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Old 04/01/06, 07:50 PM
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Taking rust out of well water

Without buying a softener system is there any way to take the rust out of our well water?

I know so little about the whole well system and unfortunately my Grandfather passed away before I learned the system he had in place.
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Old 04/01/06, 08:32 PM
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Taking rust out of well water

Try this website
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Old 04/02/06, 12:11 PM
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We got rid of the Culligan water softener that was being used by the people we bought our farm from.They had it to get rid of the iron.
I didn't like the taste of all that salt in the water!
We had a tank put in with pool sand and some resins(whatever they where?)
Now its just sand.We also had a device that airiates the water as it comes out of the well and before it goes into the water tank.This oxidises the rust particles making it easier to remove it in the filtering tank.
We also use a paper cartridge filter(Omni) before the water goes to the hotwater tank and refrigerator door.
We still get a bit of stain that is fairly easy to scub off the sink and shower. About once every month or so you can start to see it.
The water has no sulphur smell or bad taste now.
Costs about 150.00 or so each year to have good water and worth it!!!
Just check out water care? companys.
Ours is a summit And the guy skipped town before I paid him for it
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Old 04/03/06, 12:21 PM
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Some folks have spent a good deal of time and money getting rid of iron in drinking water when the "redness" was really due to clay particulates in suspension. Always a good idea to have the water professionally tested before making any assumptions.
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Old 04/03/06, 08:00 PM
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Water softeners put almost _no_ salt into the water. The water will taste different if softened, but there is no salt added to the water supply. They don't work that way.... The resin takes hardness out of the water, but resin fills up with, er, 'hardness'. So the salt water is flushed through the resin every few days which pulls the hardness back out of the resin. The saltwater & hardness goes down the drain as well as flush water, and at most micro-bits of salt goes into the actual water system.

Water softeners don't really deal well with 'iron in water'. Softeners take out hardness, and in the process that does reduce a minor iron issue. But if you have a real iron problem, you will be better off with an iron filter, which concentrates on the iron. Many folks end up needing both an iron filter & a water softener (and more) to deal with all the issues going on.

This is one area to have the water tested, & talk things over with a local pro. Beware of fly-by-nite softener salespersons, there are a lot of games being played out there. Getting the wrong, or too weak of a, machine will waste your money, & listening to someone who shows up at your door (esp one national brand) will just get you ripped off.

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Old 04/03/06, 11:00 PM
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Iron in water or sedament?

I bought a great water well troubleshooting guide from
they showed me how to make a home built settling tank for sand and seadament out of old things like used water tank or old hot water heater tank.It works great and no more red seadament in the water. It only cost me about 20.00 to make including the fittings and all. I did have to do some welding.At the bottom of settling tank there is a flush valve. we hooked it up to the cows water and when we water the cows the tank purges it self of sedament..
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Old 04/03/06, 11:16 PM
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Softening the water with Not take the rust out. You Treat the water and have to have tanks that work and have different chemicals in them to take the Iron out. I had a lot of iron in my water and I had 2 Iron tanks which filtered the water there a condition that was chemicals saturated with Potassium permanganate Which I had to sign a waver that if I even saw the water turing pink I had to call them right away as it was not fit to drink if it changed colors like that. Asd Potassium permanganate is poison~!!!!
Potassium permanganate is used as an oxidizing agent in many different kinds of chemical reactions in a laboratory and in industry.[1] It is also used as a disinfectant and in deodorizers. It is used to treat some parasitic diseases of fish, and used in treatment of drinking water,
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Old 04/04/06, 11:39 AM
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: western pa
Posts: 549
When we had culligan water softeners ,every time a new tank was installed we had to let the water run at least an hour because of the salty taste.AND the rust wasn't bad as long as we used it.About 12 yrs!
The last straw was the third or fourth time the water was muddy looking and tasted terrible.
When we got rid of culligan our water was so bad it only took us a couple months to get the system we have used since 1988.
And you can't tell me it's safe to use portassium permanganate or salt in a tank and NOT have some of it get through the system into the water you use!!
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