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Old 10/11/10, 07:28 PM
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Walmart and Milk Prices

Went to Walmart this morning to pick up a few things including milk. After I got in the car I checked my receipt and thought I was going to have a stroke!! They had charged $4.14 for a gallon of thier GV milk!
I had gotten milk on friday at Walmart and it was $2.98 and so brought the milk back in to see if this was a mis-price or something.
So the clerk gets the manager who checks on it and she comes back and says that the big manager (who just went on vacation) had temporarily did a price hike on milk but it should have been dropped to the comparable price of Kroger's. Which was $2.88. I told her the $4.14 seemed pretty expensive for Walmart milk especially considering Mayfield charges $4 and they are suppose to be the expensive brand.

Im curious as to why they do a temporary price hike? To get more money out of people?

And the other thing I learned today, the clerk told me after the manager left that the Walmart GV brand milk is put out by Mayfield and its the same milk!!
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Old 10/11/10, 07:34 PM
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Wal Mart is not always necessarily the cheapest. I found that Central Market here in town had cheaper prices than Wal Mart on so many things. People are just trained to assume that WM is always the cheapest. But they really aren't.
By the way, $4 or $4.14 milk would be a good deal for around here. If milk is on sale, it's $3.89, but otherwise it's $4.87.
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Old 10/11/10, 07:40 PM
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It's not just the milk that skyrocketed...but all dairy seems to have. Went for my monthly shopping trip and was SHOCKED that the cheese had gone up over a dollar per block more then last time. That went for cottage cheese and yougert too

It kind of gave me the incentive to come back to homesteading and check in, reminding me that I need to try to live frugelly as possible.
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Old 10/11/10, 07:48 PM
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and the powdered milk which I disliked as a child is just as expensive.
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Old 10/11/10, 08:05 PM
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I no longer buy any groceries at WalMart. They seem to be higher than the other local grocery stores on just about everything. I've been paying 3.08 for milk for quiet a while at another store and this week Kroger has 1/2 gallons for .99. I no longer buy WalMart clothes either. I do purchase over the counter medications there, but I'm watching the prices on those very closely. WalMart has gone into small towns and caused a lot of small businesses to close because of their low prices. Now that WalMart is just about all that's left in some of these small places, they've hiked their prices sky high. Sam Walton is probably turning over in his grave. Booooo WalMart!
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Old 10/11/10, 08:53 PM
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Price hike for first of the month maybe?
Trisha in WA
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Old 10/11/10, 10:29 PM
Wasza polska matka
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remember too we all got spoiled earlier in the year with cheaper dairy prices...I was buying butter for weeks at 1.50 a lb in PA...
maybe things are catching up
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Old 10/11/10, 10:34 PM
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Dh picked up a gal of GV milk at WM for $1.98 a few days ago. The clerk said Kroger had it for that price, so she would match it. The regular price for GV milk here in the GA mtns., is $3.38.
I didn't know Mayfield processes GV milk, several people have said over the years that it tastes the same, no wonder, lol
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Old 10/11/10, 10:37 PM
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We are spoiled in this part of the US with Braums. Local milk, consistent price, cool dairy farm tour. The tour bus "moooooos". Really. It's painted like a holstein.
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Old 10/12/10, 12:51 AM
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Wow. The WM milk around here is usually marked at like 2.50 or 3.00 but it always rings in (every time I've EVER shopped there) as "price match" for around 1.88...
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Old 10/12/10, 02:06 AM
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Our Sam's charges more than $1 less than Walmart.
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Old 10/12/10, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Joshie View Post
Our Sam's charges more than $1 less than Walmart.
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Old 10/12/10, 04:33 AM
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Positive plus negative equals negative, so more than $1 less than means if Walmart charges $3 then Sams could charge $2 or less? *lol*

Thank you, 7th grade math teacher, whatever your name was, for the graph you had on the ground in the classroom for us to figure this kind of stuff out!!
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Old 10/12/10, 05:30 AM
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Yeah, shop around.

I don't drink alot of milk usually, but lately have added skim milk back into my diet. I am picky about quality, but usually can score a gallon for under $4. Braums is good at a good price, as is the Smart Balance brand. Tastes far better than Walmart milk, and the cheaper milks generally have water added during processing. Boo on that.

My budget is happier with very little dairy in it, for sure. My DS, on the other hand, absolutely lights up when we pass the deli counter with all the "cheese!". Sigh.
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Old 10/12/10, 05:44 AM
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Mid Ga. and GV gal is under $2.00. It is not unusual for a gallon to be cheaper than the half gallon.

Larger is not always cheaper per oz at Walmart. Watch your cost per oz
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Old 10/12/10, 08:30 AM
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Don't know about milk (I buy 1/2 gallons from the local dairy chain) but butter has taken a big jump. It had been $1.79 a lb at Price Rite and yesterday it was $2.59. Thought maybe it might be cheaper at Aldis - got it for $2.49 there.
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Old 10/12/10, 08:48 AM
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Im curious as to why they do a temporary price hike? To get more money out of people?
That is where their rollbacks come from.
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Old 10/12/10, 08:56 AM
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I agree with Pancho
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Maybe they spike the price at the 1st of each month when people getting govt checks make massive food runs.
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Old 10/12/10, 12:49 PM
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Milk prices at the farm level have been climbing up most all year. They see it continuing for awhile.
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Old 10/12/10, 01:34 PM
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I've noticed several of the GV brands steadily climbing at the WM in my town. The GV tea bags "were" $2.00 for a box of 100 the middle of September, but when I went back the first of October, the same box was $2.98.

Figures...just as soon as I find a generic brand that's worth buying, up goes the price.
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