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Old 11/29/08, 09:02 AM
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Keeping critters out....

... from under a building, that is. I'd like to build a shed on our rural property, to use as a camp when we visit, and for a storage shed after we live there. I can build an 8X12 shed on a raised platform in a few days, but I'd like to not create a new ecosystem, if you know what I mean. I can handle snakes, mice, and bugs, but I'd like to keep bigger stuff out. Any suggestions for a quick/cheap way to keep the critters out? I'm also worried about keeping two-legged varmints out of the shed, but I won't leave anything of value in there.
"What one generation tolerates, the next generation embraces." -John Wesley
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Old 11/29/08, 09:22 AM
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Mush Creek ~

We had a similar issue! DH secured chicken wire, or some kind of metal hardware cloth (I think) to the shed near the bottom, and then buried it about eighteen inches down in a trench all around the perimeter.

The groundhogs attempted to dig, but gave up pretty quick. No one else has made camp under there, either!
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Old 11/29/08, 09:47 AM
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..............I'd atleast build a 16 x 20 shed were it me , but you can dig a narrow trench maybe 12 inches deep on all 4 sides . Then , lay your main structural beams (4 x 6) on the inside next to the trench for all 4 sides and connect them together . Once they are secured , lay some galvanized wire , say the 1\4 inch size across the support beams and extend it down into the 12 inch trench . You'll want to nail some support boards across the beams to support the wire and then you can staple the wire too the beams and the support boards . Now , you can go a little further and secure the edge of the wire by a variety of methods to inhibit any creatures from burrowing under the wire so I'll leqave that too your imagination . Or , simply fill the trench back in with the soil that was removed . Even If , they dig under the wire they still can't get in because the wire because it covers the entire subfloor . Now , you're free to build the walls and roof on your wooden foundation . The smaller the holes in the wire , the better ! , fordy
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Old 11/29/08, 10:18 AM
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I took the two foot roll of chicken wire nailed the top to the building. Then when it hit the ground I bent it away from the building. It has worked for the last six years. As for people if you build it as a line shack. Leave rules on the door you may get some that improve it you may get some unruly??? Just my .02
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Old 11/29/08, 10:39 AM
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cheap idea

moth balls under the building
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Old 11/29/08, 11:16 AM
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Great ideas! I agree, the shed could be bigger, but we'll eventually have a good-sized barn for storage. Also, if kids decide to vandalize it, I won't be out much. I'm probably going to sink 4X4's into the ground to support the deck. Most of our property slopes, so it will probably be a couple feet higher on one end than the other. The only people that would come through would be kids, since it's not an area for hunting and such. I'll use pressure treated for at least the supports and deck, since it's in SC, where rot and termites are prevalent. I figured on T1-11 siding to make it look OK in one layer. In addition to camping, I'll live in it while I build my barn, then live in the barn while I build the house. I also hope that a small shed won't catch the eye of building inspectors. It'll be in the woods, out of sight from the road.
"What one generation tolerates, the next generation embraces." -John Wesley
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Old 11/29/08, 12:12 PM
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Carpe Vinum
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If your going to use it as a camp why don't you just put an old camper out there? You could put a skirt around it to keep critters out from under. Could gut it and use it as storage in the future. Paint it camouflage.
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