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Old 09/30/14, 11:59 AM
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Oklahoma
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Travis - I hope you can figure out the tractor leak issue. Mechanical issues are so frustrating!!

GMB - I hope your daughter lets you know what's bothering her.
My Mom and I had a falling out one time years ago, because I had some strong opinions and she disagreed with me and I later realized she was right.
However, at the time I was young and didn't realize how bad I hurt her.
A week or so later she sent me a card explaining her feelings and asked that our differing opinions not damage our relationship, as mother and daughter we would likely see things much differently over the years, but we shouldn't let that dim our love for each other. I was so touched that she had the courage to reach out to me. I think she did that because she and her own mother had a very difficult relationship and her Mother never reached out to her that way. I called her and told her I was sorry for being so stubborn and not allowing that she had her own opinions.
My daughter and I can have some pretty heated discussions, but I always remember my Mom's words.

Well, DH still hasn't found the mower key he hid from himself. He promised he'd get the lawn mowed this Sunday regardless.
Those pesky goathead stickers are everywhere!!

Like you, GMB, I can't believe September is already over either!

I love Autumn, but I don't like hurtling towards Christmas. The holidays are a nice vacation from work, but a lot of work at home and I'm really not ready to start thinking about gifts; however I need to get the grandkids gifts budgeted!
DD said she would rather they have "experiences instead of stuff" - so I'm thinking about getting Nutcracker Ballet tickets for her and my oldest DGD. She's 7 and the perfect age to enjoy it.

I took off 3 bags of clothes and such to the Shelter for DD yesterday. We've both decided to be more ruthless with our decluttering. I'd love to start the new year with a nice, organized home.

Well, I best get busy. I have to run errands at lunch and pay bills.
Have a wonderful day, everyone!!
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Old 09/30/14, 05:51 PM
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Drove down to visit my dad and sister's family in Lewiston on Sunday. My nephew is getting so big. We picked up a rabbit pen, too while we were there. Then yesterday, we traded in my husband's sports car for a crossover. He loves the new car. Today it's raining like it's actually fall, so I will be paying catchup in the house.
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Old 09/30/14, 08:03 PM
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: South East corner of NM
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GMB, I pray that you and your daughter manage to find a way to mend the fences between you. My DM and I finally decided to agree to disagree over some issues, and we never had a problem after that. Life is too short, ya know?
OUVickie, I can hardly wait for DH to retire, ten years or so down the road, for now we have to settle for 5 weeks vacation! I do wonder how women get anything done around the house when the spouse retires. I really love DH, but seriously, he has to find something to do that he enjoys. I told him " When you retire, you need a hobby. And bugging your wife is not a good hobby." He just laughs.
I would love to start the New Year with a lovely organized house! I had better hurry!!! I wish you all the best in your organizing efforts!
I worked at the church today and still got home in time to fix DH a big time lunch. So here it is evening and neither one of us is hungry! I think he is going to do some trimming.
Well, I have a load of laundry still calling my name, so I had better get a move on! Hang in there everyone, it is Fall!!! I hope the flood waters have dried up by Christmas! LOL
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Old 09/30/14, 09:39 PM
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Location: Fl Zones 11
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October thread posted but your on your honor not to post till 12:01 am 10/1
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