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Old 04/23/12, 08:22 AM
Wasza polska matka
Join Date: Aug 2008
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I know about tilapia being bad..whats swai?

What is this new cheap fish "swai"?? I know about the tilapia, and avoid it like the plague...I am going to guess swai is also to good to be true. I am speaking of hormones to make the fish all male and increase size, chemicals in the water they are "farmed" in, etc. Anyone?
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Old 04/23/12, 08:31 AM
chewie's Avatar
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Location: central south dakota
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I didn't know a thing about the tilapia?? oh great! the swai, altho I don't know much about it, I enjoy its flavor.
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Old 04/23/12, 08:54 AM
Brenda Groth
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Michigan
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had tilapia last night
Brenda Groth
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Old 04/23/12, 09:32 AM
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Goshen Farm
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Just watched something on NG about most all of the big fish that humans eat being gone. The guy said 70-90 percent of the fish like blue fin tuna and other big fish were all fished out and that governments are ignoring the scientist request that they cut back on fishing these big fish. It won't be long before all that is left are the bottom feeders, and then we will fish them out too. Said one of the big net things they scrape along the bottom of the ocean had an opening so big that 14 747's would fit inside just the opening! The more aggressive we get with fishing the less chance the fish have to repopulate and a large portion of the humans, and many animals depend on these fish to survive.
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Old 04/23/12, 09:34 AM
Tricky Grama's Avatar  
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Had this not too long ago...didn't like it...thought it would be like catfish...
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Old 04/23/12, 09:39 AM
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Northern California
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Yu know those little "iridescent sharks" they sell at Petsmart for your fishtank?

They grow into these huge asian catfish. I've seen them in tanks, waiting purchase, in Chinatown.

I don't eat catfish at all; fun times when you live in Texas. I'm pretty picky with fish; has to be good for my family and not bad for the oceans. We're thus limited pretty much to wild salmon, or what DH catches out of the river (we're in CA now, steelhead has changed my world, lol).
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Old 04/23/12, 09:51 AM
Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Missouri Ozarks
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I've never had either fish but what is the bad rap about Tilapia that you would avoid it like the plague? There are a couple farms around here that raise it I have heard.
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Old 04/23/12, 11:00 AM
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Location: VA
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I've read that tilapia is one of the safest fish to eat.
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Old 04/23/12, 11:24 AM
Wasza polska matka
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: zone 4b-5a
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here is a quote from "the nourishing gourmet" that sums up all of my worries...not to mention the tilapia from Asia are raised in rice paddies that have used chemicals like melamine as fertilizer

Farmed Tilapia: Good for the Environment, Bad for You

The Chemicals

Once upon a time, tilapia was breed in a way where most of the fish would be male (which allows the fish to grow larger to a marketable size). However, they soon discovered a nifty little trick. If they put testosterone in their feed for the first few months, they would all turn male. Now, I haven’t read of any adverse health effects from people eating testosterone feed fish. But I find the practice a little disturbing and unnatural. Not all fisheries use this practice, but it is very common. Secondly, some fish farms use growth hormones. We avoid growth hormones carefully in our meat, so why would we consume fish that contains it?

Their Food

While some fisheries may still use their natural food ( like duckweed), many, if not most fisheries feed them corn. Tilapia are easy to grow because, like pigs, they will eat anything, including “poop”. So it’s quite easy to grow them on corn. First, the corn is probably genetically modified. That has it’s own problems. Secondly, this high in corn diet leads to fish that’s high in Omega 6′s.

Wait, a minute! High in Omega 6 Fatty Acids?

High in Omega 6 Fatty Acids

One of the biggest health benefits of eating fish is getting Omega 3′s. You aren’t going to find that in Tilapia. In fact, you may be doing harm instead of good by eating it!

Tilapia has higher levels of potentially detrimental long-chain omega-6 fatty acids than 80-percent-lean hamburger, doughnuts and even pork bacon, the article says.

“For individuals who are eating fish as a method to control inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, it is clear from these numbers that tilapia is not a good choice,” the article says. “All other nutritional content aside, the inflammatory potential of hamburger and pork bacon is lower than the average serving of farmed tilapia.” Source

Note of course that this is comparing tilapia to grain feed beef. So…. tilapia contains more omega 6 fatty acids than grain feed beef, and doughnuts? That seems pretty high. And pretty darn, not good for you too.

All things considered, I just don’t think that tilapia is a good choice in seafood.. Sure it’s cheap, but I can buy grassfed beef for the same price or cheaper per pound, and that will contain a much better ratio of omega 3 to 6 fatty acids. Tilapia may be sustainable, but that’s doesn’t mean it’s good for you.
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Old 04/23/12, 11:30 AM
Wasza polska matka
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: zone 4b-5a
Posts: 6,912
I know lots of folks eat it, and I wouldnt want to start something over it, just wondered if swai was raised under similar conditions. American raised tilapia Im sure is much better (chemicals), but still has the omega 6...not to mention, I have yet to see American tilapia in the supermarket. Every package I have checked is China

here are a few more articles ...readers digest,
Is Tilapia Bad for You? | Reader's Digest

Tilapia: The fish that is as bad for you as bacon - WTOP.com

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Old 04/23/12, 11:38 AM
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: northcentral MN
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There used to be huge tilapia farms in central America but I suppose the Chinese have forced them out of the business.

American catfish farmers tried to get imported catfish labeled by country of origin but the big money boys fought it despite testing that showed the fish were contaminated with pesticides illegal in the US. They've even kept funding for food testing on imported seafood to a minimum. There's too much money at stake to let food safety interfere with profit taking.
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Old 04/23/12, 01:03 PM
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: NE WA
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Thanks, beaglebiz, for posting this. That is the first time I've heard of this... yikes!
Here is a link for mercury in fish for the PNW- another eye opener, as that is what we generally eat from the Columbia River. http://public.health.oregon.gov/Heal...nsumption.aspx

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Old 04/23/12, 01:08 PM
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Icelandic Sheep
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This is why I don't feed my family any fish at all anymore. I love seafood too. The only time I eat it now is if/when I go out to eat. I order salmon. So now I eat fish maybe twice per year. I wish I had a pond. I'd raise my own.


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Old 04/23/12, 03:02 PM
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2011 NY Times http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/02/sc...pagewanted=all

For the moment, Seafood Watch lists tilapia raised in the United States as a “best choice,” tilapia from Latin America as a “good alternative” and tilapia from China as “to be avoided.” Less than 5 percent of the tilapia consumed in the United States is farmed within its borders, and that is mostly whole fish.

2011 ttp://www.fishchoice.com/For-BUYERS/Seafood-Market-Summaries/Tilapia/tabid/324/Default.aspx?skinsrc=%2FPortals%2F0%2FSkins%2Ffsh% 2FPrintPage

Tilapia is tight. Through August, a 10% decline in U.S. imports of fresh fillets from Latin America and a 14% drop in imports of frozen fillets from Asia has sent buyers scurrying for what used to be one of the best fish values out there. The decline in fresh tilapia fillets is due almost entirely to production problems in Costa Rica, which shipped just 1,742 metric tons, less than half the amount shipped last year.

Tilapia AKA cichlids can be pretty aquarium fish.
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Old 04/23/12, 03:13 PM
Wasza polska matka
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: zone 4b-5a
Posts: 6,912
Honestly Joshie, no American (North or South) tilapia here in the midAtlantic. I have looked, and I frequent a large number of stores.
Also, your article supports mine. (corn diet resulting in damaging omega 6 fatty acids, poluted water, low nutrition value)

"“It may look like fish and taste like fish but does not have the benefits — it may be detrimental,” said Dr. Floyd Chilton, a professor of physiology and pharmacology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center who specializes in fish lipids.

Environmentalists argue that intensive and unregulated tilapia farming is damaging ecosystems in poor countries with practices generally prohibited in the United States — like breeding huge numbers of fish in cages in natural lakes, where fish waste pollutes the water. “We wouldn’t allow tilapia to be farmed in the United States the way they are farmed here, so why are we willing to eat them?” said Dr. Jeffrey McCrary, an American fish biologist who works in Nicaragua. “We are exporting the environmental damage caused by our appetites.”
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Old 04/23/12, 09:17 PM
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: North-central Virginia, Zone 7a
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Beaglebiz, I'm not seeing anything bad about swai yet--Monterey Bay aquarium is listing it as a "good alternative." So if you like it, I guess, eat it! I think we're going to try it ourselves--we've been getting haddock as our cheap yummy fish, but swai is even cheaper . . .
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Old 04/23/12, 09:54 PM
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Sounds like it wont be added to our diet regimine at this time; thanks for the info.
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Old 04/23/12, 10:20 PM
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Thanks for the info. I had not seen some of this before.
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Old 04/24/12, 07:29 AM
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Yeah, Thanks for the information. I generally just pick up whatever they have on hand at the time. We do eat Tilapia, once in awhile. Orange roughy, is great, when we can get it. I usually bake or grill our fish for dinner.
When we go out, there's a little place we get "all you can eat" fish dinners, for $7.99.
And for that they always let me bring 2 or 3 pieces home with me. I think it's perch or norther pike, & fried well.
My DSW has a couple big bags of frozen filets in the freezer now, of cod and pollock. We eat fish or seafood of some kind at least once a week. And, I get tuna or sardines for lunch on occasion too.

ETA........Ooops! I never heard of Swai, fish, though.
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Old 04/24/12, 07:36 AM
Laura Zone 5's Avatar  
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thank you for the info beaglebiz. I had no idea
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