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Old 03/05/12, 07:28 PM
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U-Haul...Thumbs down

I made a reservation online Saturday to rent a 14' truck and chose one of the local locations based on feedback they have. Today some idiot calls me and tells me I can't get the truck there but have to get it from the place which has the bad feedback. Not only that, it is a 17' truck which I don't need. The guy didn't give me any choice, he just said that's the way it was going to be. And they don't open until 10 am which puts me in a bind because I have paid helpers arriving at the other end at noon to unload. I don't think I understand why they offer any choices when you make a reservation if they just do what they want and not what you want. I am pretty unhappy about this. Unfortunately they are the only truck rental outfit in this area. At .79 a mile I can't afford to go too far to get a truck. Any constructive ideas? Thanks.

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Old 03/05/12, 07:49 PM
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Any of those helpers have pickup trucks?
Know someone with a cargo trailer?
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Old 03/05/12, 07:58 PM
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Location: Northeast Ohio
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Originally Posted by Harry Chickpea View Post
Any of those helpers have pickup trucks?
Know someone with a cargo trailer?
No, they are guys from the moving company that load and unload without a truck. They are probably the same guys that will make the main move with the company truck two days later. I just located a Penske rental, but the cost is higher. I may still go with them just so I can get what I want and when. We have no friends, acquaintances or relatives with a truck or trailer. By renting a truck and loading about half of our stuff and then paying the unload guys, we will save almost $1000 over what it would have been if the mover did it all. It will be worth not being able to use my arms or legs when it's all over. lol

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Old 03/05/12, 08:03 PM
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I have always used Penske...they are top notch, in my book.
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Old 03/05/12, 08:11 PM
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I used U-Haul when we moved over a year ago. Made reservations one month out, called weekly to make sure they still had my name. Three days before the move they called and said all the trucks in my town were taken and I had to drive 10 miles to another town to get one. Yes we had to pay for the gas to pick it up and take it back. The guys at the place we picked it up from were very nice but I wish we had time to get another truck from a different company. It sounds like they might not be an honest company.
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Old 03/05/12, 08:23 PM
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Location: Michigan
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The squeaky wheel gets the grease - Call the regional office and complain - if you dont get results - call the national office and complain. This is what we did when we had a situation almost like yours - they refunded the entire price. Our move was basically free as far as the truck was concerned.
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Old 03/06/12, 06:45 AM
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That's the way U-haul does business. It's why they've such a lousy reputation.

You actually got lucky with the offer for a larger truck. Normally, they just tell you where to go and how to get there, if they speak to you at all. Usually, they just ignore your reservation.
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Old 03/06/12, 09:20 AM
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Same thing happened to us when we moved last summer... Had helpers coming and we were supposed to pick up the truck at 8am, they called the night before and said they "probably" would have a truck for us at noon. I told them never mind because what would our help do for four hours? We called Ryder and they had a truck we could pick up at 8am. It was a larger truck than we needed, but they gave it to us at the smaller truck price... and it was my birthday (they saw when copying my license) and they gave us 15% off!

I know who we'll go to next time we move.
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Old 03/06/12, 09:50 AM
Join Date: Nov 2011
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Familiar stories! U-haul is famous for bait and switch. Our family quit using them after the infamous breakdown on I-95 when the axle fell off the trailer and U-Haul wanted us to wait two days and then WE were expected to pick up the replacement trailer!! WTH???

So we called Penske and explained our dilemma. They had a truck there in an hour, and two men, who transferred the contents of the U-Haul onto the truck. We left the trailer on I-95 for U-Haul to deal with in their own time. Eventually, we were refunded the entire amount from U-Haul, but there was a lot of "sturm und drang" involved.

Penske did right by us, and it was cheaper in the end. Penske has gotten all our family business from that day forward. The equipment is always in good shape, and service is exemplary. No, we don't work for them, nor own any stock. But wish we did! LOL

In His Love
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Old 03/06/12, 09:58 AM
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Wish I had some ideas for you, but nothing springs to mind. I too had a bad experiance with U Haul, they 'lost' my reservation and then sent me a 40 mile round trip out of my way to get a truck, even though I called far in advance and made the reservation to pick up in my town. They didn't make me pay for the extra gas mileage, though. Reading some of these stories I'm just glad it wasn't worse!
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Old 03/06/12, 10:13 AM
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U Haul corporate has always been disorganized. The poor dealers are hung out when the customer finds out that U Haul has performed as usual ... badly. The only time I've used U Haul is when I walked in and the truck, or trailer, was immediately available. I would never go the reservation route with U Haul.

The only worse outcome than a U Haul reservation is throwing a bottle with a message in the ocean and expecting a reply. Sure, you might get lucky. But luck should play no part in getting reliable service.

In a nutshell, uou're always rolling the dice when you make a reservation with U Haul.

After that, have you tried some of the local equipment places for a trailer or some of the auto dealers? Locally one of the Ford dealers has rental trucks.
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Old 03/06/12, 10:49 AM
help me bake this bread?
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Are they really charging you for a 17" truck? It seems like the right thing to do at least would give it to you for the PRICE of what you reserved. That's their problem, not yours!

I am moving cross country in 3 weeks and we booked with Penske. Fingers crossed.
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Old 03/06/12, 12:55 PM
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I have had similar problems with U-Haul. For local stuff, I go with smaller Mom&Pop places now. Still occasionally have to deal with U-Haul when I'm far from home. It's usually a big pain and I still sometimes am hung out to dry. I try to deal with other companies when I can but sometimes U-Haul is the only option.
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Old 03/06/12, 01:56 PM
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I use uhaul about once a month in the summer. I rarely make a reservation. I normally ask for the largest rig they have but there is one truck that burns gas BIG time when they offer that one I turn it down and go for the smaller one. I have had maybe one bad deal and I did complain I got results.

Ask them to bring the truck you want to the shop that you want as you expect that they will honor your reservation just as they expect you to honor your contract. Stand firm. You have time to get this right.
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Old 03/06/12, 02:27 PM
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We've used u haul many times, and had the same experiences.

But we did learn that they don't often relocate a truck just for little old you. They are betting someone will move into your town by your reservation date and drop off one of their trucks.

When it doesn't happen, just call their regional "traffic" office and arrange a pickup at a different locale.

It is my understanding the others operate the same way--at least in rural areas where towns are very far apart.
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Old 03/06/12, 04:37 PM
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Alaska- Kenai Pen- Kasilof
Posts: 10,482
Is anything lost in trying? I know years ago uhaul relocated a horse trailer for me to use. Please at least try and let them know two things.

1. That you expect some effort from them to honor your reseveration and
2. Send them a copy of this thread.
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Old 03/06/12, 04:42 PM
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Alaska- Kenai Pen- Kasilof
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I do not work for them but I would strongly advise you to call --
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Old 03/06/12, 04:50 PM
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Location: Northeast Ohio
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Update. I called the place I wanted to deal with and told them what happened. They said there was absolutely no reason why they would have told me to go to the other place because there is plenty of time for them to be sure to have the truck. I tried to call the place U-Haul told me I had to go to cancel and they didn't answer the phone. That was one of the things in the bad feedback, no phone answering and no returning calls. I called the one I wanted to deal with back and they canceled the reservation for me and made one at their place. Not only that they said I could pick the truck up the night before so I could get an early start. And if they only have a 17' truck it will be the same price as the 14'. They have a lot of outstanding feedback and I can see why. So that's taken care of. I did look at Penske but they charge $1.01 a mile. A little rich for my blood.

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Old 03/06/12, 05:00 PM
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Location: Alaska- Kenai Pen- Kasilof
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Great News, Last month I rented one the snow was packed down 2 feet not an issue to drive on but over night it warmed up BIG time and the truck sunk in the snow. I had a 2pm return time but no time to dig it out and make it---I called and they granted me and extra day free to allow me to dig it out and return it.
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Old 02/16/17, 12:12 PM
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With U-Haul it depends on the dealer. The last time I used a U-Haul, I needed a truck and trailer to get my new tractor. I made the reservation online (not knowing what many of you know) and when I got there he was like

"did they tell you we wont have it till 10?"
"uh. no. I have to be in Wilsonville by 10."
"OK. I've got a bigger trailer, I'll give it to you for the same price."

And I forgot my straps. He let me borrow some.

Moral of the story, which it sounds like you already got, go directly to the dealer you want to deal with and skip the on-line reservation system.
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