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Old 12/30/14, 08:47 PM
Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 5,935
GMB, TOO HOT TO WORK??? Goodness you must live on another planet. We're currently sitting at minus 16 degrees. Brrrr. Wish things could be a little more equal. I force myself to go out and do what needs doing, but sure don't like it!

Michelle, I sure hope you get the job! Every little bit of a raise is a help. I doubt that the interviewer paid much attention to your nails and hair, so don't be nervous about that.

Travis, good for you getting that changing table almost done! You are one busy guy.

Took our ggd back to her parents today, so tonight we'll get some rest. We've enjoyed having her since last Friday afternoon, but there's a reason people have babies when they are young!

Just trying to keep wood in the stove, water and feed in front of the critters in the barns and staying warm.
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Old 12/30/14, 09:05 PM
Travis in Louisiana's Avatar
Clinton, Louisiana
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Louisiana
Posts: 1,860
Back at work tonight. Got up this morning, at about 8:30. Had eggs and 2 biscuits. Headed to the shop. Worked on the changing table, changed the oil in the car, hauled several loads of garbage to the road, and loaded the firewood rack. Tomorrow I hope to get finished with the table. Got some sanding to do and a few pieces to screw and glue on, but I can see the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!!! Busy at work here, so I got to go!!
Life......Is What You Make Of It
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Old 12/31/14, 12:16 AM
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Missouri
Posts: 1,316
Post surgical check-up today. Pathology report is 100% negative!!! I do have to take the hormone pill every day for 5 years because I have the positive receptors and the pill will block that. Will start my radiation treatments in 2-3 weeks. Good news to begin the new year with.

Tomorrow is the start of the birthday parties for the grandkids. One every 10 days!! They will be 14, 7 and 3 when we are done.
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Old 12/31/14, 02:37 AM
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Fl Zones 11
Posts: 8,702
What wonderful news Billie! Congrats and have fun with the grands.
Jan I believe the high was 83-84 degrees BUT twas also very humid. Too bad I can't send some of my weather your way and you send some of yours to me. Took a nap in the a/c this afternoon
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Old 12/31/14, 07:05 AM
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: SW WA
Posts: 10,357
Had a town day Monday - Abby had a dentist appointment for xrays and checkup. Thought she was getting a cleaning, too, but evidently she gets that next appointment. That won't be until nearly the end of March. Getting your dental work done at a sliding scale clinic is less expensive, but the trade-off is that it takes a lot longer, due to the heavy case load.

After her appointment, we met up with my older dd so the girls could go shopping together. Abby wanted to buy my belated Christmas presents and didn't want to shop alone. She adores her older sister, and her sister is pretty fond of her, too, thankfully. I had the chance to shop the closeouts for 50% off birthday gifts for the grands - always fun to find gifts they'll like, at a price I like! Abby was so excited to give me my gifts when we got home...she'd bought me work gloves, including a lined winter pair, a couple nice candles and some jerky, a new soup mug, and the Sing-along version of Frozen.

It's cold here, although not as cold as Jan's. It's been in the teens overnights and barely to the freezing point during the day. The taps are running, the heat is on in the pump house, and hopefully the water stays on! It's supposed to warm up a bit on the weekend.

Abby and I are going to start walking together. I've gained weight and am not getting outside much at all these days, and I really need to make a change.

My posts and words remain my exclusive property and may not be used without my express written permission and proper credit given for authorship.
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Old 12/31/14, 08:08 AM
Laura Zone 5's Avatar  
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Back home again, in Indiana!
Posts: 14,959
December 30 2014

Finished cleaning out the back 2 rooms of the basement (1600 total square feet). Brought everything upstairs to be "gone thru" by the kids before I good will it all.
Renewed and reduced my CL items. Cleaned house, and got in the shower to get ready for work.

Then my son calls.

His car, stopped running.
You see, the night before, he used the gas in the gas cans in the garage to fill his car.
SOME CLOWN filled (about 3.5 gallons) a GAS can with old oil and parts cleaner (guess who did this when he took all his 'toys' and left).
AND not knowing (because gas is supposed to be in gas cans) boy put the goop mix in his tank.
We filled it up w gas an hoped for the best (at the time we thought it was just pre-mix and didn't realize it was old oil and parts cleaner).

He had an appointment at the tire shop to fix his tire.....only to find out, his front end is SO far out of alignment, it has balded the two front tires.
Ok, 125.00 later he has 2 new front tires, and an appointment with the mechanic for a front end alignment.

Then he calls.
Mom, the car quit running.
I am literally sitting my sink, putting on my make up to go to work.

My youngest picks him up, brings him home.
We jump in the Jeep, and grab the tow strap.
Hook his car up to the Jeep and tow it to the mechanics. (14 miles of towing, in heavy traffic). At one point the tow strap fell off the car and my daughter had to jump out, in traffic and reattach.

Got it to the mechanics.
They have to drop the tank and pray the fuel injector isn't shot.....
oh, and align it.

I was only 40 min late to work, and my boss, who is amazing, didn't even bat an eye (I had texted him at 2:45 and was due in at 4)

After I dropped the car off at the mechanics (who know me by first name) I headed to work. God Blessed my socks off with some AMAZING tips, and I had a very good night.

Came home, did a shot of ginger root / lemon / cayenne (immune booster) and went to bed.

God is Good, all the time!!
‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men say and do nothing’
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Old 12/31/14, 09:13 AM
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: western New York State
Posts: 2,867
Feeling stressed, lots of factors, no good reasons. Manifests as vague stomach upset; jumping from task to task; mountains out of molehills. Can't concentrate on my book, heavy in medieval history. My brother leaving in a couple days for FL weighs on my mind. I keep thinking that this, that and the other isn't done. In these days of instant communication and easy transportation, I just have to keep reminding myself it doesn't need done this week. // Even though he doesn't know a lot of what's going on, for instance: that my brother lost a job, found a job and is moving; my estranged husband is still a master at picking his moments. Nothing for days, and then rants and demands in large, heavy font, and loaded with RSVP-ASAP. At one time, that would have had my stomach in knots, and me jumping to comply. Now I see his name, take a deep breath and gird myself for the latest, but that's about it. // It is beautifully SUNNY right now, though cold. There is snow headed this way, but it looks like I'll be at the end of the plume. Wind direction is a huge factor in this area. Moving people's boxes into separate corners, and covering piles with old tablecloths today Doesn't sound like much, but if it makes it all feel less burdensome, all to the good. Happy New Year to all! If you're out and about, please be careful.

Last edited by Use Less; 12/31/14 at 12:06 PM. Reason: spelling
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Old 12/31/14, 11:00 AM
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Oklahoma
Posts: 3,179
Billie - Yay!!! We are celebrating with you!!

Useless - I hope you allow yourself a good New Year's day, you deserve a relaxing day of no stress!


It was 17 this morning. I think it's suppose to get up into the 20s for a high today. I went out to feed the critters and my two little chihuahuas didn't waste any time doing their business this morning - just too cold!
They were ready to come back in after I fed the horse. LOL!

I'm babysitting the grandkids tonight, while DD goes to a friend's New Year's party. Fortunately it's only a few blocks from her house in the same neighborhood. Tomorrow is her birthday, so I don't mind watching the kids.
I was going to bring them out to our house for the night, but it's suppose to start icing up early tomorrow afternoon, so I told her I'd just come to her house and stay with them, then tomorrow morning I can get up and head home before the bad weather hits.

Well, I best get busy. I've got lots to do, before I head to her house this afternoon.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve, everyone, and stay safe if you travel anywhere!!
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Old 12/31/14, 04:05 PM
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Desert of So. NV
Posts: 2,139
Happy New Year (almost) to everyone. Many good wishes Michelle that you get that job! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Is it close to you and I think I missed it, did you get all moved in?

Billie - ok, if your test was good why the treatment? You seem very happy so that's all that matters, I was just curious.

It was supposed to snow today, ha ha. It's gray, and chilly but not bad. DH says it's 43 in his area at work (doors closed but no heat). He gets the rest of the week off again, two four day weekends in a row! He'll probably be home early too!

We will pick up dgd on Sat and return her Sunday, time for a visit!

Travis said "Got the drawer slides cut out and the ones that go on the drawer glued on. I also changed out a sewage air pump......" :0

You must be expecting that baby to have quite the diaper changes to need a sewage air pump.........

hee hee

Have a great and safe New Year's Eve!
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Old 12/31/14, 04:25 PM
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Indiana
Posts: 801
Billie, so glad your test came back good.
Michelle I hope you will get the job you want.Of course we all know ,no job is perfect We are still running like crazy figuring out all the ins and out about our 2 Alzheimers friends.All that insurance and banking stuff and he has not left good records etc.I hope they get to stay permanently .Lots of evaluations coming up yet .My household has been neglected,and my health is suffering from all the stress.Still fighting this horrible cold.But things could always be worse
Wishing you all a happy and most of all a healthy New Year.Since without our health nothing is as important.
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Old 12/31/14, 04:29 PM
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Fl Zones 11
Posts: 8,702
Grandfatherbear drove us to the lake and we did a quick shopping trip and hit up the. Bank & credit union. For 2014 I didn't realize the credit union eas paying 3 3^4 %. They have learnt their lesson only 2% for 2015.
My mother sent me home with a bag of sour apples, a bag of grapefruit and the little clementine/ honeybell crosses she had bought for her self then decided to give to me. I just put an apple pie in the oven. Used 3 1/2 apples. Now to start the black eye peas soaking.
Lovely coolish, slightly damp day.Everyone stay safe and warm tonight
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Old 12/31/14, 08:28 PM
Travis in Louisiana's Avatar
Clinton, Louisiana
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Louisiana
Posts: 1,860
Back at work tonight, but it is Friday for me!! Woke at noon, thought some of the kids were coming over. It was just the wife, coming back from wally world. Stayed up anyway. I had noticed the car, gas mileage was going down, SLOWLY. I decided to change the air filter. It was nearly clogged!! I am usually more on top of this, than that. Leaving the parking lot of the auto parts store, it got a tenth of a mile better to the gallon.

Homesteader, when my youngest daughter was born, the next day I was holding her, with a WHITE shirt on. She unloaded on me!! The white shirt was not white anymore. There was NO way that diaper could hold all that!!

I come back to work Sat morning. Did not get any crib work done today. See you all NEXT YEAR!!!
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Life......Is What You Make Of It
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Old 01/01/15, 02:23 AM
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: SW WA
Posts: 10,357
Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought a changing table and a sewage pump were an odd combo!

Happy almost New Year's - see ya next year on the new thread!

My posts and words remain my exclusive property and may not be used without my express written permission and proper credit given for authorship.
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Old 01/01/15, 08:14 AM
Laura Zone 5's Avatar  
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Back home again, in Indiana!
Posts: 14,959
December 31, 2014

Clean the kitchen, made chocolate chip cookies, did laundry, made some phone calls / sent some emails.....
Started to read a book. Took a nap.
My boy gives me a hug/kiss cause he's leaving w his friends.
Got up and got ready for work.

While I'm in the phone rings.
No way.
Phew, it's the mechanic.
350.00 to drop the gas tank to clean it.....they will get to it Friday.
Go to work, make great $$ come home.

My oldest tells me that since I put oil in her car (which was BONE DRY) that it's been "smoking a lot when she starts it up". Says big white smoke comes out of the exhaust and fills her car up, then it goes away once the car warms up........
((Her poor car....its a 20+ year old Miata.....and it's tired))

I went to bed at 11:15.....I was ready for 2014 to be over!!
‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men say and do nothing’
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