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Old 07/16/06, 07:28 PM
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yellow jacket nests have to go -- best way?

I know y.j. are fine if you leave them alone, but I have two different nests in two different hay bales that are too close to the house (and kids) for comfort. They are disturbed quite a bit.

These have to go, but I need recommendations for the safest way. I am highly allergic to their stings, so it has to be pretty much foolproof.

Help, please.
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Old 07/16/06, 08:34 PM
In Remembrance
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What I did--

What I did when I had to destroy a nest was this-----

I taped a can of wasp spray to the side of a furring stip with the spray button just proud of the end of the wood.

On the opposite side of the furring stip away from the can I fastened a strap hinge with the pivot right at the top of the furring stip. This allowed the hinge to pivot over the top of the can and rest on the spray button. With a string applied to the hinge I could hold the can close to the nest, pull the string and activate the spray can while staying at a reasonable safe distance.

Remember that they will be less active as darkness or coolness approaches.

I doesn't hurt to wear extra thick protective clothing or any other protective means you can think of. Insulated coverall would be good even if it is about 100 outside. Full face motocycle helmet? Pity you if one gets inside though.
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Old 07/16/06, 08:35 PM
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The foaming wasp spray that shoots 10 feet or so. Also do the deed as early as you can see after sun up, before the things get warmed up to fly.
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Old 07/16/06, 09:55 PM
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I agree with Rose....we keep the Wasp Spray on hand all summer. That can sprays a long stream and you never have to get close! We keep Hot Shot Flying Insect Killer hanging in all our buildings. It keeps the Wasps, Hornets and Flies out of the barn and the other buildings we go in an out of every day. Now..if I could only find the bumble bee nest! Every time I mow in the barnyard..the noise upsets the bumble bees!! Now those scare me!
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Old 07/16/06, 10:04 PM
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Yep, just do it in the evening, after they quiet down. Or get someone else to do the spraying. That stuff works really well. It's the only chemical/poison we ever use on our property, but it's the one we won't give up.
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Old 07/16/06, 11:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Rose
The foaming wasp spray that shoots 10 feet or so. Also do the deed as early as you can see after sun up, before the things get warmed up to fly.
Yep! Its made by Ortho (sp?) Ive always used gas.But the land lord came by with a can to hit some wasp that had built a nest by our porch.Very neat stuff.It hits them and sticks them to the nest.By the time the foam dissolves they are long since dead.
Ive been hunting the little buggers ever since.

And the old saying leave them alone and they'll leave you alone doesn't apply any more.Not sure whats wrong with them now days but they all seem much more aggressive.And there sting seems stronger as well.
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Old 07/16/06, 11:19 PM
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For bee removal use Soapy water and keep spraying them till it runs off. That will kill them and its safe.. Use Dish soap. And use A garden sprayer..
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Old 07/17/06, 06:50 AM
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When they were in ground nests, I just dumped gas down the hole. In your situation, go out early in the morning when it is cool and they are the most inactivate, preferrably before light, and blast the wasp spray right into their entrance hole. Give'em a good dose too!!!!!
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Old 07/17/06, 07:26 AM
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If you are planning to use the hay for feed, stay away from the wasp spray. There are several other ways that would be safer for livestock.

The most effective part of the wasp spray is the oil used for a carrier. The pesticide that is used is mainly there to give it a residual killing effect. You can use vegetable or mineral oil in large quantities, but I don't know if it will knock down as fast as the petroleum based oils.

As James Dilley suggested, soapy water will work very well. The whole idea behind both methods is to clog the holes in an insects exoskeleton, which is how they breath. Oil or soap will do the trick. Very cold temperatures will immobilize them for as long as it lasts, but this time of year cold is in short supply.

Killing them after dark is the best time, since they will all be in the nest.

One last thing to remember is that, when killing any kind of stinging insect, a good escape route is a wise thing to have just in case the bugs don't follow your plan.
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Old 07/17/06, 07:44 AM
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My Father in Law worked as the head maintenance guy for a school system for many many years. One time they had a bad yellow jacket nest and the pest control guy could not get out there to take care of it. He told my FIL to put some sevin dust in a ketchup squirt bottle (cut the tip off a little more to make the hole a bit bigger), wait til evening/dark and squirt that dust right in the hole. They will all be dead the next day. I've used this trick countless times and it works. I even passed the information on to the school system in our area when I had gone for a beginning of the year orientation and witnessed 3 people get stung by them. I took them a bottle of dust myself and told them what to do. No more problems after that.

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Old 07/17/06, 08:10 AM
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Yellow Jackets

Pour some used oil down the hole if in the ground.Few years ago, we dug out a nest as big as a large plate.Bet we used 5-gallons of gas. They just kept comming.Used oil early in morning they can,t fly good Then light it.
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Old 07/17/06, 08:35 PM
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The problem is bigger (and worse) than I thought. Tonight, while feeding the donkey in the stall, I noticed some activity over by the wall. Sure enough, yet another yellow jacket nest is being built -- in the wall of the barn. I can probably handle the two hay bales (which are old and not used for food), although I need to be farther away than ten feet with the spray. But what to do about the ones in the barn wall? That one is serious because we use that stall daily.
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Old 07/17/06, 09:08 PM
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The Garden sprayer and Dish soap you can be 10 feet away .Just pump the sprayer up real good. And hit them. ,It might take 2-3 trys to get them all.
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Old 07/17/06, 10:12 PM
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I had a big ole nest in my shed (they took over a box that held an 10' artificial Christmas tree.) the entire box was full of hive!!
they even "spilled out onto the ground w/ the hive.. it was HUGE! see pics.

I called a bee keeper out. he told me to use sevin dust.
(thats the bag on the ground in the 2nd pic)
he said do it at night.
and if I really wanted to be safe... get a tube and run it from my mouth down and out my pant leg.. he said the bees dont find you be seeing you.. its by the warmth & your breath. so you breath thru the tube.
I didnt do that..
I didnt need to.

went out at night w/ a flashlight...
threw a bunch of sevin dust all over the hive...
and in the morning.. the ground was covered w/ dead bees.

click on pics for full-sized view.

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Old 07/18/06, 09:40 AM
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Sevin dust really works! :baby04:
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Old 07/18/06, 04:36 PM
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Just for clarification -- I'm not trying to get rid of bees; it's yellow jackets.
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Old 07/18/06, 06:06 PM
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We have a guy in our area that removes them for free . Some varieties of these wasps are useful for science and he harvests them.

I am just glad I didn't have to do it! Good luck.

My DH used to work on HVAC equipment and got the name 2-CAN Sam (his name is Rob) for his 2 cans of wasp spray he carried with him. Works well.

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Old 07/18/06, 08:51 PM
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Lots and LOTS of flames!

Oh... I suppose you'll next tell me you want to KEEP the barn?!??

Michael & Rebecca (probably Michael, the mouthy one)
parents of Caitlyn, Brendan, Keera & Alanna
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Old 07/18/06, 11:41 PM
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Hot water works good if they are in the ground. As for bales, why not just move them with the tractor?

-Northern NYS
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Old 07/19/06, 06:07 AM
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Yes, I uderstood you were asking about yellow jackets. The sevin dust is what I use to kill them. It is quick, easy, and painless. Why not give it a try on just one of your problem areas and see for yourself?
The yellow jackets get the powder on them and drag the poison all the way down into the hive, effectively wiping out the whole lot of of them.

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