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Old 08/09/09, 07:14 PM
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Cracked window on outside of double pane....replace_____

Apparently I hit my window with a rock while mowing and cracked the top window of the double pane window. My window is made by pella. Its a double pane that slides upward. Is there a way just to replace the top glass or am I basically looking at replacing the whole window?

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Old 08/09/09, 09:05 PM
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You may be in luck. I had Pella windows that have the wide gap between the inside and the outside glass. If yours are that type you can remove the panes individually. Look on the inside of the house and see if you see some tabs. These tabs pivot and the inside glass lifts out. The outside glass and frame then can be removed and taken to a glass shop.
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Old 08/09/09, 11:12 PM
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Check your warrenty first. It may be covered
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Old 08/09/09, 11:31 PM
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No warranty, nor does the top window slide out....

I am wondering if I have to replace the whole thing.....
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Old 08/10/09, 11:43 AM
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Had a hole through both pieces of glass in the bottom 1/2 of my double paned window. You can take a knife & unseal the metal frame around the glass from the part that slides up & down.

Take it to a glass shop, they'll install a new pane & you can reinstall it with silicone. Unless you are handy let them do it so it has a good seal.

...Good luck.
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Old 08/10/09, 12:12 PM
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When you say whole thing - no you do not have to replace the entire window or the sash. You will have to replace the pane in the sash. You will have to check to see if you need both the inside and the outside glass as many windows have the two panes fuzed together and are filled with an inert gas to both act as an insulator and prevent fogging between the panes. Also remember that you may have a glazing on the glass - it's a film on the pane that is sometimes calles Low-E (some have it some do not). If you have it and you do not replace it with the same type it will not match the other windows in tint. Pella is had realy good customer service - pull the sash and take it to either a Pella dealer or if your lucky enough to have a Pella store close by go there. If not take it to a glass company - not the hardware store - as they can order exactly what you need but my experience is that the Pella people are quicker. Once they have the measurements and the glass style you can put the sash back in place until they get the replacement. There is a glass warrentee on the Pella units (for example if the seal fails and it begins to fog between the panes) but not sure it covers rock damage. Never hurts to ask.
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Old 08/10/09, 03:19 PM
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I don't have pella windows (lucky you) but I weedwacked a rock onto one of my windows 9 years ago- it caused a star crack too. But since then it has not fogged or misted or anything else. So maybe if it is in a place in which it does not bother you, you can just let it go too without any problems. Just a thought.
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