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Old 11/06/11, 08:02 PM
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can opener for elderly mother

My 84-year-old mom has trouble using a can opener anymore. Looking for suggestions for what electric can opener is the best for a tiny little lady without much hand strength. Have never owned an electric opener myself so don't know what are good features or brands.

Thanks in advance.

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Old 11/06/11, 09:09 PM
therunbunch's Avatar
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I really wish I could help here. I have had a number of electric can openers and sadly they have all been HORRIBLE!!!! And we have bought some really expensive ones too, so it's not like I've just bought cheapos. The last one we spent close to $40 on and it crapped out after a few months. I ended up going to Bed, Bath & Beyond and found a manual open with a really big crank (? not sure what it is called but it's the part you turn..) and it is really easy for me. I'm not elderly but I do have issues with my nerves and arthritis from time to time and I'm able to open cans when I have trouble holding my coffee cup.

I'm hoping someone has had a miracle electric opener to recommend to you though.
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Old 11/06/11, 09:12 PM
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Type "can opener for the elderly" into Google and you will come up with some good results. Here's the first one I looked at:
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Old 11/06/11, 09:23 PM
The Prairie Plate
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JH- I have arthritis in my hands and actually found an easy to use manual opener. It's an OXO one from a kitchen store, has a latch on the top so you don't have to squeeze the handles while you're using it. Just a thought!
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Old 11/06/11, 09:28 PM
Join Date: Feb 2009
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It's funny - I was going to suggest the Oxo opener. It's a really nice product and easy to use.
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Old 11/06/11, 09:36 PM
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I don't know if this would help, but I bought it because my hands cramp when trying to using a regular turnkey type of manual opener. I realize you asked for an electric one, but just wanted to throw it out there as an option.


can opener for elderly mother - Countryside Families
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Old 11/06/11, 11:24 PM
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I have carpal tunnel and arthritis in both hands, particularly my right thumb. I have a rachet type like the one KyMama showed in her post and it's great! I can push the lever with the heel of my hand and remove the lid with no problems.
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Old 11/07/11, 11:15 AM
Join Date: Sep 2003
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Thanks for the ideas. I was afraid that the electric ones were no good. Will try your suggestions.

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Old 11/07/11, 11:33 AM
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DH bought me an electric can opener a few years ago because I was starting to have trouble with the manual one. What I wanted was the cheap, old fashioned one. The newfangled one he bought me has been as difficult for me to use as the manual one. Usually I have my daughter open cans.

I don't know whether they still make the simple, old fashioned ones.
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