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Old 08/21/06, 09:43 AM
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Yellow eyes in the night

Do all animals eyes look yellow at night like a coyote or bobcat?
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Old 08/21/06, 10:20 AM
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A fox's eyes look red when a light is shone on them at night.
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Old 08/21/06, 11:11 AM
Don't Tase me, bro!?!
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Nope, a cows eyes are green.
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Old 08/21/06, 12:53 PM
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Does anyone know what color a coyotes eyes are at night?
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Old 08/21/06, 02:04 PM
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Old 08/21/06, 02:20 PM
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My cats eyes, my donkeys eyes, my goats eyes, and dogs eyes can all glow yellow, green or red. Maybe it depends on their
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Old 08/21/06, 04:39 PM
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Bob D. in FL.
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Old 08/21/06, 04:45 PM
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Nohoa Homestead
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Originally Posted by perennial
Do all animals eyes look yellow at night like a coyote or bobcat?
I read somewhere that a predator's eyes will shine yellow or red and a non-predator's eyes will shine green or blue.

Whether or not this is true, I coudn't tell you.

Life is what happens while you are making other plans. (John Lennon)

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Old 08/21/06, 06:00 PM
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A flash is not the same as a common light. More intense with a fuller spectrum of light waves. The previous poster that made the statement on the pred. versus non predator eyes is correct. In headlights or spotlights a predator will glow red to yellow. Depending on the species. Even an owl will glow yellow to red.

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Old 08/21/06, 07:29 PM
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My lab's eyes glow old GSD who passed away, and also my current GSD both of their eyed glow green. I know a possum's eye's will glow orange.
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Old 08/21/06, 07:47 PM
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Virginia
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I'll have to look out there tonight. I did hear noise was half asleep so not sure if it was coyotes - have had either a coyote or bobcat around here though. My cats were making a huge racket which I've never seen them do when the deer around.

There are no lights of anykind. I had put on the porch light, let the cats in and then further out in the yard were the yellow eyes surrounded by only darkness (my light didn't go that far) - the animal seemed not as big as a deer only because it was lowish to the ground.

I could see it had it's head turned towards me and then looked away and kept walking away.

We have the following around: deer, owls, hawks, coyote, bear, bobcats.

I see the deer everyday, heard the owl, heard coyotes at one point, neighbor saw a bear around the corner and i've heard we have bobcats.

I might have to ask Santa for night vision goggles this year! That would be incredible to sit on my porch as night and watch the wildlife without disturbing them.

I haven't seen a possums eyes yet, but only it's looong tale sticking out of the bottom of my covered grill as it was eating the grease - yuk.

I have seen tracks other times near the area this beast was leaving. The paw print was medium size and the pad prints were oval shaped like my fingers and two of them had a claw sticking out. Didn't see any prints from last night though.

Thanks for all your input.

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Old 08/21/06, 09:38 PM
Posts: n/a
Maybe it's Bigfoot!
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Old 08/22/06, 02:22 AM
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Location: Central MT
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Funny to see your post on here tonight. I was just perusing a website about this very topic earlier today. Here's its link:

It mentions that there are things that can affect the color that an animal's eyes will reflect:

Here are some other factors that also may influence the color of the eye shine:

* Distance of light to the subject
* Intensity of the light
* Line of sight or perspective of the viewer

It also gives the following list, which varies from several accounts mentioned here in this post. But it piqued my interest anyway, so I thought I'd copy/paste it in case someone else might find it interesting. Here it is:

What are the colors of an animalís eye shine?

The many factors that affect eye shine contribute to the various reports of eye shine color, even within the same species. The following list is a good example of this (The most likely color is listed first.):

* Domestic dog-green, emerald green
* Coyote-bluish green, emerald green
* Domestic cat- yellowish green, green, yellow, reddish
* Bobcat-yellow, bright yellow, emerald green
* Raccoon-emerald green
* Weasels-green
* Opossum-light or bright orange, pink
* Alligator-red
* Deer-greenish white, yellowish white, green, white, orange, bluish green
* Black-tailed deer- brilliant blue
* Flying squirrel-reddish orange
* Birds-red
* Rabbits-red
* Cattle-bluish green, yellowish white
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Old 08/22/06, 04:32 PM
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Virginia
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Thanks for the list.

With it seeming to be close to the ground and with very yellow eyes, i'll bet
it was a bobcat.

I'll have to look for better tracks to identify it next time.

Thanks again,

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Old 08/22/06, 09:47 PM
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My wife's glow red if I come home late....

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Old 08/23/06, 03:39 PM
Kathy in S. Carolina
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It took me awhile to figure out "ideebidee" (I think that's how ya spelled it). Rockin'B, loved your comment! Thanks for the giggles.
- Kathy
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Old 08/23/06, 04:26 PM
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Virginia
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Mine may glow bright green when hubby gets to go out and i have to stay home. I think after being here a year, i need to find a babysitter or leave hubby home so his eyes can turn green.

Thanks all for the comments.
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