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Old 09/04/07, 07:58 PM
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Is there any way to make a scar fade faster?

This fever blister scab is about gone and it was a bad one. I know the scar will be a bad one too. I saw some scar medicene at the store but it was 15 dollars and said it would take 5 or 6 months to work so I figured it would be gone long before that. The druggist said to put vitamin e on it . Does anyone here have any more ideas to fade it faster. I got me a new tube of abreva and it will be in my purse now when I need it ,Thank you Nancy
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Old 09/04/07, 08:06 PM
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Is there any way to make a scar fade faster? - Countryside Families $15 for scar reducing medicine. 5 to 6 months for it to work. Is there any way to make a scar fade faster? - Countryside Families That's how long it'll take for it to disappear naturally.

With me, on the fever blisters, it only takes a few weeks if that, for it to be gone. And that's without any type of care.
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Old 09/04/07, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by NancyinArkansas
The druggist said to put vitamin e on it .
The druggist was right.
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Old 09/04/07, 08:54 PM
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I've read that Watkin's Petro-carbo salve can fade/reduce scars, but I don't think I'd want it close to my mouth!
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Old 09/04/07, 09:30 PM
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Hi! Calamity Jane here. If it can be cut or burned, I’ve done it. I’ve also had plastic surgery (it’s was an eyelid thing, oh then a lip thing too HA). Anyway, I highly recommend Neosporin (generic brand is fine) to help with scaring. Apply as many times as you can. I usually stand in the shower, let the hot water run on the infernal thing, get out, dab some witch hazel on it then apply the triple antibiotic. The scar cream you are talking …well, nah, reviews not so good on that for the price anyway.
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Old 09/04/07, 09:38 PM
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I've had some wicked fever blisters, and still have a faint scar that goes under my lip. Man, I hate those things! That's why I am so thrilled with Abreva.

As for the scarring, a dear friend of mine has endured a couple of neck surgeries. She used Vitamin E to help the scar fade, and it really did seem to work. She just took the capsule, split it open, and applied to the surgical wound.

Another idea is good old aloe vera.

And finally, a friend who is knowledgeable about herbal and homeopathic remedies recommends lavender oil. I'd use the lavender in a carrier, though. Perhaps almond oil, which is high in Vitamin E!

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Old 09/04/07, 09:49 PM
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vitamin e and neosporin applied topically helped scars fade for us.
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Old 09/04/07, 10:31 PM
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In my experience, it is not only the vitamin E, but the massaging of the oil onto the scar tissue that lessens the scar and speeds healing. My ds had several cuts & scrapes on his face from younger years and we followed a regimen of massaging the E oil on the scar for 2-3 minutes at least twice a day. You really have to look hard to see any evidence of scarring now.
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Old 09/04/07, 10:34 PM
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On my multiple surgical scars - I was told by the Orthopedic Surgeons, my family Physician, and Nurses to use Vitamin E topically. I still have scarring (incisions) but it seemed to help!!!!! Scars will heal at their own rate, from my experience with multiple surgeries on my leg.
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