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Old 01/04/08, 08:24 PM
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Location: Our new farm in South Dakota!
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Eastern South Dakota Pros and Cons

We are looking to move to Eastern South Dakota after a long and arduous trek to find home. We are currently renting a home in Kentucky, but want to be closer to family and friends. I would love to have someone that has either lived in the area, or currently living in the area give their views on the pros and cons about living there.

Thank you kindly!
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Old 01/05/08, 08:26 AM
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I can only think of cons...REALLY cold...and pretty flat if I remember correctly.

But I live just above FL.
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Old 01/05/08, 09:42 AM
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I love South Dakota
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I moved to mid eastern SD almost 5 years ago. I've lived in MN and WI before, so the weather was not a problem.

I love where I live, but would not want to live much closer to Sioux Falls. I live about an hour farther west along I90.

The eastern half of the state gets more moisture, and it is easier to grow things. Drive west and you will see more and more range and less cultivation. Not a lot of trees - the soil condition and wind contribute to that. This is not an area like southern MN that use to be covered with trees, this area never had trees to begin with.

I love the political climate - there isn't a whole lot of governement unless you live in one of the few bigger metropolitan areas. But big Metro for SD is not much at all. I grew up in a metro area with more than twice the population of the entire state of SD.

Very firearm friendly - hope it stays that way. No state income tax, but that also means there are not a lot of state provided services. They keep the interstate somewhat snow free, but you have to be able to do a lot for yourself (very unlike MN).

Small acreage (20-40) can be very hard to find. Job climate is quite good - Many factories in Mitchell can not get enough workers - pay $8-$15 depending on your ability (this is metal fabrication - if you weld you will not have trouble finding a job).

Substantial medical community in and around the SF area.

I personally don't find any "cons" to living here. But I don't mind the weather LOL!

We do have more sunshine in the winter than I experienced in MN and WI. It's normal to have a thaw in January (is suppose to get about 40 today) but it can be -10 for a week too. I don't mind the heat in the summer, as it's normally low humidity. The wind blows a lot, and it can get quite dusty in the dry summer.

I moved here after accepting a job in the area. I now have near my dream job and love where I live. I wasn't looking to move to SD specifically at the time of my job search - but this is where the good Lord put me.

If you'd like more info - you can PM me.

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Old 01/05/08, 10:01 AM
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: E. SD
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The biggest con in my opinion is the lack of jobs. We live about equidistant between Aberdeen, Huron, and Watertown so with the price of gas I would need to make at least $20/hr just to keep up with the bills. I haven't had any luck getting employment locally since I am not from around here. Seems all the local jobs (outside of min. wage) goes to family members/friends. Good thing I have a retirement check coming in from the Navy.
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Old 01/05/08, 10:15 AM
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Location: Alabama
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My family is from there. Long drives to go shopping and long trek (maybe following a snow plow) if you ever need an ambulance (which my granpa did during a blizzard). Farmland like the grand's old place we still have is worth under $500/acre away from town (sorry ours is not for sale, but maybe we could rent it to you) but there's a reason for that.

Do you need jobs? Sioux Falls has a lot of lowpaying jobs many taken by immigrants from all over the world. Mitchell? Unsure what they still have. Nursing home work everywhere but when my mom had such a job she still qualified for food stamps and medicaid.

My grands were successful farmers- ie didn't go broke- but lived quite meagerly- no indoor plumbing until 30 years ago, never any fancy stuff. My aunt lived well but went broke on farming. My other grand was a 'richer' farmer- dairy also- but moved out to trucking as he aged (and maybe lost money loaned to relatives like my aunt).
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Old 01/05/08, 10:16 AM
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plains of Colorado
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Not far from Black favorite vaca spot!
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Old 01/05/08, 12:32 PM
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Chief cook & weed puller
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Location: South Dakota
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If you choose a college town the rent will be high, acreages hard to find. The cost of real estate really varies from place to place. Many people commute to work from smaller towns.

Summers are nice, warm/hot days, cool evenings. (okay sometimes they're hot too!) We're zone 4, if you like to garden.

Maybe you should ask specific questions. If you'll need jobs a search of the employment webpage could show you where jobs are available.
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Old 01/05/08, 12:44 PM
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Chief cook & weed puller
Join Date: May 2002
Location: South Dakota
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Here's the state web page, you can do some online snooping!
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Old 01/05/08, 01:30 PM
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Our new farm in South Dakota!
Posts: 262
Thanks all for the replies. We have written an offer on a small farm with 20 acres, 3 bed 2 bath home, 3 barns, and a nice shelter belt surrounding the property. We just want to know the overall feeling of the place that we are going to call home. Primarily we just want to be closer to family so that our children have grandparents and others around that want them around. We are self employed and own our own business and my DH is getting a screen printing business off the ground as well, so employment won't be an issue right off the bat. The home is 3 miles out of Madison and we have family in Wentworth which is 6 miles away. All in all I guess I am just trying to find out if people live there and love it, or live there and think that it is just too hard to survive.
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Old 01/05/08, 09:29 PM
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Roughly where IA, NE and SD come together, on the plains near some loess hills on the Mo River
Posts: 496
Know how to drive in snow, for sure!
Hot summers, cold winters.
People as good as anywhere, and as bad as anywhere.
Long distances to consider with high fuel prices. 51 miles to SF there.
Sounds good that you have business to do already.
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Old 01/05/08, 10:03 PM
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Chief cook & weed puller
Join Date: May 2002
Location: South Dakota
Posts: 5,588
The bankruptcy rates are not high here, I think people are surviving just fine.
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Old 01/05/08, 11:30 PM
Chief Vegtable Grower :)
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Location: South Dakota
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Originally Posted by Jenn
Do you need jobs? Sioux Falls has a lot of lowpaying jobs many taken by immigrants from all over the world.
I do not know where you get your info Jenn but you are incorrect. I guess it depends on what you consider lowpaying. There are many jobs available in a variety of price rangers! There are at least 8 call centers that I can think of off the top of my head in Sioux Falls. Most start at around $10 an hour plus benefits. John Morrells (packing plant) has jobs that pay well over $20 an hour. There are multiple nursing home and assisted living and hospice centers in Sioux Falls as well. We have 5 major hospitals - one is a childrens hospital, one is a heart hospital and one is a VA hospital. One of the hospitals has also broken ground on a $100+ Million dollar medical research facility.

I guess it all depends on what kind of jobs you are looking for? We also have an Air National Guard base and a decent size airport. We also have many extra curricular activities to enhance your quality of life. Depends on what you are looking for.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I can give you a list of good realators with a variety of companies as well. I am not related to any of them and do not get any commission either. :baby04: If I can help in any way let me know! I have lived in the Sioux Falls area for 9 year and spent all of my growing up yearsing in the Tyndall, Springfield, Avon area. I have family that live all of this great state and I am proud to say that I am a born and raised South Dakotan.

Hope this helps!

Carrie in SD
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