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Old 08/31/14, 05:06 PM
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Fl Zones 11
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back in. the city, on se.I smart phone. Fancy Tails agreed to be my go between with Luster Aquatics for the edible lotus. I also bought pond fertilizer tabs & some ornamental five-star black Madras. Fancy Tails said its extremely productive. Stripped the ripe rice off the plant and planted some in a 4 ft x 2 ft pan at the lake cabin. I need to mow the yard & plant some tubs in the city.
Haven't been able to work the dialhp adapter looks like we'll be searching 4 a wireless provider. Hopefully that will cover both pls es.
Any weirdness due 2 auto correct on my phones
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Old 08/31/14, 07:36 PM
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Clinton, Louisiana
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I am going to have to back track a little. Thursday, my Ryobi straight shaft weedeater cutter head quit spinning. Found the cable broken. I had several more of these weedeaters, but they had the curved shaft. Thank goodness they are all interchangeable. So, I now have a curved weedeater. Today, I got up at about 1:20 PM. Started putting the molding up, I have been painting on. Finished it all, right at the time to get ready for work. I am now at work, RESTING!!! We got cookies, with milk or coffee. It is going to be a LONG night!!
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Old 08/31/14, 08:19 PM
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Location: west virginia
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last day o the month! this year is certainly flying by! put up 6 pints of pears off of my own pear trees. Pears are hard to know when to pick!!! I am hoping to get a few more pints canned. I also froze a few blackberries. went for a relaxing kayak trip down the Potomac river this afternoon. saw the bald eagle fly over! going with my dad tomorrow to visit mom in the hospital. I need to weed the flower beds when I get home!!! I think I have a weed monster in the back yard.
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Old 09/01/14, 02:44 AM
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: SW WA
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I thought I'd better stop by and update y'all on the rest of my month. My biggest news is that Abby is home! Those of you who didn't know, my youngest dd has been in TN for the last 3 years, but finally called and said she was ready to come home. Things were not going well with the bf or his family (most of them are pretty much a waste of oxygen), and she wanted to be with her own family again. She flew home the 18th, all by herself, which was a big relief. She has ADD and Asperger's (not that they call it that anymore), and is very shy, so I was afraid she was going to miss her connecting flight in Denver, but she made it into PDX without a hitch. She came home with dredded hair, which we are slowly working the knots out of. I don't want to have to cut it, as it is about waist length and so pretty when it's not tangled! After 2 weeks, we're about halfway there. She has a tender scalp, so it's not a lot of fun.

The other big piece of news is that I FINALLY managed to fix the leak under the kitchen sink so I have running water in the house again. Still have a lot of iron sediment in the pipes, especially in the water heater, so until I can get it flushed out, it's COLD running water only. Still, being able to use the washing machine, having a flushing toilet without using a bucket, and being able to turn on the cold water taps are all pleasures after being without for so long! I still have plumbing issues to fix in a couple rooms, but I have more confidence that I'll be able to do it now that I've done it once.

I'm still working on rehabbing my raised beds and flower beds, and Abby's been a huge help with that. She's really matured over the last few years, is doing her best to get her chores done without being told and to help me with whatever project I'm working on any given day. Yesterday, she tilled compost into the raised bed I am using for chives and walking onions. Today, I transplanted many more walking onions into that bed, and started digging out the bed they were in. I found garlic still trying to grow under the weeds there! That was a pleasant surprise. Tomorrow, I'll try to finish cleaning out that bed and will probably re-plant the garlic back into it.

I've been enjoying my pool all month...I use it for water aerobics, and all that splashing helps keep the water stirred up and clear. I've been pleasantly surprised at how easy it's been to keep the water clean and clear. I don't have an actual filter that fits this (free to me) pool, but bleach, a skimmer, and finally a $20 venturi filter that works off the garden hose have kept it in good shape. I have noticed that with the weather cooling off the last few days, it's been a much more brisk swim!

That's about it from here for now. See you on next month's thread!

My posts and words remain my exclusive property and may not be used without my express written permission and proper credit given for authorship.
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Old 09/01/14, 07:20 AM
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Fl Zones 11
Posts: 8,702
September Daily Journal started.
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