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Old 01/07/10, 02:40 PM
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Musty Moldy Smell From Wet Carpet

Furnace sprung a leak and leaked gallons and gallons of water all over a portion of the finished basement. It is STILL soaked and stinks like crazy. I am working on trying to sop up the water (of course the wet dry vac is broken, why wouldn't it be)but need help with smell. ANy ideas?
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Old 01/07/10, 03:06 PM
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fans and baking soda sprinkled liberally (AFTER CARPET DRIES), let set overnight, vac it up. Worked wonders for me when my basement got flooded.
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Old 01/07/10, 05:00 PM
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Do you have any essential oils? You don't say how long the carpet has been wet, but if it's starting to smell like mildew you're going to have to do something quick. You could put some in a spray bottle filled with water and spray over your carpets, and maybe with your sopping actually get some of it down in the carpet. Lavender, tea tree and the citrus ones are very anti-fungal.

Very dilute bleach will kill mildew but then it may ruin your carpet and of course there's the chlorine smell.
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Old 01/07/10, 05:06 PM
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My guess is you are to late to save the carpet...once the mold gets started it is basically impossible to get rid of. If you still want to try and save it you need to rent something to suck up the water and then rent carpet fans pull up the carpet and get the fans blowing on the underside.
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Old 01/07/10, 05:27 PM
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you didn't say if your carpet is glued to the floor or has a pad and tack strips. if its glued some of the above suggestions might work.
if it has a pad underneath. pull up a corner closet to furnace and look under the pad to see if anything is growing.some of the newer pads will hold moisture between itself and the concrete. you may need to: pull it up, clean the carpet, clean floor, new pad and reinstall.
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Old 01/07/10, 05:34 PM
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Probably will have to remove it or risk getting a serious mold problem. BTDT.
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Old 01/07/10, 05:46 PM
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Rent a carpet cleaner to get the water up.
If you can get one with steam that may kill some of the mold
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Old 01/07/10, 07:45 PM
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Did it just happen today? If so the musty smell is from the water in the bolier that leaked. I would also rent a carpet cleaner to get the water up, then get as many fans as you can to dry out the carpet. If you can pull back the carpet to dry the floor it would be even better.
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