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Old 06/13/09, 10:30 AM
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Location: Pennsylvania
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how do you cut open a plastic barrel?

Have 55 gal plastic barrel and have a drill to make the holes on the side I need for the pig watering attachment but um... embarrassed to ask... how do I cut open / off the lid? (Can you tell I'm new at this??)
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Old 06/13/09, 11:14 AM
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Old 06/13/09, 11:37 AM
gone-a-milkin's Avatar
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Drill a hole to start and then use a jigsaw or a sawzall to cut around.
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Old 06/13/09, 12:38 PM
In Remembrance
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A handsaw will also cut them but isn't easy and it is hard on the saw and will dull it.

As already mentioned a reciprocating saw is probably the best tool.

BTW, if your barrel is like mine it might be best to cut in the proper area for most strength.

Where the side of the barrel tapers to its smallest area near the top I expect it then flares back out. If you cut above the smallest area you will cut into an area that has more material, hence stronger. It does take more cutting effort to cut there however. Cut too high and you might cut above the actual lid portion.

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Old 06/13/09, 02:52 PM
CIW CIW is offline
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Location: Utah
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I have had good luck cutting them with a skill saw. I use them for watering horses.
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Old 06/13/09, 03:13 PM
highlands's Avatar
Walter Jeffries
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We use a skilsaw. One person holds the barrel horizontally on the ground, rotating it slowly and the other person cuts the barrel with the skilsaw holding the saw basically still. A table saw might work too. A sawsal works but doesn't give as nice a cut.

The plastic also drills out right nice.

Work safely.
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Old 06/13/09, 03:36 PM
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A sharp keyhole saw will do a nice neat job. Not quite as easy as a powered saw but not dauntingly difficult. Why are you cutting off the lid? Easy to fill through the bung, unless you have to fill it with a bucket.

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Old 06/13/09, 03:50 PM
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Cut the hole in the end section and leave a 3 inch lip around the edge. If you cut the end off by cutting the side of the barrel it will lose its shape. A recip saw, jig saw or router will work fine.
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Old 06/13/09, 04:34 PM
CSA again's Avatar
Western North Carolina
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Be careful if you use a skill saw the hot plastic can cause it to bind up and kick out.
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Old 06/13/09, 05:08 PM
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: scott county, virginia
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chainsaw makes quick work of it.
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Old 06/13/09, 06:46 PM
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I drill a hole in the top and than use a jig saw or a sawzall that way the barrel stays rigid
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Old 06/13/09, 06:58 PM
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We used to leave the lip cutting in from a bung w/ the sawz-all to cut the lid out & drilled two opposingg holes 'bout 4" dpwn and cut two handle holes to make trash can. Had them all around the terminal/yard.

One guy did a dozen for his kids little league b/4 they started re-cycling the drums & switching to tote bins drying up the supply of drums...
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Old 06/13/09, 06:59 PM
Registered User
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I use a jig saw. I also cut them horizontally.I build a stand out of two landscape timbers and a 2x4. Make a rectangle to set the barrel in and place a 2x4 on each top side end so it will not rotate and well la a good feeder or water trough.
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Old 06/13/09, 07:46 PM
ozark_jewels's Avatar
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I make mineral feeders out of 55 gallon plastic drums. I cut the holes with a jigsaw. Makes really easy work of it.
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Old 06/13/09, 08:53 PM
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DH uses the jig saw to cut and I use my mighty a... um... posterior to hold it down.
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