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Old 04/05/06, 07:21 PM
God does answer prayers
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Smile Homesteading in Indiana

Is there any one in Indiana that is homesteading or would like to? And if so were and how? Maybe we can give each other information.
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Old 04/05/06, 07:58 PM
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There are quite a few of us in Indiana. There are also quite a few that have posted in the past, but I haven't seen post in a while.

We live in town, and most wouldn't consider us homesteaders. We are in the Franklin area.

Where do you live?
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Old 04/05/06, 08:10 PM
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We're not hard-core homesteaders because we still have jobs in the city. I do have a garden and a small flock of chickens. We're about 40 miles NE of Indy.
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Old 04/05/06, 09:34 PM
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Most of my family live in Green county Indiana, most of them on some sort of farms. Just about all of them grow a lot of their own food even beef and other animals. I grew up there until I was about 10 then we moved to Florida. Now my mother and sister have moved back and live on my Grand fathers farm (he passed away and left it to my mother). I am going back up there next week for 10 days or so to see everyone. I would move back in a min but my wife is not a country person lol. I am lucky to get her to even go there to visit lol.

Anyway a lot of the people in their area I would call homesteaders. Most have at least several acers of land if not much more. Most at the least grow some of their food and have some live stock of some kind. I even have some family that did not have indoor plumbing and all until about 1980 or so.

I love it up there and one day hope I can talk my wife into living there :-) I have my eyes on 500 acers across from my mothers place that I would just love to have.
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Old 04/06/06, 08:19 AM
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I am in Illinois, but only about 25 miles from Terre Haute.

I just moved into this house last year so I am not doing much (yet). I had a farm but lost it, also last year.

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Old 04/06/06, 08:25 AM
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We are in Southern Indiana about 20 miles from Corydon. We are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. hopefully a large vegetable garden, chickens, looking into goats for milk, growing small grains. We homeschool our 7 year old dd and 4 1/2 years old ds. We live on bout 4 1/2 acres.

Derek & Christina
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Old 04/06/06, 11:18 AM
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I started homesteading in Indiana in 1934. I worked at it ever since. You may wonder just how much I done the first year. I'm told I was a profiecient milker, and spread a considerable amount of organic manure. (Whats changed? right.) We live on a farm in Cass county. We like to travel. I am only 1 mile from the county I was born in. I guess the number one thing I've learned in all that time is, nothing does as much good in the persuit of self suffiency as a good job. Homesteading in most cases is an exercise in the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want. If you are happy in a tarpaper shack on a rocky acre, you wouldn't be any happier with a huge ranch. Just enjoy what you have, and smile at your neighbors.
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Old 04/06/06, 01:36 PM
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Like the previous posters stated, theres actually quite a few of us on the boards here from Indiana. Welcome! There's been a few threads in the past about indiana homesteaders, nobody's ever gotten around to tryin to arrange a meet up or somethin tho.

Uncle will, I probably drive by your place on a regular basis, I am a phone man in the Logansport area. You ever have any phone problems drop me a line
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Old 04/06/06, 03:51 PM
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I think there was some kind of get together at Lincolin City area a couple of years ago, I read about it after the fact.

I am from extreme south west Indiana and have purchased my homestead in Kentucky 50 mi south and getting it ready a little at a time all paid off. Enjoying my time at the moment on a job that is great fun and affording me the time and funds to ready a house for sale and a house being build at farm.
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Old 04/06/06, 04:21 PM
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My husband and I might be moving to Indiana very soon. He was just offered a very large raise to take a permanent position down there, and we've been looking at houses the past couple weekends. Found a few we liked and could afford, so far. Around the Nappannee area. (Not sure if I spelled that correctly.) We'll definitely be putting in a large garden, a small orchard, and getting a few chickens to start with... then we'll build up from there. Keep an eye out for us!
Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.
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Old 04/06/06, 04:29 PM
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Nappanee is in northern Indiana I am in the south west part of the state but good luck with your relocation.
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Old 04/06/06, 04:31 PM
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I'm near Lafayette, Indiana. And work at Purdue University (22 years and counting...) Nappanee is a nice area.
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Old 04/06/06, 04:38 PM
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Location: MO Ozarks
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I have lived in Northwest Indiana my whole life. Unfortunately, I have not found anywhere in Indiana that has land cheap enough to homestead. I was lucky to find a home where I feel safe, have a nice garden, and keep my horses on 2.5 acres in an area so close to Chicago.

I've always dreamed of living off the land, so my house is for sale and I'm moving to Missouri as soon as it is sold.

Good luck in finding a place to homestead in Indiana.
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Old 04/06/06, 06:06 PM
country friend
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My wife and I live in south east Indiana between Connersvile Indiana and Brookville Indiana . We do homestead full time Money is not that much but life is great . Raise most of what we eat heat with wood . large gardens , eggs, milk , beef , fruit trees and berries . We rent out about 70 acers of are farm to another farmer and we homestead the rest .
For fun we have a five ac. camp site half mile back from house with cabin and three campers and nice fishing pond . We also have a horse and Amish buggy that we take on 50 mile round trips to state parks and to Metomore Indiana .
We met another lady on here some time ago from Versails Indiana . We helped them move a couple years back and we get together at least every two months or so with her and her husband . It is so much fun to get together with folks with same intrest.
Indiana country Friend Jack Bunyard
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Old 04/06/06, 08:36 PM
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Countryfriend i must live right around the corner from you.we have a place on Duck Creek rd that we have up for sale.
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Old 04/07/06, 05:51 AM
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Sweet Owen County - SW Indiana

Waiting for my retirement so I can watch the grass grow and the leaves turn

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Old 04/07/06, 07:34 AM
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We have a very small farm in White county (provides only enough food for ourselves and a few other families).

Originally Posted by uncle Will in In.
I guess the number one thing I've learned in all that time is, nothing does as much good in the persuit of self suffiency as a good job.
Well said. I often joke with my wife that I'm amazed at how expensive it is to be self-sufficient. Unfortunately, I had to start from scratch--buying land, building barn, building fencing, buying livestock. As much as I wish otherwise, my city job has made that possible.
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Old 04/07/06, 08:27 AM
God does answer prayers
Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: MO Ozarks
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Well it's great to hear that there are some homesteaders in Indiana. We live in town in Noblesville, north of Indy. We have a nice garden and can as much as posible or buy in bulk and from farmers markets, we also have a few rabbits. I think it would be great to have a get togeather some time but I realy wouldnt know how to go about it. I some times think that we all could buy, sell, or trad from one another just to help each other it would be great. Some of us live a ways away but even if we got togeather maybe it could work. well thats about it for me but still working to get to the country.
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Old 04/08/06, 11:55 AM
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Hoosier homesteading?

I am one of those who live in NE IN who hasn't been posting much often. I know where Nappanee is. Had family who lived in Goshen & Ligonier some time ago. There is a large Amish community there. Where I live (Dekalb Co.), an acre is going for $7000-$10,000. We have 5 acres. We have lived on our mini farm for just about17 mon so haven't gotten as much done as we'd like to. We paid about $150,000 for 5 acres, nice house, 2 car garage, shed & a huge barn. We really liked this particular place so we were able to get them to come down from $165,900. We had $ from previous house to put down. They paid closing costs & gave us $$ for roof to be repaired which we just completed 2 weeks ago. We had asbestos tiles, ouch! The winds were so bad this winter that ins. covered all but $500 ded. Anyway, I'm getting off topic abit. Jobs off the farm are not paying well in this part, ave. about $10 ph, some more but not much. Foundry jobs are paying $12-14 ph when they used to pay $17-20 ph. Other factory jobs ave about the same as the foundy. A lot of them are connected with the automotive industry & have suffered a lot recently. Tourism in that area of IN is a biggie. Bed & Breakfast, flea markets(Shipshewana is a great one) Farmer markets do well if you're thrifty , have a good selection & neat with presentation of produce. Hope this is helpful to you. Better to be prepared than caught off guard.Patti
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Old 04/08/06, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Farmommy
Hello, I would love to get everyone together in Indiana and have a potluck.

Email me
I was just thinking the same thing!!!!! We should plan something for this summer - but with everyone so spread out, it would need to be a central location.

We live on 7 acres (previously 30, until a developer bought us out) in Carmel (closer to Noblesville, near Connor Prairie). The farm has been in my family for 152 years now. We have a large garden (about 1/4 acre), an orchard (mostly persimmons, but a few other fruit trees), horses, a large barn, milk cellar (now my studio), smokehouse (now storage), chicken coop (now garage, looking to turn part back into chicken coop and get chickens soon), original cabin built early 1800's, etc.

We are working to become more self sufficient, and get off the grid as much as possible (eliminating natural gas is probably the best we can do though).

We have 4 children, ages 9, 11, 11 and 13 (trying to adopt the 5th, age 4) - (and NO, the 11 year olds are not twins - one's mine, one's my husbands, they are only a month and a half apart.)

From the sale of the farm here, we now have a 110 acre field in Fowler (near Lafayette), and 530 acre farm in Worthington (24 miles south of Spencer). We spend a lot of time in Worthington in the summer. Looking forward to mushroom hunting in the woods in a few weeks! We'd love to move there, since the only neighbors would be the Mennonite dairy farmers, and life is much slower down there, but unfortunately, our roots are too deep here.

"I have learned that 99% of the time, when something is broken, one of the kids did it."
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