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Old 04/02/06, 03:02 PM
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How to line out a fence

OK, you experienced hands.

My good neighbor and I were never able to find a property corner between us; the only corner on this place not marked. Now the corner has been surveyed in (a consequence of a new house) and I want to put a fence down my line.

The right of way has been cleared, or nearly so. Problem is, the land is rolling creek bottom and you cannot see from one corner to the other (oh, you might if you had a 30 foot tower). There is one point on the right of way from which you can see both corners.

Anyone have an idea how to run a straight line without hiring a surveyor?
I have already thought of erecting a very tall flag on one corner, but that is going to be a chore.

Only other way I know is to go get a transit and set it up where I can see both corners and move it until it I can bullseye each corner in succession when rotating l80 degrees. Not my preferred method.

Anyone have a better idea?
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Old 04/02/06, 04:16 PM
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I'm not 100% sure i'm understanding your much fencing are we talking about?Here's how I do it.I set the corner terminals first,then stretch two tight lines from corner terminal to corner terminal..One line a few inches above the ground,and one a little below the top of the future posts.The two lines give a good reference to make sure your field posts are more or less plum.Next,set your t-stakes,or whatever your non-terminal posts are,using the tight lines as a guide,and start stretching fence.I use this way to install farm fence,and dog wire.Hope this helps.
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Old 04/02/06, 04:25 PM
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I would think you could use a transit and a long stick if you had a good stick holder, then mark the line from places you can see the stick according to the lens marks. Run strings from point to point.
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Old 04/02/06, 08:19 PM
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......................Any good surveyor should provide both a Blueline print and a set of meets and bounds descriptions for a property that they surveyed . On that blueline print the distances between ALL points that have were marked with a survey "pin" should have printed on the blueline print . I'm assuming that if you are in possession of a blueline print that you could find those pins without much trouble . IF not , then I'd call up the surveyor and tell him I needed a Blueline print for MY records . Cost maybe 5 bucks , UNless of course he wants to REsurvey the whole property then he is going to literally Steal from you in my opinion . fordy...
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Old 04/02/06, 08:25 PM
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you hould be able to determine an angle from one pin and work from that. your deed should state the boundries as if you were walking from one pin to the next. it will tell you the next pin is nw 235 feet 75 degree angle or something like that. work in from both corners to minimize the error.
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Old 04/02/06, 08:30 PM
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Go to the point where you can see both corner posts. place two tall stakes about 15 feet apart one on either side of where you believe the new fence will run. For ease of handling run an electric fence wire from one end to the other and pull it tight. Go back to the high place and hang the tight wire on a lead rope or anything like that and lift it up off the ground with the rope. The wire will tend to pull the rope towards the straightest line between the corners. When you have moved to where the wire hangs straight down on the rope, it should be straight. If you don't trust your eye to see plumb, use a level on the rope to be sure its straight up and down. You may need to hang a few plumb lines down from the wire to mark where the posts will go.
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Old 04/02/06, 09:57 PM
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Your idea about setting up on the high point between the corners is probably going to be the easiest. You should be able to find the proper point on line with 3-4 set ups of a transit and that will still be easier then any other method.
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Old 04/02/06, 10:02 PM
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Straigtening the line

OK Guys;

I know exactly where my corners are, but I cannot see from one to the other and so cannot set posts in a straight line by sight alone.

Uncle Will has the picture; the only problem is that this is a quarter mile run and I will have one hell of a time stretching a line over hill and down dale to get it off the ground. The stakes will have to be pretty high, but the method will certainly work. Once I have the line stretched and straight I can set all the posts in a line straight as an arrow.

Thanks, Unk. I may have to buy a roll of gaucho wire and string it down that line. Where I will get the tall stakes is another matter. They need to be pretty high to let the wire move to the center when suspended between them, but the wire itself need only be above the short grass.
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Old 04/02/06, 10:11 PM
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WE had our place surveyed before we bought it and didn't realize you have to specify to mark every so many feet so we could run fence as there is no clear line of sight. I thought pins would be automaticlly placed and they said nothing. It is like ordering a hamberger and having to ask for the patty?!??!!

SOB made us resurvay at $800 for 13 ac . $800 the first time $1600 total. and we had to wait for ever for it. Found out later he kept bumping us as he didn's want to work hard on our place when there were easier jobs around. I was so mad. Why survey and not put in line of sight markers/pins for fencing or even to check existing fencing?????

you might be able to talk to the local school and rent surveying tools. Forestry class might do it?

a survey w/ pins will be the most accurate. It is highway robery . but w/ rough ground it will save your sanity. Gps hand held units might help but I don't know where you would rent them. We used some of that stuff in forestry. It was really expensive but that was also almost 10 yrsa go and now phones have some of the same stuff.

good luck BTDT
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Old 04/02/06, 10:17 PM
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I understand your situation all too well. I had to do a 1/4 mile section that started out in a creek bed, went up a 50ft hill and down to another creek bed and then a gradual incline to the other corner stake. Here's how I did it. I hope I can explain it good enough...

I bought 1/4 mile of continuous electric fence cable (about $15). Tied one end to one corner post and ran the spool down to the other end.

I found the highest spot between the two corners. At this spot I found where I figured the fence line would run and went 10 feet away from the middle in both directions and drove in two 8 foot poles. Between the two poles I ran some high tensile wire and put a roller on it so it could roll freely back and forth between the poles. From the roller I dropped some wire down and looped it around my long fence wire and back up to the roller so it cradled the line. Then I went back to the corner post and tightened down the line. A few shakes up and down and the line will center itself. You need a plumb bob to run the fence in the valleys but it is plenty accurate and beats the heck out of paying to have line stakes put in.

The thing I described above looks kinda like a vollyball net if that helps.
Putting it on the highest point ensures that the long line will not drag the ground at any point between the two corners. If it does hit the ground or anything else besides the cradle it will not be true.

Hope that helps.

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Old 04/02/06, 10:45 PM
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Ox, I can get you close if that counts. Get a 2 X 4 about 8 feet long. Drive a nail through the 2 x 4 on each end. Take something to use as a makeshift platform to the area where you can see both property corners. You will have to extend the corner markers depending on how high the hill is. Lay the 2 x 4 on the platform and sight one corner using the nails on each end of the 2 x 4 as sights. Without moving the 2 x 4 relocate yourself to the other end of the 2 x 4 and attempt to sight the second corner. Make whatever correction is necessary and repeat the sighting attempt until you are able to line up the nail sights from either end, without moving the 2 x 4, with both corner markers. Directly under the nails in the 2 x 4 is the area you are trying to locate. If this looks good, go ahead with the fence. If the neighbor is dissatisfied with the location, the neighbor will be the one that has to disprove the line! Remember, it is sometimes easiler to pray for forgiveness than it is to plead for permission.
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Old 04/02/06, 10:55 PM
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Oxankle, do you have a GPS or access to one? Or better yet, a friend with some experience in their use?

I have little personal knowledge of using the system to identify survey positions, but saw an experienced person find survey points with ease and accuracy.

It might be worth a check unless some of the other suggestions solve the problem.
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Old 04/02/06, 11:42 PM
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................This is a method I use to use that proved to be very accurate , IF , your fence line is relatively clear of brush . Drive a tpost at each end of the fenceline just past each survey pin , and drive them DEEP for strength if possible . Now get a spool of Barbless wire and spool it out with a 4 wheeler from one tpost to the other , hook a comealong to the loose end and stretch the wire as tight as possible . Now , go stand on the highest Point and pickup the wire and raise and lower it by hand then let it flop on the ground ! It will center itself automatically if it is sufficiently Tight . A roll of wire will be 1330 feet long or 1\4 mile so that will bew close to what you need . This is the same principle as "poping" a string line on concrete . fordy...
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Old 04/03/06, 09:48 AM
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OX, Agmans method would be the simpliest way to find the point on the high spot, And Fordys is about what I recomended. You don't really need any stakes on top the hill, and cheap electric fence wire has a quarter mile in a little spool, and can easily be carried and unrolled by hand.

Heres what you should do. take the 2x4 with the nails, (A 2x2 would be lighter) and locate the line on the high spot. Now you stand there and sight to the corner, and have your wife roll out the wire. You can sit there on a bucket and wave at her to keep her on a straight line as she comes to you. After she passes you on her way to the other end, you will have to holler right or left at her to keep her on the straight and narrow. Have her pull it tight and fasten it to the post. You could help tighten it a little where you are sitting on the bucket if you can still see with black eyes.
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Old 04/03/06, 11:22 AM
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So start from the middle. Stretch a string from a post from where you can see to one corner, then from where you can see to the other corner.
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Old 04/03/06, 03:22 PM
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This is so simple if you have the corner posts. Just stretch you 1st wire tight between the corner posts and set you post accordingly. If you can't see the other end you might have to have another person help in the middle by raising the wire a bit as you stretch it. I've built miles of fence and that's what I always done it.
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