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Old 09/17/13, 01:09 AM
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Tomatoes, tomatoes, & more tomatoes!

Last year my garden was a flop because of the drought. This year has been very bountiful. I have 3 gallons of tomato juice in the refrigerator & 7 (5 gallon) buckets of tomatoes sitting outside that need worked up! I am going to do spaghetti sauce & pizza sauce. I am so very thankful for the bountiful harvest this year. I have been canning for weeks anything I can get ahold of. Winter is fast approaching & I like my shelves full. I have a beef & hog going into the butcher at the end of November. The freezers are full of rabbit, chickens, & turkeys. We will be as ready as we can for a hard winter. I'll just hibernate until spring if I need too.
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Old 09/17/13, 04:01 AM
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I have tomatoes coming out my ears this year too! Will have lots of salsa, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, tomato juice, soup, and plain ole tomato sauce for chili this winter. Didn't have hardly any tomatoes last year thanks to the drought, so I feel pretty blessed with these!
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Old 09/17/13, 05:04 AM
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I too have had a pretty good tomato harvest, and green beans and corn too. The good Lord blessed our garden this year, I am very thankful
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Old 09/17/13, 07:10 AM
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Same's delightful! I've been canning like a crazy woman with no end in sight. It makes me very happy.
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Old 09/17/13, 07:23 AM
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Yes, it's Good. I have so much right now it's overwhelming. But, that is the norm around here.
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Old 09/17/13, 07:43 AM
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We have wonderful tomato plants, with tons of green tomatoes, but it's been so cool that they are taking forever to ripen. I've only done 18 quarts of spaghetti sauce so far.
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Old 09/17/13, 07:49 AM
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my tomato crop was a total failure this year due to excess rain. It literally rained every day. When it wasn't raining, it was cloudy. There was just too much moisture and not enough full sun. I had to buy two boxes of tomatoes at the farmers market to can. I am glad your crop did well!
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Old 09/17/13, 10:20 AM
chewie's Avatar
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Location: central south dakota
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my maters are also plentiful. I freeze them, and want to make some jars of salsa as my hubby and dd go thru that like water.

a nearby property no longer has any one living there. been for sale for a few years now. last year i watched 2 trees of good apples fall to the ground and rot. this year, i stopped and picked a couple dozen to see if they are good. they are wonderful! hubs says i'm rotten and I stole them. I say they are going to waste and really, nobody cares anyhow so why not? he sure didn't mind eating the fresh apple crisp they made! I plan to return and gather another big bag, I love homemade apple sauce on my pancakes.
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Old 09/17/13, 10:26 AM
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Tomatoes plentiful? I wish, we've had to buy tomatoes this summer just to have what we like to eat. There will be none to can this year.
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Old 09/17/13, 11:32 AM
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What's really weird is they are perfect. Perfect round with no blemishes on them. I have never had such good looking tomatoes.
I can't believe I deleted it!
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Old 09/17/13, 01:19 PM
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Location: SE Ohio
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I have had enough tomatoes to eat all we want and some to can, but not nearly enough. We had lots of rain and then some sort of blight. However I have some volunteer tomato plants that are just loaded, so there is still hope. Enjoy your big crop!
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Old 09/17/13, 02:07 PM
Murphy was an optimist ;)
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I picked another gallon bucket of maters again yesterday. I have a couple of cherry tomato plants on the porch, those rascals just keep blooming and setting, been picking them for a month and a half. Same with the dozen or so small roma's I have on the porch. We also have half a dozen or so better boys in the raised beds, I have been canning sauce, salsa and whole tomatoes for well over a month now and no end in sight. Well, yes there is, I am about out of jars!
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Old 09/17/13, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Wendy View Post
What's really weird is they are perfect. Perfect round with no blemishes on them. I have never had such good looking tomatoes.
Wasn't it a crazy tomato year? I thought it was going to be a bust, with May snow and very cool temps. But then everything came on beautifully. I can't get over the blemish-free crop either. Almost every one of every type that we are growing are plentiful, spotless, splitless, and most important of all, tasty.

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Old 09/17/13, 02:34 PM
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Lots of tomatoes here, too. I can plain tomato sauce and decide what to do with it later. I've also canned diced tomatoes and lots of salsa. There's still more to be picked, but the plants are dying and it's starting to get cool.
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Old 09/17/13, 02:36 PM
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Thankfully there were plenty planted at our church (we helped as well) but we were really the only ones picking ?? I think we picked about 75 gallons of tomatoes. I have a ton of stuff canned, sauce, salsa, soup, condensed soup, tomato jam, diced tomatoes.
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Old 09/17/13, 03:57 PM
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I just tossed a big bowl of tomatoes I had processed for salsa, but not actually gotten around to it yet, in the vegetable soup/chili I'm making tonight instead of using canned. I still have about 15 lbs to process for salsa (picked right now), and I'll be heading out to pick more if the rain will stay away tomorrow.
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