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Old 02/06/08, 08:17 PM
MTplainsman's Avatar
North of the Hi-Line
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I am a lucky, lucky, man...survived again

Just when all you forum folks thought I used up all 9 of my lives this year, I used up maybe the very last one this time. I know it's hard to believe two near death experiences in a row, with nearly succumbing to a winter storm and now this.

I took my Mother to the train in North Dakota yesterday, as she was to head off to Grand Forks for 9 days watching my little niece, while the parents searched for a home in Rapid City, SD. I've been getting little sleep with all the activities I get wrapped up in, and the trip to the train station was tough to do. My mother and I did business in town as we waited for the train to arrive. It was 3 and a half hours late do to avalanches. By the time the train arrived it was already 10:00 my time. I went back for grocieries before I left town, to avoid them from freezing, and headed out on the back roads. People in my area of MT take a back "paved" road system to shave off many miles from the big town in ND. Maybe I should have taken the longer 110 mile route that night, but on account of getting back home by 2:00 in the a.m. I chose to take the back way. After about 80 boring, dark miles, a poorly marked intersection popped up on me with almost no warning. The light snow pack on the road further confused me, and it was all over in a flash. I tryed to turn, but it was too late, and by an absolute miracle of God, I skidded over the highway flying at an angle over a cliff with out rolling and being scattered to pieces. The car flew up and wedged into the approach from a gravel road and another highway. I didn't seem broken up badly, but blood was sprayed everywhere in the car. I found my scalp opened up badly in many places, so I quickly grabbed two pair of gloves and and pushed them hard over the deepest gashes on my headed. I barely got out of the car door and out of the snow covered coulee to the highway above. I saw lights from a bar and post office off the main highway about a mile down, and with pressure over my worst wounds I tryed to jog towards them as best as I could. Thank the Lord it was above 0 that night and I was only a mile from help! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! I crawled into the bar and everyone came over to check me out. I couldn't see my injuries nor how bad, but they said it wasn't very good with my head wounds. A lady called it in, while some others tryed to stop all the bleeding as best they could. It was about 2:30 in the morning by the time I made it to the hospital. They spent a lot of time cleaning me up and even longer sewing and stapling. I looked like a mess from blood soaked clothes and dryed blood all over my face, but they fixed me up pretty good I think. Later in the day after checking out of the hospital, I met a deputy out at the site. I ended up on the Reservation side of the line, so they sent over a Tribal Officer for reporting and arrangements. When I got to see how I nearly winged a pole and how shocked he was at how the car didn't endlessly roll to pieces. We both just didn't have words to say about it for several minutes. We found one of two available wreckers in the county to take it to the largest town near me, and drop it off at a wrecking yard. I feel rotten about my Mother's only car, as I don't know what can be done with it. What will she do without a car now? Well, anyhow, I am in a lot of pain now, but I am rethinking life in a different light now. Enough is enough with the close calls I have been having, and the lack of respect I have been giving to the good Lord above. Those who don't beleive in God's helping hands and a guardian Angel, should come and see the "impossibilities" that were astonishingly made "possible" by way of a complete miracle. I'm not a dumb man, I can see the light before I must walk into the light, and I will do so. Hope someone benefits from this little read, and rethink their lives and how close to the edge way always are. God is good, God is great! amen...
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Old 02/06/08, 08:30 PM
greeneyedgirl70's Avatar  
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Amen Joel, Yes God is good. He surely had angels watching over you for sure!

I am so glad you are going to be ok!!!

You know its a good testimony to folks who are not saved to get there lives right with the lord, because in a blink of an eye it can be over on this earth.

The car can be replaced, but your life could never be.

Was there insurance on the car that could help in replacing it? Have you contacted your mother to let her know what happened?

Ill be praying for you
Live simply,love generously,care deeply,speak kindly, and leave the rest to God
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Old 02/06/08, 08:33 PM
AR Cattails's Avatar  
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Thank God you are ok. I hope your mother had insurance on the car. Take care of yourself now.
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Old 02/06/08, 08:33 PM
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I am so glad you are safe. Take care of yourself and be careful. God has kept you around for a reason!
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Old 02/06/08, 08:40 PM
Danaus29's Avatar  
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Better for your mom to have lost her car than her son. You surely have a guardian angel watching over you. Quit making his/her job so hard!

I'm glad you're ok.
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Old 02/06/08, 08:55 PM
TxCloverAngel's Avatar
Happiness is Homemade
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my goodness. Glad your ok!!

sure stinks when we have to be hit in the head (literally in your case) before we see the "real" important stuff. been there, done that, and am better for it. you will be too.

Good luck and BE CAREFUL!!
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Old 02/06/08, 08:58 PM
TexasArtist's Avatar  
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Originally Posted by MTplainsman
I feel rotten about my Mother's only car, as I don't know what can be done with it. What will she do without a car now? ...
Glad to hear it was the car and not you. It easy to figure this out. Without a car your mom will going shopping for a new one once the insurance is settled. Without you she would be visiting a grave. I think she'll she through it all.
Remember folks THANKSGIVING - it's the holiday to gobble till ya wobble!
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Old 02/06/08, 08:59 PM
seedspreader's Avatar
AFKA ZealYouthGuy
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Glad to hear you survived again Joel.

Perhaps you should up the insurance and start riding a horse everywhere???
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Old 02/06/08, 09:08 PM
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My DH was a firefighter for a # of years when he lived in PA.....and is again now that we're living here in MT. We were just talking yesterday about the extreme # of rollovers that occur here in this state, compared w/ at least PA. He said that almost every vehicle accident they respond to here is a rollover. I don't know if it is the way the roads are, the weather/wind, the speeds, or what. But it makes that you DIDN'T roll an even more impressive fact to me.

I hope that all works out ok w/ your Mom's car. Was there insurance? It is a material thing though, and I am sure your Mom will be so very thankful that it is YOU that is ok. That is the most important thing....probably ESPecially to a Mom .

And thank goodness that you ended up in a spot where help was close by!!! I remember once realizing that I'd neglected to check my gas guage before I drove out of Roundup. I still had a WAYS to go before I got to Billings and I suddenly started to realize that I better start taking note of where the houses were.....because there were MILES in between them. I am sure those distances are even greater up there where you are.

What a combination of blessings.....You must have something left to accomplish here!!! Whatever the reason, I am glad that you are ok and here to tell us about what happened!


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Old 02/06/08, 09:10 PM
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Thank God you are ok. The car can be replaced.
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Old 02/06/08, 09:12 PM
heather's Avatar  
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THANKS for sharing your story -
wow - glad you're okay or will be soon enough.
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Old 02/06/08, 09:12 PM
Becca65's Avatar  
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Wow, you are so lucky.. you definatly had someone looking out for you.. Whew.. scary..
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Old 02/06/08, 09:23 PM
BamaNana's Avatar  
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So glad you're okay!
You know you're getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you're down there.
George Burns
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Old 02/06/08, 09:32 PM
bugstabber's Avatar
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Wow, glad you're still around to tell us the story!
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Old 02/06/08, 09:49 PM
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You are definitely LUCKY!! Did you have a seat belt on? If not, I would say you were REALLY LUCKY!! So glad you are ok.
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Old 02/06/08, 10:57 PM
MTplainsman's Avatar
North of the Hi-Line
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Thanks for all the well-wishing, it really helps a guy out.
I was wearing my seat belt, for if I wasn't I don't think I'd be able to visit this site for a long while or ever. regardless of the excuses many use about not wearing seat belts, I say hogwash! They have saved more lives than have hurt. The car isn't in great shape, but since it didn't actually roll, it might be salvageable. I was only well enough to get in hauled to town, I havn't been good enough to make arrangements to have it checked out yet. I havn't contacted Mom yet, but will tomorrow. I am hurting bad now from all the stapling and concussions, and I'm getting so stoved up I feel like I fell off a three story house. I checked out some of my head wounds in a double mirror tonight, and theres some serious holes in my head! Sleeping will have to be in a chair for awhile I'm afraid. I got out of the hospital early, cause I said I was fine and could go, so they let me. Now I'm feeling it most definately. I needed a meal badly and feel a little better now since I ate. Will try and clean my filthy self up in the morning, right now I need knock out for the night. BTW, I think she had full coverage on the car, but I'll find out tomorrow. I had dropped my medical a long time ago to pay for other big bills I had, so I will pay through the nose for this med bill. I already give them 2 weeks of my pay check in cash for starters....and yes, roll overs are huge in MT do to the long drives and so many unmarked obstacles out in all the secondary roads. I need to go back and look at how if at all, that interesection was marked. It has took a lot of people, and if it isn't properly marked it may be possible to make a claim to the county? Anyways, that's about it I guess. Glad to be here again, and good night everyone.
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Old 02/06/08, 11:16 PM
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So glad you are okay!
I'm running so far behind I thought I was first!
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Old 02/06/08, 11:17 PM
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I'm glad you're relatively okay. But, man! you live life hard. Take it a little easier on yourself..

"Live your life, and forget your age." Norman Vincent Peale

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Old 02/06/08, 11:29 PM
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So glad you're ok. What a fright I'm glad the bar was open. Would have been terrible to have been miles and miles away from population.

Hope you had a good nights sleep though you will probably be hurting in more places tomorrow.

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Old 02/06/08, 11:30 PM
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Jeez, mister. I'm glad you're okay ... or going to be okay.

Now *arms akimbo* you should be getting a message from your close calls, POSSIBLY that you are not 17 any more, POSSIBLY that you should take better care of yourself, and POSSIBLY that ... oh my! I could go on!

My area is not near as remote (or cold) as where you were driving, but I have had to walk in cold weather, and change tires, etc. It is sooooooo hard doing anything in below-freezing temps! Dang!

Get well fast, but not so fast as to forget this. *arms akimbo*

Good luck on the car thing, man!
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