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Old 05/02/09, 12:17 PM
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cast iron cookware

Hey folks, I have a dilemma. I want to get some more cookware, but am having a hard time finding older cast-iron stuff(somewhat expected). I do find stuff, but ALOT of it is enameled. I can't say I know much about cast-iron, but I do know they enamel sinks and tubs. What's the deal with cookware? Is it any good? How does it stack up to the bare iron? What do yall's say?
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Old 05/02/09, 12:27 PM
Wasza polska matka
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I have an old enamel roaster. Its sometimes hard to clean, but has the heating properties of cast iron I love. Now my skillets and dutch oven are regular seasoned cast iron, and are beautifully non stick. Personally I prefer the bare iron, but I do like my roaster
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Old 05/02/09, 12:44 PM
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have you scouted goodwill or salvation army type stores? Alot of times when granny passes on the kids don't want "those old heavy junk pans' so they give them away there. I've found about 3 nice peices at goodwill about 3 bucks each. One of them needed a little scrubbing and she was good as new.
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Old 05/02/09, 01:54 PM
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Le Creuset. Try it. It's wonderful!
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Old 05/02/09, 02:49 PM
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And sometimes you can find pieces in antique stores that cost less than new. I got a really nice stew pot in one for about $15 once. I use it all the time for chili, stews and beans.
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Old 05/02/09, 02:57 PM
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The heavier enamel ironware keeps the heat like the straight cast iron, but you can scrub and clean the enamelware in soap and water.

I find a lot of cast iron pans at the local goodwill type places, like others have said. This time of year, check out yard sales and farm auctions. Literally TONS of the stuff goes for scrap just 'cuz the kids don't want grandma's old cookware.
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Old 05/02/09, 02:59 PM
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I love my plain old cast iron. I have a new Lodge Logic frying pan that came pre-seasoned, and I love it too. I inherited a few of my grandmother's old cast iron pieces, and I use them often. I like that they can all be used on my electric stove, in the oven, or over the fire outside.

I never use soap on them - just a little hot water and a nylon scrubbie if needed. Then I dry them and while they're still warm I spray them with cooking spray and then let them re-season. Unlike my aluminum and Teflon type older pans I won't have to worry about them wearing out.
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Old 05/02/09, 03:33 PM
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Check on ebay, I've got several pieces lately, that, even with shipping, were cheaper than new, and theses were Wagner pieces. Just got a cornstick pan today at estate sale for $5, it is a Wagner piece as well.
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Old 05/03/09, 09:01 AM
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I have a Large collection of old cast iorn. I have started collecting the enamled cast, and yes it is the same but easyer to clean. Got a set off a TV comercial, but latley have been getting them at TJ Maxx. They are expensive, but last forever unlike others like Celfanon, and copper has to be cleaned all the time. I have an old gas stove that makes the pans sooty on the bottems and only use cast on my woodcookstove. So the enamled cast is very helpful in the cleaning dept. for me.
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Old 05/03/09, 09:14 AM
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I love my cast iron. Honestly though, I've gotten almost all of it new (mostly its either camp chef or lodge). The used stuff isn't any cheaper 9x out of 10 around here. Don't know why. But it isn't. $40 for a 10" skillet at goodwill isn't worth it to me, just cause' its 30 or 40 or 50 years old, yk?

I don't have any enameled stuff, and really I don't see the point. Unless your trying to avoid getting lots of iron in your diet, as far as I can tell, there isn't one.
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Old 05/03/09, 09:24 AM
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We have Le Creuset and Lodge cookware. We love all of our pieces and they are now all equally non-stick. I absolutely love my Le Creuset but I love that the Lodge adds Iron into our diet. If my husband has his way I think we will have all Le Creuset someday. The enameled is very nice. If anything sticks a little one minute soak in hot water washes it clean! Love it!
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Old 05/03/09, 11:38 AM
arabian knight's Avatar
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f you go to say Outdoor type stores, Any one of those types would have heavy cast type cookware, even some farm type stores that also carry out equipment, Sporting good places, Scheels, Gander Mountain, places like that.
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Old 05/03/09, 12:59 PM
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What are you looking for I may have it?I have been considering getting rid of some of my stash.
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Old 05/03/09, 03:24 PM
deb deb is offline
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New cast iron pots are either made in the US by Lodge or are cheap no name imports. The cheap imports are made of poorer grade metal and have a very rough surface inside the pan. Lodge costs more, but is a better grade metal and has a smoother surface. BTW WalMart carries both kind.

The older used cast iron pots and pans can be better made, have a smoother surface which makes it easier to clean. I no longer find nice old cast iron pots in thrift stores because they often get sold as antiques to dealers. Prices for cast iron pots in antique stores vary. A local antique store had a bunch of nice cast iron pans for sale and in this case they really didn't cost that much more than a new pot. Check used pots for warping and cracks.

If you want to buy larger cast iron pots and can't find them locally, look at I bought a large Lodge cast iron pot there while back when I couldn't find one locally. Amazon's price cost less than ordering it directly through Lodge and it included free shipping! This thing weighs a ton and having it shipped for free was great.

in WI
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Old 05/03/09, 04:02 PM
hillbillygal's Avatar
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You could also check flea markets. I just bought a cast iron pot (Kirby & Allen) for $3. It is a pretty big one. It was missing the lid but I had an old lid waiting to be cleaned up. Worked out well.
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Old 05/03/09, 05:08 PM
NJ Rich
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Yes, Flea Markets are a wonderland source of cast iron if you are willing to spend some time looking. My local market is 4 miles away so going every week is not a problem. I have bought about 9 pieces of cast iron and have never paid more than $5.00 for anything. Most cost me two or three dollars. I pass by those pieces that "don't look right". Maybe someone used it to make soap or drugs and I don't buy them.

I have many old Wagner cast iron pieces and a couple of Lodge. I have so many I don't buy anything that isn't something I want or the "price is right". That means cheap. My total of pieces is around 10 or 12. There are 2 Dutch stove top ovens; 2 Camp Dutch ovens; several frying pans of many sizes and 2 griddles. One of the griddles is a Wagner in very good condition and I bought it for a dollar.

Porcelain cast iron is easier to clean and some recipes actually call for this type of cookware if "you have one". Go on-line and look at the sites telling you how to clean and seaon cast iron. There are hundreds of recipes to be found also.

Remember: Soap is a four letter word.

Take your time; spend your time and you will find some great buys for yourself. Good hunting to you, NJ Rich


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Old 05/03/09, 06:23 PM
DW DW is offline
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Love it

If you are looking at old: Wagner or Griswold...good. I do like the new Lodge. My latest are 2 bread pans.
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Old 05/04/09, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by DW View Post
If you are looking at old: Wagner or Griswold...good. I do like the new Lodge. My latest are 2 bread pans.
I agree with the Wagner and Griswold recommendation. You can find these old brands for sale at many prepared to pay $20 (+/-) for each pan. The nice thing about Wagner and Griswold cast iron is that they are thinner than modern brands like Lodge. Thinner = lighter weight. And most of these old pans have seen decades of cooking, consequently they are very smooth.
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Old 05/04/09, 09:06 AM
Living in the Hills
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I am finding mine at second hand stores and at the farm store (Runnings, here).
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