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Old 01/30/09, 02:09 PM
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What should we give/pay our pastor for a baptism?

Our pastor will be baptising my three youngest children on Sunday. I can't remember what we did for our older children. It was a different church 8 years ago. What is the traditional/usual thing to do? I remember giving the Catholic preist who married us $100. but now we are Luthern and I don't know if I should or am supposed to offer him something. Please help I want to do the right thing.
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Old 01/30/09, 02:11 PM
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Seems like we gave our pastor $50 in an envelope, with a thank you card. But it's been a few years...
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Old 01/30/09, 02:21 PM
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WOW, I've never heard of such a thing. All 3 of my kidlets were Baptised in the Baptist church and after asking others at the church they just said they had never heard of it either.
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Old 01/30/09, 02:22 PM
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My Dad is a retired (as if ministers ever really retire) pastor and my BIL is a pastor and I have never heard of anyone ever giving them any money for a baptism or a baby dedication. Some people do give them money for a wedding or funeral, but they never expect it as they consider it part of their job. A wedding and funeral also take much more prep time than a baptism and they aren't part of a normal church service.

While both have accepted money for weddings and funerals, I just asked my dad and he said that he would not accept money for a baptism. He said he would feel funny taking money for carrying out the great commission.
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Old 01/30/09, 02:53 PM
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He said he would feel funny taking money for carrying out the great commission.
That was my first thought as well!
Paying someone for helping bring others to Christ. Wow...

plumcreek a simple thank-you is more than sufficient. Baptism is the very reason pastors do what they do!
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Old 01/30/09, 02:59 PM
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Baptisms' are part of their pastoral duties. They receive a salary from the church/governing body, which is to compensate them for all their pastoral duties. This salary is paid by the parishoner's in the form of contributions/tithes. Some of these duties are: Conducting Worship services, Study/Preparing/Delivering Sermons, Baptism, Communion, Visitation, etc.

The two ordinances given to the church were Baptism and Communion. You wouldn't expect to see every member at church presenting the pastor with two dollars everytime he gave communion, neither should he be compensated for baptising. That's what he gets paid to do.
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Old 01/30/09, 03:06 PM
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Well, if they accept money for performing baptisms then they are getting their "reward" here on earth and won't receive one in heaven. IMO, they should feel blessed for performing a baptism, even if it cost them money out of their own pocket.

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Old 01/30/09, 03:10 PM
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Ask the pastor what the norm is there.
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Old 01/30/09, 03:12 PM
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In the Catholic Church it's a thanks offering - a stipend - of $5 or $10. He doesn't keep it for himself. It goes to the Church. I've never heard of anyone giving a stipend if the baptism occurs during Mass. If it is at another time, that's up to the parents.
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Old 01/30/09, 03:15 PM
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I've never heard of such a thing either. Like others said, weddings and funerals, but never for baptisms. I'd go so far as to say that any pastor who would accept money for it has no business being a pastor to begin with.
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Old 01/30/09, 03:21 PM
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You don't need to give the Pastor any money for a baptism. Baptism is different than weddings and funerals in that they are not considered sacraments in the Lutheran church, whereas a baptism is considered a sacrament I believe and is usually part of the regular church service.
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Old 01/30/09, 03:24 PM
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DH and I converted two years ago to Baptist. So we were baptised, and we never heard of giving the pastor money either. And even if we tried, he would not have accepted it. As far as he was concerned, us being saved was payment enough!
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Old 01/30/09, 03:28 PM
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Sorry if I sounded a bit snotty in my previous post. It's just that the thought of a pastor accepting money for a baptism made me cringe.
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Old 01/30/09, 04:57 PM
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The minister who married us gave us a price list for his services, the organist, a church cleaning fee, use of the "fancy room" for me to get dressed.

At my husband's childhood church, we had our third child baptized. He didn't ask for money, but it's a small, struggling church, and he used actual water from the River Jordan on our son. We felt a gift was in order.

Yes, baptisms are part of his job, but every minister I've ever known worked many hours doing home and hospital visits, counseling people, painting the church, working with the confirmation classes. Their salary and the parsonage make for a pretty tight budget.
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Old 01/30/09, 05:08 PM
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In my church, it would be considered priestcraft to take money for such a thing (can you say excommunication?), but I'm not Lutheran.
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Old 01/30/09, 05:21 PM
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In my church, they do all that stuff completely for free. I'm rather surprised at the idea that a pastor would expect payment for such a thing? Weddings, maybe, but baptisms... ?

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Old 01/30/09, 09:19 PM
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Thanks for all the imput! Just wondering if any Lutherns out there had any suggestions for me. Since we are new to the church I want to get this right.
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Old 01/30/09, 09:23 PM
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I think you should not pay anything. A card even to me would be odd but certainly a nice thing to do. It's what pastors do. In my church we get baptized and that's it.
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Old 01/30/09, 10:18 PM
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Maybe you could ask some of the people you know in the congregation. I'm not familiar with the Lutheran church. I know that many denominations don't pay anything, but all denominations are different, so it's best to ask someone there. Sorry I couldn't help.
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Old 01/30/09, 10:29 PM
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Head down to the local Christian book store. Pick up a book or something that you think he'll like. Give it as a gift, not as payment.
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