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Old 06/01/08, 01:35 PM
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Getting rid of "No-see-ums"

This year there are an over abundance of no-see-ums here, and they love to eat me alive. Is there a way to kill them? I squish every one that lands on me if I can, but they keep coming. They are in the area around my rabbit and chicken pens. The one difference between this year and the years before is that the field that surrounds our land has been planted with wheat. In the past it has always been cotton or soybeans. I'm in the lower/middle part of North Carolina, and the temps have been in the upper 80's during the day and upper 60's at night. We aren't having a problem with mosquitoes yet this year, just those darn itty bitty no-see-ums. I've done a web search and there isn't really anything promising. All that the searches come up with is a few articles saying that there isn't a way to kill them. Anyone have any ideas?

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Old 06/01/08, 04:26 PM
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If you can find it at the feed mill or in an animal med catalogue, try using a little carbolated petrolatum. I have used that in the past up here in Minnesota with fair to good results. Rubbing a dab on your hands and then lightly rubbing your hands over your exposed skin, face and hair seems to often do the trick.

In the house at night, since they come through the screens, I often turn a bare ceiling light on in an area away from where I am sitting and hang a fly strip next to the bulb. They seem to gravitate to the light and away from the darker areas in the room and get stuck on the fly tape reducing the numbers available to bite you at night.

Good luck.

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Old 06/01/08, 06:24 PM
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Harbor Freight carries a battery powered bug swatter for 3.99. It looks like a small tennis racket and it's the bomb! You should see us stalking around the house after prey LOL. Be sure to get more than one or you'll have bug swatter battles! I keep wondering how I'm going to make a holster for the thing <<<<<insert evil laugh>>>>>>>
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Old 06/01/08, 07:55 PM
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I had never heard of them, so had to look no-see-um's up to see what they are...

I found this info on the net:

Hang hummingbird feeders in the areas, they eat them!

Citronella torches or candles will repel them.

Use on skin to repel them: Avon Skin-So-Soft; the essential oils of tea tree, lavender or pennyroyal; and a pungent concoction called Buzz Away, containing cedarwood, eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint oils, available at health-food stores in wipes, sprays and skin patches. (Smith & Hawken sells a similar mix of eucalyptus, rosemary, bay and olive oils called Bug Off.)

For the bites: Calamine lotion, Benadryl, creams that contain cortisone or menthol, Anbesol gum-pain reliever, Chloraseptic throat soother, a pocket clip called After-Bite, and an herbal extract called Itch-Away that contains the leaves of grindelia flower, plantain and witch hazel.
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Old 06/01/08, 09:09 PM
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Finally in the UK!
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
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Their larva grow in moist composting soil, which is exactly what I have around the rabbit pens....I'll have to deal with that problem when I can. Anyway, I tried a bug repellent that we bought at a natural store in Asheville a few weeks ago. Guess what it is....Buzz Off! It's the only type of bug repellent that I can use, and it works great! Other, non-natural bug repellents make me itch worse than bug bites! Plus, I think I've been bitten by mosquitoes a whole 3 times in my 23 years of life, lol, and most bug repellents are designed to keep mosquitoes away.

Thank you for all your help! Looks like I need to keep wearing the Buzz Off and figure out a way to dry out the area around the rabbit pens.

BTW: The Buzz Off spray that I bought was $8.49, but for me, it will probably last forever. I put one spray in my palms and wiped it all over, and it was more than enough protection. Plus, the store where I bought it gave me a bar of basil soap for buying it. Their bars of soap are $6 each, but smell wonderful!!!!

Thanks again,
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Old 06/01/08, 09:20 PM
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Another thing for the bites is acne cream with the highest amount benzoil perozide you can find. They are incredibly attracted to me and eat me alive so bad that I would grab a hairbrush and darn near tear the skin off trying to scratch. Out of desperation I grabbed a bottle of that OXZ pimple cream and lathered it on. The relief was almost instant and not only did it dry the bites up but it prevented the purple bruising that I would get at each bite site.
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Old 06/02/08, 11:44 PM
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sevin would probably kill them. or chickens under the rabbit cages?
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