great question there.
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Old 01/13/10, 02:57 PM
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If your into heritage chickens, and I dont blame you for that in the least, I cant help you, BUT, if you want great layers that dont eat much, go with the Gold or Red sex links. There great chickens, and if you sell them, they bring high dollar as people know how they lay and how little they eat, and being about 1/2 the size of an old line chicken, you can have a 1/3 more of them in the same house.
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Old 01/16/10, 07:32 AM
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quacker posted a link to the chart that the poultry forum would recommend, also
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Old 01/17/10, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Little Quacker in OR View Post
Yup, Henderson's Handy Dandy Chicken Chart is the best! It tells you all about 60 chicken breeds. Egg Productivity is listed, but you may want to read the other details. The information about Temperament and which birds are Very Cold Hardy was very important to me because I didn't intend to heat my WI coop and I wanted mellow birds.

We used the chart when we started with chickens. We got Dominiques and have been very happy with them. They thrived even when it was -23 so they are very cold hardy.

Good luck.

in wi
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Old 01/17/10, 10:34 PM
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Henderson's Chicken Chart is really useful. Another useful website is They have loads of chicken pictures as well as other types of poultry.
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Old 01/18/10, 11:42 AM
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LOL Quackers link dosnt include Ducks! Arnt they the best egglayers?
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