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Old 07/11/09, 09:41 PM
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TV antenna and metal roof....

Will a metal roof affect a TV antenna. What if I put the antenna in the attic? Heres the deal, I would like to put a TV in the garage to get locals. I have the converter box and all. I would prefer to hide the antenna in the attic though.

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Old 07/11/09, 09:45 PM
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It will be diffiult to use an antenna in an attic, with a metal roof. The roof will basically shield out the RF TV signals.

You could also have problems with reflected signals, if the antenna is mounted outside and close to the roof.
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Old 07/12/09, 03:32 AM
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Why not hook to the roof for an antenna. You may not be able to locate it enough to get a better signal but you may not even have to.
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Old 07/12/09, 07:29 AM
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I had one home with an antenna in the attic and it worked quite well. Many years later I installed a freebie antenna just below the roof in a metal building and it didn't provide signal as well as rabbit ears.
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Old 07/12/09, 08:35 AM
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Can you still use antennas with the new "boxes" the that we are "required" to use now ??
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Old 07/12/09, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Helena View Post
Can you still use antennas with the new "boxes" the that we are "required" to use now ??
You have to use some sort of antenna.
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Old 07/12/09, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Suburbman View Post
You have to use some sort of antenna.
Yes you do,, as my friends have to use one of those boxes and all they have is a Good Roof antenna and a ROTOR which if in the attic you can't do that, as you may also need a rotor to get all the channels, because the days of getting the antenna halfway and get all channels are over with. that is if the stations you are trying to get are in different directions like they are here. Then a Antenna rotor is a necessity, and recommended.
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