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Old 05/28/08, 08:51 AM
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Indiana
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Orscheln's Farm & Home??

How good are the prices, quality & service at Orscheln's Farm & Home, compared to Tractor Supply Co.?
They just opened one in our area. I like Tractor Supply better than Rural King for Quality on most things.
Rural King seems cheaper, though.

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Old 05/28/08, 08:56 AM
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I can't even imagine having that much choice!

I like Orscheln's. But then, it's all we have. (And that's 80 miles away)
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Old 05/28/08, 09:05 AM
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 3,192
We have a local Orscheln's. Opened up a new store about 3 years ago. It's a small market, so they don't have EVERYTHING, but they do have MOST things you need. Ours has a very friendly staff, that knows what they are doing. I've actually found they have driven to stores that are 65 miles away to get stuff for me - this is in addition to "store transfers" that take place on weekly basis. The manager has been at the "game" for most of his adult life (he's in his late 50's), and really knows his business. They know me by my first name, even though I'm not a "big money" customer. TSC and RK are great stores, but Orschlen's seems to be a bit friendlier - here at least.
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Old 05/28/08, 09:08 AM
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I like Orscheln's rewards program...they log what you buy with a swipe card and you get a refund check every quarter that reflects a percentage of money you've spent. I'm not so paranoid that I'm concerned with them tracking my purchases.
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Old 05/28/08, 09:53 AM
Join Date: Jan 2008
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We affectionately call Orscheln's the "Out House" because they seem to be out of what you absolutely need at that moment!

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Old 05/28/08, 10:00 AM
shelljo's Avatar
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Location: SW KS--Cowboy country
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We frequently used Orschlens when we were in Colby. The store was clean and neat, and the staff knew where everything was and knew how to help you. Great customer service.

THen we moved. We use the ORschlens store in Dodge City, but it is dirty and the staff is dumber than the few fence posts they sell. Customer service is non existant. (We use Orschlens because I haven't found anywhere else that sells chicken feed.)

So, the answer to your question is really dependant on your local store. Give them a try and see if they will a good store for you.
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Old 05/28/08, 10:03 AM
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Iowa
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Around here we have Orschleins, Theisens, TSC and Farm and Fleet.

Orschleins is the worst overall. Terrible customer service and selection is always limited.

I prefer Farm and Fleet, TSC, Theisen's and Orschleins in that order.
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Old 05/28/08, 10:04 AM
gone-a-milkin's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: MO
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We use Orscheln's as mostly a 'last resort' store. Seems like IF they have it in will be higher than anywhere else. The staff are always very helpful though. They DO have a good selection of Carhartt stuff (sometimes).I wouldn't buy feed from them is just way too $ ...
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Old 05/28/08, 10:45 AM
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Too high dollar..only go in to buy the suet cakes on sale for all our different woodpeckers. Granted,the usually have something if you can't find it elsewhere but it will be expensive. They seem to employ only teenagers who have no clue about anything country...miss our TSC in MI. DEE
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Old 05/28/08, 12:56 PM
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Varies by location, it seems. We have Atwoods, TSC, and two Orscheln's stores in our area. The Wellington, KS store is a real farm store that serves a lot of the ranchers out of Oklahoma and Kansas. Good store. Huge inventory of fencing and livestock water tanks, etc. And they are moving to a location with easier access and a parking lot you can pull into with a stock trailer and pickup. THe Arkansas City store has a good inventory of fencing, tractor attachments, etc. The Ark City store does a good job of sorting and labeling their poultry offerings, but not as good of staff and management overall as the Wellington store.
I avoid buying bag feed from either, as it is expensive and the conglomerate that supplies it puts a whole host of questionable ingredients in the mix. The local coops offer better prices and more accountability to feed ingredients and quality.
Quality varies by the products. You have to pick and choose what you buy where.
All just my opinions of course.
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Old 05/28/08, 02:31 PM
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Depends on your local manager. I will drive 50 miles to the Tractor Supply store rather than the 20 miles to an Orscheln, simply because the Orscheln manager does such a poor job of stocking common needs for farm folks.
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Old 05/28/08, 02:34 PM
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The other issue I have with Orscheln's is their insistence on using the aisles of their stores as warehousing for full pallets of merchandise.

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Old 05/28/08, 09:34 PM
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Tennessee
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We like Orschelns. Mainly because they are the only store that puts their chicks on sale. We have to watch like a hawk or they overcharge you sometimes. I know the manager so it helps too. They also take returns pretty well too.
I like it better than the Tractor supply we have because they are friendly, The TSC people are so snotty here and act like they have never seen a person dirty from farm work. Sometimes we have to run get a part for something (lots of times) that has broken in the middle of a job. We don't have time to clean up and they act like you are just awful.
Maybe it is just the one we have though. I always heard good things about TSC....
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Old 05/28/08, 10:59 PM
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Indiana
Posts: 299
I like our new Orscheln store, it's on the way home from work, but also like Rural King.
The local Orscheln is clean and the staff are helpful. (Greene County, IN)
Rural King and TSC are farther (Terre Haute) and with the price of gas I won't be going there very often.
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Old 05/29/08, 03:30 AM
Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 3,510
We don't have any chain tractor/farm supply store here. As much as I like the owners of the local place they just don't have very much and the store isn't that great. The MFA store is utterly useless.

If I ever won the lottery I'd open a huge tractor and farm supply store. I wouldn't even care if it made a lot of money. Just so farmers in the area could have a better selection and we'd have a decent store for general merchandise. I'd attach a big 24 hour convenience store and restaurant to the complex while I was at it.
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Old 05/29/08, 06:58 AM
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With todays fuel prices and the nearest chain store 40+ miles away.....Orsh. was blessing from above when they put a store in within 20miles of me. Bonus is their staff is very friendly and they've had almost everything I've gone in there looking for. I like their hours as well. Having used TSC and Attwoods before I can't say I've seen much of a price difference between the three.
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Old 05/29/08, 07:56 PM
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In SW Tenn, Savannah we find TSC to be great, they have the knowledge, the product and the prices. Yes we still use the Big boxes and Co-op but we usually find it at TSC. It seems they try harder...
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Old 05/29/08, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Old John View Post
How good are the prices, quality & service at Orscheln's Farm & Home, compared to Tractor Supply Co.?
They just opened one in our area. I like Tractor Supply better than Rural King for Quality on most things.
Rural King seems cheaper, though.

The one closest to me is lame and more expensive than a "real" farm store. They hire little girls with nose rings who know nothing about farming. There are several real farm stores in the area and I would much rather drive an extra 20 miles to be able to have my questions answered intelligently.

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Old 05/29/08, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Old John View Post
How good are the prices, quality & service at Orscheln's Farm & Home, compared to Tractor Supply Co.?
They just opened one in our area. I like Tractor Supply better than Rural King for Quality on most things.
Rural King seems cheaper, though.


We did an on air radio remote for an Orschelns in Tell City Indiana last year. They were more expensive than either Tractor Supply or Rural King. I prefer TSC over Rural King because of their knowledge and service, even though Rural King is cheaper most of the time. At least here on Owensboro. The Rural King is Greenville is much nicer, I guess because it's more of a rural area, where as the one in Owensboro is more of a Yuppie Hang Out.
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Old 05/29/08, 08:57 PM
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I used to go there all the time & then had one bad experience. No one would load my feed for me. I was told rudely by the cashier that I had to get it myself, they no longer loaded feed. I was going to buy 20 bags. When I got to the check-out I had a bag & my son had a bag. She started to ring up 20 bags. I told her I only wanted the 2 if I had to get them myself. She then told me she didn't need my attitude & threw my change on the counter. I wrote a letter to the manager there & also to the corporate headquarters & never got a response form either one. I have not been back in their store since.
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