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Old 08/24/10, 09:45 PM
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Is it common to REQUIRE middle school kids to shower after PE?

Just that.

My son (5th grade) came home today and said his final quarter grade would be docked 2 points every day that he didn't take a shower after PE.
Now, keeping in mind we're talking 10 year olds, not to mention PE is a 20 minute class.

Am I being unreasonably annoyed here?

He's absolutely mortified at the idea.
I don't blame him. I went my entire school career and managed to avoid the gang showers.
His father is still known by the (complimentary, actually) nickname bestowed upon his anatomy 20 years ago in his high school's gang showers...

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Old 08/24/10, 09:58 PM
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A ten year old does not need a shower after 20 minutes of activity. I do not like the concept of communal showering. It disalows any feeling of modesty. I hated it when I was younger and I hate it to this day. Also don't forget that there are many perverts out there which includes the teachers, aides, and other students. I think a note from the parent should suffice in allowing a student to skip the shower thing.
Old 08/24/10, 09:59 PM
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I can't think of a single school I know below high school level here that has any shower facilities at all. Maybe the instructor is a perv?
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Old 08/24/10, 10:04 PM
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We had showers in our high school, but never once, did I see anyone using them. And I agree, exactly what kind of activity would make one absolutely NEED to take a shower after PE? I bet they sweat more during their recess / lunch breaks.

Not that I advocate a non-hygenic environment, and maybe they are trying to "teach" that in this case, but if hygiene is the point, I think it would be defeating the purpose if there are a bunch of kids in a communal shower where things like athlete's foot & other fungus stuff can be easily transfered kid to kid.

Not to mention that I would be kind'a freaked if they made me get naked with a bunch of other kids I really didn't know. Parts are parts, but come on, give a kid some privacy!
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Old 08/24/10, 10:26 PM
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Too many fat quarters...
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Location: SW Nebraska, NW Kansas
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I don't think the teacher is a perv. He's been there for years. Well known as a jerk, but I can't think of any complaints about anything along those lines...
Old 08/24/10, 10:43 PM
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Well, waaaay back when I was in Jr High we had to shower, high school too, I think 9th grade, or we'd get marked down, and I absolutely positively hated it as well. My kid's didn't have to do this when they were in school, though.
Old 08/24/10, 10:48 PM
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In my middle school, starting in the 5th grade, yes... showers were required. That was 26 years ago!
Old 08/24/10, 10:49 PM
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Like others, I recall showers but we never used them for PE. I do not know what those who played extracurricular sports did...but regular old PE class we did not.
Old 08/24/10, 10:57 PM
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we were suppose to but seldom did. and yeah, i think its pretty demeaning. i mean, how bout suggesting all the teachers shower together before classes? some of them were not pleasant by days' end, not to mention the famous 'coffee breathers'. eww.
Old 08/24/10, 11:03 PM
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Yes, we were required to shower after gym class where I went to school and it was part of the grade. I actually didn't mind because I had gym first thing in the morning so I would just go to school in my pajamas sometimes and shower and put clean clothes on after gym class. It allowed me to get an extra 1/2 hour of sleep in the morning...LOL.

It's really not that big of deal...Just tell him to always wear flipflops.
Old 08/24/10, 11:04 PM
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For high school, it is common and should be mandatory. I mean that seriously. Not just that they get rank without it,, but it is part of the personal hygiene that they should be learning during physical education.

For primary, maybe not so much, but I can understand teachers taking any opportunity they can to get the kids to wash, since many of them won't do it otherwise anyhow any time.
Old 08/24/10, 11:05 PM
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my high school (10 th grade up) had individual showers in the locker room and we were to shower, but most just changed clothes behind the pulled curtain and left. No point plus or minus.

I know the ice rink locker room has a large communal shower in each locker room, so I suppose those hockey teams shower together there, but I don't know if they have underwear on while doing so and then change or not.

I also think 20 minute for a PE class and shower is outlandish to say the lease.

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Old 08/24/10, 11:07 PM
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We were supposed to shower in high school. I don't know if anyone actually showered. I can tell you that there was no way I was going to get naked in front of others. I wouldn't even allow it for a high schooler. Deodorant is a good thing to have. One can clean/rinse off in the sink.

So.... what did the principal say when you went in and told him/her that you would not allow your child to undress in public?
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Old 08/24/10, 11:21 PM
Join Date: Jun 2002
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I can remember in Elementary School - perhaps in 5th grade of being given the OPTION - if you WANT to take a shower, you can. If not, that was okay too.

Even in high school, showers were NOT required. I kinow several of the guys did shower, but I NEVER did. Just changing my clothes was enough to make me uncomfortable - I was VERY modest. Having to take REQUIRED showers surely would have put me over the edge.

"Gang" showers just isn't a good thought.
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Old 08/24/10, 11:40 PM
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Yep, we were required to shower in junior high after PE. I remember because I hated it!
Old 08/24/10, 11:44 PM
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Central Texas
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Was 7th grade in my school, and not mandatory, just advised.. Nobody really cared even through high school unless it was a noticeable smelly hygiene issue..

But really, the modesty thing is overblown. People shouldn't be so concerned about what others think and learning it early is fine.
Old 08/24/10, 11:59 PM
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Location: Illinois
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Originally Posted by Txrider View Post

But really, the modesty thing is overblown. People shouldn't be so concerned about what others think and learning it early is fine.
Umm, no it's not overblown to the modest. It is an internal thing and has nothing to do with what others think. It's a matter of respect for your own body.
Moms don't look at things like normal people.
Old 08/25/10, 12:11 AM
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We were required to shower in Jr HS. I really hated it.

Old 08/25/10, 12:28 AM
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I was required for Jr High and it was always a nightmare. High School they let us decide which for most kids was no way.

Aside from the modesty how much more time could they spend actually doing PE if they didn't have to shower and change.
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Old 08/25/10, 01:05 AM
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None of the schools I went to had any showering facilities until high school.

In HS we were required to shower freshman and sophomore year after that it was optional. The HS showers had individual stalls but no doors.

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