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Old 02/28/15, 12:38 PM
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Four Corners, Colorado
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Yes, snowing and calling for lots more here. But it's not too cold, so it keeps melting/settling. Makes for icy roads in the mornings, but just wet conditions later on. Last Monday, they closed the park due to the weather conditions - so I couldn't go to work. I have to call the boss in Denver when that happens, since I'm not opening a post office. They make me take annual leave - say I can't have " administrative leave". It's wrong, but I can't do anything about it.

I'm making myself a new handbag today - it's called a "Bow Tuck Bag". The last one I made is in tatters, but I love the size and design so much, I've just ignored that I look like a bag lady! So with the snowed in conditions, it's time for a new one. Must get busy!
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Old 02/28/15, 01:23 PM
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We have a little storm coming here too! Boo! I'm done with winter for sure! It has been too darned cold. It was fine till FEb hit then went to complete crap! Tired of single digit weather. Ready for lighter jackets/sweaters, and riding my bike to work!

Getting my house in order slowly. My bear will come home in a week to get money off his card, pay bills and he is heading back to his mom's place. It sucks he isn't here but he is helping his mom so that is good!
Just a few more days to travel just a few more days to roam then I'll enter heaven's portal, when the saints are gatthered home!

come see my page
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Old 02/28/15, 02:45 PM
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Location: SW WA
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Michelle, Vickie beat me to it - almond milk!
Travis, your building project stops and starts sound so much like an average day in my life, lol. Seems like the simplest project gets sidetracked over and over and takes 10x the time it should.

It's so beautiful out. The robins are busy, and so is my chicken flock. We are getting plenty of eggs - I gave some to my bff Thursday. It's already up to 56* and the air smells so good. The sun feels fantastic on my face and back, too. Vitamin D therapy at its finest! I never did go back to sleep last night, so I was up early. I think tonight will be an early one, though.

My posts and words remain my exclusive property and may not be used without my express written permission and proper credit given for authorship.
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Old 02/28/15, 03:05 PM
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Happy belated birthday to GMB!!

Had a good time with the kids last night. Moo, Pickles and I all fell asleep before 9pm. Bill and the oldest stayed up to watch Bill's favorite chick flick! We watched it last time they were here and she wanted to watch it again.

Daughter ran to the store before picking the kids up this morning. They have the fireman's banquet tonight at the elementary school to cook for. Bill and I were just relaxing for a minute after they left when I said it is snowing. He thought we had a couple more hours before it started, so we scrambled to get dressed and get the truck down to get it filled back up with firewood and into the garage. I only lasted till the truck was halfway full.

Suppose to have a lull with the snow with the heavy stuff coming in this evening but, so far, it has not let up for 5 hours!! Expecting 5" to 6".
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Old 02/28/15, 06:01 PM
Join Date: May 2002
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Homesteader, thanks for the lunchmeat recipe! Something like my grandmother used to make, I think. I'll have to try it. I run out of ideas to use for sandwiches for dh. My mom only likes 'round meat' for hers--baloney.

I've been canning pinto beans as I had a lot of those, and since I'm stranded here at home, figured I might as well restock the shelves. We've been eating from the pantry so I had lots of empty jars to use.

Mom is still coughing, but is at least taking her meds and her voice is back, so she's improving. Her appitite is good and no fever. I'll be glad when she's completely better, however. She's so funny, turns up her nose like a little child when she has to take cough medicine!

I finally ordered my seeds and fruit trees to replace the rabbit damaged ones. I'm anxious to get out and work in the dirt, but it will certainly be a while! Everyone stay warm, get well and stay that way. Spring has to be here soon!
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Old 02/28/15, 09:38 PM
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Fl Zones 11
Posts: 8,697
Dear grandson called today to wish me a happy belated birthday and tell me how his college is going. I had 19 happy bdays on FB and a call from my brother also. He told me he was going to drive down to see our mom- he would be leaving right after diner which would put him in about 11 pm. We talked a little about the things to check on when he went with her to check out the Lifecare community. He didn't realize that when they say tray service is available if you don't want to go to the dining room, there is a charge for that- or that if you ask housekeeping to do your laundry, there is a charge for THAT! He also expressed the hope she would be put on appropriate psychiatric medications, and I had to tell him they are considered "chemical restraints" and are illegal to use in Assisted Living and Nursing homes, only can be prescribed if you are not in an institution. He also asked me about her health care surrogate decisions and I told him she had appointed me. She is terrified that if Brother and Sis in Law make her medical decisions they will hook her up to every machine possible, but I didn't tell him that.
My BP was 179/110 this morning. I took 60 mg Lasix (instead of 40) my Lisinopril, 1000 mg Cinnamon, and then powdered some dried cornsilk and stuffed 2 gelatin capsules with it, took that and then brewed a tisane of the remaining handful of cornsilk. An hour later I was 140/92 and feeling fatigued, which is a pretty good indication your blood pressure is down.

I'm going to go ahead and start the March daily journal. We have to leave early to run back to the city for an overnight, the tax accountant said we were right on the tipping point between a small refund or a large tax bill, so there are some papers GFB has to search for, and we need to talk to the Verizon people. The ones here at the lake, when we went in to pay for the March bill, kept referring to a February payment being due. We pay a month ahead, but he kept insisting we didn't , that we were paying for the month past. Just gonna go back to the big city, where three of the employees know us because we are technically incompetent and go in every month to prepay for the coming month.
So- March Journal is up.
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Old 02/28/15, 11:45 PM
proud to be pro-choice
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Location: a state in the 21st century
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Are you sure about psych meds? Or is it a state law where she lives. A couple of my family took anti-depressants while in assisted living/nursing facility. I do know there are facilities that have been caught over medicating their clients.
Beware of radical christians:
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Old 03/01/15, 06:12 AM
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: SW WA
Posts: 10,357
I worked in assisted living and ECFs and in both, we used "Psych meds", as prescribed by an MD. It might be a FL state law, but it's not nationwide. However, since GMB's mother is in FL, that may be a moot point.

GMB, I feel so badly - I thought I'd wished you a Happy Birthday, but I can't find the post now, so I don't know what happened. So.....


My posts and words remain my exclusive property and may not be used without my express written permission and proper credit given for authorship.
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Old 12/16/15, 02:59 PM
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Location: Northern Michigan (U.P.)
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Several years ago, I bought a 2 year old mare, Julie. When it was time to train her to harness, Daniel Stutzman was recommended to me. His oldest son was an expert with horses. This Amish family follows the strictest rules, shunning modern ways. It is a difficult life, but one of strong family and community ties.
Daniel’s son moved away, working in a saw mill, eventually marrying. He built a small home on the farm where he grew up. The rough sawn unpainted exterior hinted at the simple ruggedness of this family’s lives.
Daniel’s wife passed away three years ago. With all his children grown, gone, he moved into the small house and his son moved his new wife and children into the big house.
The garden, running along the driveway, from the road to the house, was always well tended. The barn painted a dark red, looked like the centuries old structures, yet was about twenty years old.
Along with farming, he had a shop for trimming and shoeing hooves. A few months ago, he reset the shoes on my two geldings, both out of my mare Julie. He seemed to be doing a fine business. It was interesting talking with him and his children as he worked.
I had an appointment to have my horses shoes reset, this Saturday afternoon, 1:00. I also spoke with him at an auction last Saturday. This was an Amish retirement auction, mostly horse drawn equipment. I was among a handful of “English”, as the Amish seriously out numbered us.
But the following evening, Sunday, as he, his wife and their four children were headed home from church, their frail buggy, and their lives were turned over by a speeding drunk driver. He and his children sustained serious injuries, but his wife, the center of his life and his family, died at the scene.
This afternoon, I received a phone call. He wanted me to know not to bring my horses on Saturday. Not having any phone, he had a friend call me. I am profoundly saddened by this event.
Please reach out to your family members, friends and neighbors. Give them the love and consideration as if you or they will be gone in the morning. A give a prayer to this young family as they endure this difficult time.
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