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Old 06/13/14, 10:59 AM
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Location: Oklahoma
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SFG - I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your Dad is doing well now. I know that's a tough surgery to bounce back from - prayers for you and your family!!

I'm so thrilled it's Friday. I'm tired, but this is the end of a good week for me. We've been blessed with lots of rain and cool weather and it's been a productive week at work and at home.

Tomorrow is my family reunion. I look forward to seeing my cousins. We are heading up to Creek County and the weather is suppose to be beautiful tomorrow - mild and sunny.
I'm going to head to the grocers this evening and get all the stuff for the taco casserole I'm going to make, then I need to get our lawn chairs from my car trunk and put them at the back door so DH can load them in his car when he gets home. I have to put things in my own way in order to remember them!

I just remembered I didn't put the trash out this morning. See how forgetful I am??!
I did get the grooming appt set for our long-hair chihuahua and managed to get my eye appt set-up - both for next Friday.

I headed out early yesterday to p/u my new work cell phone. They gave me an iPhone 5c - nice perk!
I'm thankful it's much lighter than the old one. My purse was beginning to feel like I was toting around a suitcase. Of course this morning I discovered I must have $5 worth of change in there. I think my piggy bank is about to get heavier. lol!!

Well, time to get busy. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!!
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Old 06/14/14, 01:30 AM
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So exhausted I'm nodding off over the computer.
GFB worked today, yesterday we both spent most of the day in bed. I would almost think he had allergies with his weepy eyes and runny nose. I am having a really hard time functioning in the heat. Trying to get out in the early morning to work on the garden, but not doing too well on the crawling out of bed part. I did fertilize the bananas and pineapples this morning. I have been trying to thin out the torpedo grass in the lake but we've been having LOTS of electrical storms, and even if I only hear a distant rumble I am out of the lake.
Since last posting we have seen both Maleficent and How to Train Your Dragon 2. Both were fine movies, I highly recommend them.

Have spent a little time on the computer today making reservations and downloading DC metro maps. Supposedly our train will arrive at Union Station by 8:30 AM. I made reservations to tour the Capitol at 12:40 pm that day. Have Pentagon tours for that Monday afternoon, may as well stop at Arling ton Cemetary that morning and tour the custis/Lee mansion.
Dozed off again. Gonna hit the sack now.
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Old 06/14/14, 01:02 PM
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A new order of manga always puts me in a good mood. Should arrive just when we get back at the end of the week.
GFB is doing laundry. I remember reading years ago about an experimental Japanese dryer that used COLD dry air- that would be something I could go for!! Don't know the exact humidity outside but the dew never dried. We hang permanent press inside on a rolling rack - and have a wooden folding dryer for towels etc. Wish that we could dial up HOT air dryer in winter and COLD in summer- hate to produce more heat in the house for the a/c to overcome.
I'll be posting separately on the DC trip. I'm always an ultralite packer, I told DGS that he should pack 3 outfits (from the skin out) and we'll do laundry halfway thru our visit. Left a FB message to one of my cousins living in NoVa. Maybe we can get together for a brunch or lunch or sumpin. I'm sure that we'll be buying (and wearing!) souvenir Tshirts. We'll be staying at the Hostel in downtown DC, I am really looking forward to this!
Will not be touring Bureau of Engraving- GFB wants me to save that experience to share with him on a later trip.
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Old 06/14/14, 10:03 PM
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Been away from here awhile. Too much bad stuff going on. My niece was sick (in hospital on oxygen), my sister broke her ankle bad (required surgery, still in a wheel chair a month later), my new co-worker is in over her head, my old co-worker is a jerk (has thrown things at me twice this month), our dog bit the neighbor (long story but neighbor will be fine, dog is euthanized, we're way more legal trouble then we should be), built a new fence, sold the old lawn mower then the new one lost its transmission, garden is coming along so slowly it may not be worth while.

So, we got my sister to where she can get around and take care of the baby mostly by herself. Got the baby well enough to just need oxygen at night. Got a lawyer. Just hoping for the best!
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Old 06/15/14, 09:51 AM
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Location: Oklahoma
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Holy Cow, HTG! I'm so sorry, prayers for you - I hope things turn around for you all soon!!

We had a great time at the Family Reunion yesterday. the weather was a bit humid, but there were plenty of breezes and the cousin hosting it put up two canopies over his deck for shade - that did the trick!

As two of my older cousins were leaving to go home, one of the wives (who has many health problems and is on a walker) fell and broke her ankle - not a clean break, an actual compound break. They called the ambulance, who ended up taking her to St. John's in Tulsa and they were suppose to do surgery on her last night. They live 2 hours south, so until they can get her moved, that means her sibling and kids will have to stay in Tulsa or commute back and forth. I hope they put her in a rehab facility until she can walk again, because her husband (my cousin) has a pace maker and can no longer drive and certainly can't lift her or take care of her.

I'm taking care of our friends dogs, while they're away this next week. I went over to feed them this morning and I could not get the key to work in their door. I tried for a solid 15 minutes and finally gave up. I decided to wait until the Dollar General opens, them I'm going to get a bag of food and just keep it in my trunk. I can feed and water them from outside. My only concern is that something is wrong with their lock. I don't want to say anything until they get back though. My friend was stressed out about their long trip anyway and there's nothing she can do from North Dakota. As long as I can get them fed and the house is okay, I'll let them deal with it when they get back. I think they can get in their back door, but it takes the garage door opener to get in from there.

We have more rain on the way today and it's keeping the temps in the 80s and lower 90s, so I'm lovin' this June weather!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!!
Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone!!
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Old 06/15/14, 05:23 PM
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HTG, sometimes it just seems like problems just compound when you least need or can deal with them! Sorry and hope all is resolved soon.

Vickie, glad you went to the reunion, but sorry your poor cousin's wife broke her ankle! Yikes. Not fun. Did that myself one winter just before dh was to go on a trip to DC for fire arson training school. I managed here alone, but had to be pretty crafy in feeding the horses, etc. I would drive to the barn, use the log carrier to put one flake of hay in, which I could carry and still use my crutches. Took a while to feed, but I did it. Then slipped on the deck stairs and broke out one of the rails on the stairs with my broken ankle's foot! Good thing we don't have any close neighbors, because I said every bad word I ever learned, and even made up a few new ones!! Dh felt guilty but I made him go to the training school, as the tuition was paid, airline tickets were non-refundable, and I told him I'd be ok. Guess I should stop pretending I'm super woman
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Old 06/15/14, 08:57 PM
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Yeah, Jan, I thought for years I had a big red "S" on my chest too. What is it with us women??
I skipped yesterday's ECHO summer gardening. In fact I should go check the website to see if they rescheduled- S FL was nothing but soggy on Saturday. We came back to the city- we thought we had lost GFB flash drive he has his legal stuff on- he has one baggie dedicated to flash drives and adapters-and it wasn't in there - but when I reached in my medication baggy tonight for asthma and antidepressant meds I grabbed the flash drive! He was in a hurry, I guess. Didn't really look at the bag.
Totally unlike him.
I've been googling restaurants listed as low-price in the Nat Geo Guide to DC, and actually found a few that run cheaper than a burger and fries at The Mouse ( and also some that had closed. Haven't googled the memorable ones from my childhood other than Bassins- just was too depressed when I found it had closed. It's starting to look like lunches will be out where we are sightseeing and dinners will be something rustled up back at the hostel. Not sure I want to pay $23 for a small pizza.

Our son called GFB to wish him a happy Father's day. GFB is still making excuses for DD- such as there's still time for her to call. Our son in law always used to tell GFB what a great dad he was and he wished he had really been our kid (then took it back because that would've led to a way too weird relationship w/DD) This year's Father's day from him was on FB- Happy father's day to all you dad's out there. You know who you are.
That just is so disappointing to me because GFB is such an extraordinary parent.
Well time for me to let GFB on here.
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Old 06/16/14, 10:41 AM
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Yes, Ladies - like you I've given up the SuperWoman role - for the most part anyway!
Once DH sold all the cattle, my life got much simpler.

Jan - you are one brave lady going it alone w/o your DH during something like that, but I totally understand, I'm sure I would have made the same decision given the money spent on training and all.

It's amazing how creative we can get when it comes to chores and physical incapacity. I don't have much strength in my upper body anymore, so I tend to find ways to transport, roll and slide things I can't lift.

Cousin's wife had surgery to stabilize her foot and make sure everything was lined up correctly. I think she's having surgery today to place the pins in her ankle. They said she has a halo on her ankle. She's doing okay, but this is going to be a long recovery, I'm sure.

I'm back at work today, but in no hurry to get anything done, it seems. I decided this morning I'm going to take July 3rd off, so I can have a 4 day weekend. I need an extra day to get somethings done and I'm tired of trying to cram everything into two days on the weekend.

I managed to get the LR, DR & hallway carpet shampooed yesterday. It's so nice to walk on clean carpet. I'm slowly getting the kitchen in order. I got the laundry done too, so I actually accomplished quite a bit. I think I just expect to be able to clean house like I used too, but I can't work like that anymore - not w/o taking several breaks during the day.

DH and I had a long discussion last night about family and how much my housekeeping has improved over the years. I think part of that is not having kids at home to mess things up after you clean them up. LOL!
I'm a long way from being like his Mom - her house always looks like a Better Homes & Garden picture - but he told me that never mattered to him. Good thing!!!

Well, have a blessed day, everyone!
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Old 06/16/14, 04:33 PM
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OUV- I bet your MIL wasn't working a demanding career either. My mother was the only mother in my school grade who worked, back in the 50s. I remember being proud and happy that she was dressed to the nines when some of the other mothers wore curlers, bathrobes and puffy slippers all day. And jealous that she got to take lessons after work (she took stenography, shorthand, and swimming lessons while I was in elementary school- I would've skipped the secretarial courses but would've loved extra swimming lessons)
My son in law asked me not to come visit and drop off DGS dorm stuff I've been putting aside for him. He says he is too anxious and DD is too depressed to have me even if I am staying at a motel or the state park. He also said he doesn't know if he can get DGS to the train station in Charleston for the trip. : This of course AFTER we had discussed it because I didn't want to buy train tickets and then find myself having to drive anyway. He did something similar when I took that monthlong camping trip with the grands in 2007. That time I had at least put off buying his train ticket(because I had a funny feeling...He really made a point about he wanted to join us in Niagara- I would've paid for his train tickets and then he would've helped me drive back- but there we were in PA and he was on the phone explaining why he couldn't catch the train to meet us 48 hours later in Niagara) :grumpy: So now I have to go thru anxiety and trying to reserve a Greyhound ticket for DGS to ride to Charleston...OY! Or better yet, maybe drive to SC, pick DGS up, drive to Charleston to catch the train, and leave my car in long term parking for the trip. DOUBLE OY!
Today it took me almost 2 hours to master the WMATA website to buy smart cards. The Smart card with unlimited Metro travel for a week was what I wanted, but when I went to the Smart card page all they had was unlimited Metro travel for 1 day. I wound up buying 2- $10 cards and maybe I will just have to load and additional $40 on each. The *operators* they had on the help phone frankly said they didn't remember how to purchase the unlimited 7 day pass. TRIPLE OY!

Planning to start packing my suitcase now. Except another mystery has appeared. I bought some very comfortable stretch soft cup bras at Walmart and have been wearin g them. Last week here in the city I went to start packing (Boy Scout Training- each complete outfit from the skin out goes into it's own ziplock bag) Couldn't find my new bras anywhere. I thought Okaaay, I left them at the lake. Got to the lake this past weekend and they weren't there. Got back, searched the city house AGAIN, went to the new walmart that opened in our town close to us, and they didn't stock them there, and the manager said there was no such product in Walmart anywhere, period exclamation I drove to the Walmart 1/2 hr away and found them. Got three. I am packing them, and meanwhile wondering what happened to the three I bought before? Losing socks in the dryer is to be expected, but I've never lost 3 bras within 2 weeks of purchase before. :grumpy:
Well, it is a Monday. Could be worse, I guess.
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Old 06/17/14, 07:27 AM
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You are all Super for doing what you do! GMB, y'all have a wonderful time in D.C., and never mind the ones who would put a damper on it. Can't wait to see those same movies - that is the type of entertainment we enjoy! Went out and gardened for awhile with my headlamp. Thanks to WONDERFUL rains last week, it was warm and humid even at 4:30 am! We do what we can, don't we? Have a wonderful day, everyone.

PS, Homesteader - I am a rural Family doc. So glad I chose this as it has allowed me to work all over the country in some amazing places, including three Indian reservations in my motorhome. We currently live a mile outside a town of 600 people, and 8 miles from the hospital in a town of 1400. Have my mother in a beautiful assisted living facility next to the hospital, so life is good!
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Old 06/17/14, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Grandmotherbear View Post
OUV- I bet your MIL wasn't working a demanding career either. My mother was the only mother in my school grade who worked, back in the 50s. I remember being proud and happy that she was dressed to the nines when some of the other mothers wore curlers, bathrobes and puffy slippers all day. And jealous that she got to take lessons after work (she took stenography, shorthand, and swimming lessons while I was in elementary school- I would've skipped the secretarial courses but would've loved extra swimming lessons)
GMB - Actually she did! MIL was a nurse working nights at the local hospital. DH said she would come home at night and do housework.
I think she was the original FlyLady. She told me she had certain days of the week that she dusted, vacuumed, etc. and since she cleaned at night she didn't have to worry about the kids being in the way. She had everything on a schedule and made sure it was done like clockwork. She let her OCD work for her. She's a very smart lady and I really admire her so much.
Me on the other hand, I was raised by a mother who did things on a more leisurely schedule. She was a bit of a clutterbug, which got worse as she got older. I had chores I had to do on Saturdays, or I didn't get to go anywhere - namely - polishing LOTS of wood furniture. I hated it and swore I wouldn't have wood furniture when I grew up. Ha!
That didn't last long - I have lots of antique wooden furniture, however, it does not get dusted and polished every week. LOL!
DH has just learned to live with it. I am not demanding when it comes to how he does things either - I guess that's why he doesn't freak out about the house not being in perfect order.

I need to go to the Library today and p/u some more books on CD.
I went to Walmart yesterday to buy a pair of ballet slippers for the youngest DGD. Well that was a wasted trip. They no longer carry the slippers. As a matter of fact, it seems the only shoes they carry anymore are ones that must cost 80 cents to make in some 3rd world country and can hang on a hook in the shoe area of the store.
After I left there empty handed, I went over to Best Buy to get replacement battery packs for our cordless AT&T handsets for the home phone. Well, that was an eye opener. They wanted $25 for one battery pack!
I decided to check the price on Amazon first. Sure enough, I bought a 2-pack for less than $10 and no shipping cost, since I have a Prime account.
I went over to Payless Shoes and found the Ballet slippers for $20. I wanted to make sure she has them for class tonight. The oldest DGD has a pair I bought her last summer, when she took her first dance class and apparently they still fit her for now.
I'm finding many things are just cheaper to buy on Amazon, if it's something I don't need right away, it definitely saves time and gas.

The registration & airfare for my August trip to Philly, for a SANS class, have been purchased by our travel coordinator here at work. So I'm making plans for the vacation, the following week, that DH & I are going to take on the east coast. I checked the cost for Amtrak tickets, from Philly to MD, and they are very reasonable. I can buy two tickets for $76. We haven't decided yet if that's definitely our plan. We had thought about riding the train until we stop in VA Beach, then p/u a rental car from there. I'm not sure though. I looked yesterday and the hotel in Philly is in a suburban area and nothing is within walking distance. So, I may get a car while I'm there and then we'll drive down the coast while we travel on vacation.
The nice thing about the hotel stay in Philly is that it's a Marriott, which gives me reward points during my stay. By next summer I should have a couple of free nights DH and I can use on our next vacation.

Have a great day, everyone!!
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Old 06/17/14, 12:08 PM
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Whew! Everyone is busy! Westexas you are an angel to do it how you do! Bless you!

Let’s see, what’s new? The garden is doing so good, even with the winds. We’ve got a lot of wind this season. In spite of that things are doing ok. DH put bubblers on the berries that survived (7 I think it is), so now that’s automatic.

He also got an auto bubbler onto the huge Lady Banks Rose in the corner of the property. He placed a large drip tray that you put under flower pots under that, so it will fill up - the overflow will water the rose. Then, the wild birdies can use it as a bath/drinking tray. How sweet was that?

This am I planted corn and more cuke seeds (I WILL HAVE CUKES she says in her best Scarlett voice, pounding the soil)…….into the raised beds now that the peas have finished. Also planted more chard into the spots in the row of chard row #2 that never came up. We put up 4 dinners’ worth of chard into the freezer a few days ago.

Got all the last of the hollyhocks down and gone. Farewell sweet friends, what a show they put on for us. Our best HH year ever.

Had a bad tummy day, spent the better part of the day on the couch with my wireless keyboard and mouse, and put utube videos onto the computer screen, then I can move it over to the tv, which is a huge thing, 54 inches! (measured diagonally), so I was able to just rest and really enjoy the videos! We got this wireless kb and mouse free from Dell! This computer, our latest is a Dell, and at first it refused to give audio. They replaced the mother board once, and did a bunch of stuff, finally got it to work and for our “aggravation” they gave us this kb and mouse. Sweet deal!

So one thing I learned was how to fold a dress out of paper, for crafting. What fun! Doing this with DG will be a blast. It just requires a square piece of paper, I used scrapbook paper. For size reference, the orange one on the left is 4” tall. No tape or glue is needed! Just folding and so easy:
Daily Journal June 2014(Everyone Welcome to Post) - Daily Journal & Everybody Has a Story Archives

We had this one sunflower come up and when she opened, she was black! She is now a deep deep red. A volunteer. DH wants to save the seeds, but I know the plants from said seeds will not be the same, having crossed with other colors. But still, it has been a kick to have this!

Daily Journal June 2014(Everyone Welcome to Post) - Daily Journal & Everybody Has a Story Archives

DH this weekend also got the bean fencing up. The beans don’t seem to want to hold on very much though. I may have to use garden tape.

We harvested the first three tomatoes, one hot pepper (called Ring of Fire) and ate a raw new potato. So good. Of course here the peas are all done.

The nectarines are still ripening, will be a while for them. Eggs like crazy coming! We eat quite a few angel eggs around here!

I cleaned up a small garden circle that I had neglected, and transplanted a morning glory plant that had popped up in the strawberry bed and a few cosmos and marigolds. Need more of those but couldn’t get to that this morning before the heat started.

Figured out what type of bee I was seeing the other day, all rust colored and fuzzy. It was a male carpenter bee. I don’t believe I have ever seen one of those here before.

Well, I was smart and typed this in word pad first, as our internet connection still kicks off. The tech said they (the company) need to go out and replace stuff, and he will be speaking to them about getting that started. He supposedly put us onto the best he could, but I haven’t seen any improvement. Luckily, it comes back in about 3-4 minutes.

Stay busy, stay cool – cyber hugs to all who need it!
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Old 06/17/14, 04:41 PM
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Picked peas last night and shelled them this morning. Always surprised how few peas one gets from so many pods
But we love fresh peas so that's OK. Maybe next year I'll plant the edible shell kind.
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Old 06/17/14, 04:57 PM
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That is a real Goth looking sunflower, Homesteader. Very cool.

Wow, OUV, your MIL worked night shift? My ex-MIL worked night shift too. Some of us are just born with that ability. Night Shift like to killed me when I tried working it in my 30's. Never could function very well after a night, had to fight falling asleep all the way home after leaving work.

Went out for pizza with my local friend, she says I look like I'm losing weight. Amazing what leaving work will do for you. I also told her about reducing my pain pill intake down to 1/2 per night. It is wonderful to not be in agony, to have pain that a couple of aspirin will totally take away instead of maxing out your doses of NSAIDS and hanging on, waiting to get done with work so you can start popping the pain pills.

Went to get a haircut and get slipped into a appointment made by a no-show. She came in after I was well started, saying the rain had delayed her. She had her 1 month old great granddaughter with her, and no umbrella, and it has been rainy all day. Apparently they just would try to outwait the rain, but expected others to cut them slack. I don't see where an umbrella is such an impossibility to think of. People are strange, indeed. I finally took a page from the Haitian's book this summer and have have been using my umbrella as a shade on those hot hot summer days. It's going to DC with me too.
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Old 06/17/14, 07:35 PM
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Busy , busy week between working at vacation Bible School,turning grandkids' 4H projects in every day plus getting ready to do a garage sale with the kids this weekend.Seems like every thing comes together at the same week.Then the heat and humidity just does me in.Always wonder how people can stand it living in Texas,Florida etc??Call me crazy but I love Fall and Winter ,cooler and less outside work.Garden needs to be watered every day,and the grass keeps growing and growing.Good thing hubby can still handle most of that .
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Old 06/18/14, 12:39 PM
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what a rough last 2 months. we had to put my mom in a nurseing home. it has taken alot out of my dad. I found myself getting depressed just spending the weekend at my dads house helping out. it is still depressing thinking about it. my other two sisters dont seem to have a problem.

also been busy with the garden. I have planted pototes in a large pail. I have read you can get more pototes that way. add more soil as the pototes plants grow.

I found a recipe for strawberry-lemon concentrate, I canned it in quart jars. it tasted really good. I hope there is enough strawberries to do more.

going camping this weekend with two of my friends. am excited!!
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Old 06/18/14, 03:03 PM
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At last I have time to catch up and enjoy everyone's posts! I went with my DD to Lubbock to see his cancer specialist. Two years since DD had his lung cancer surgery and he is all clear!!! He is going to have his colonoscopy and an upper GI the first of July. At 73, I think he is doing very well. He even did the driving! Yeah, I was kinda in a tight way when he decided to pass not one, but TWO tanker trucks on a narrow road. Was so very happy to get home last night!
Well, I DID IT!! I got up this morning and took on the house trim! Yeah, I know, the doctor is not going to be too happy with me. But, what he doesn't know won't hurt me, right?! I will work on the East side this evening and finish the South end too, I hope. I was even able to handle the extension ladder. I think the dog was laughing at me though. She just laid out there in the yard and watched while I wrestled the ladder into submission. Oh well, I got the trim painted!
I need to work in the garden and get the tomatoes tied up. Looks like one of the plants will need to be yanked out of the ground and tossed into the burn barrel. I refuse to waste time on a lazy tomato plant! We have teeny tiny little, yellow squash! The plants are covered with them. Yippeee! The okra plants are just kinda there. Still don't know how to get them to grow already.
DH is going to help me get the rest of the space ready for a garden next year. We are looking for some really nasty, black hay to lay out in the garden rows and then we will till in some good ol cow manure from a nearby dairy. I can't wait for next years garden!!
As you can tell, I feel better, a lot better. I hope everyone is better and life is good!
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Old 06/18/14, 04:17 PM
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Since it's in the 90's and high humidity I mowed the place this morning. It was a bit wet but it beats mowing in the afternoon in this weather. Then went to town and deposited a check for DH and also picked up a few groceries. Tonight is our grandson's final ballgame so will go to that. Tomorrow he will come out here for the day. I rotate between the 3 grandkids to spend a day each week with us in the summer. They love it and so do we.
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Old 06/18/14, 04:25 PM
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ChiefCook, glad you feel better, but don't make the common mistake of overdoing it when you feel a bit better!

Homesteader, those little dresses are so cute! Remind me of a shirt picture deal my Mom made DH one year, out of folded two dollar bills. It has a tiny tie and little buttons probably glued on. She framed it and sent it to him. Not his kind of thing, but I appreciated it. Especially because she now can't see to do those things and isn't a particularly crafty person anyway.

I planted a few more of my tomato plants today, then made room for four broody hens from a friend. They don't want any more broody hens and I was just going to borrow the incubator from the county extension office to try to hatch out more chicks. Sure hope these girls settle back into being broody again. I've been saving eggs for two days to put under them.

All the strawberry plants I moved have died, despite my care and watering, so not sure what the deal is with them. So hot in the day and chilly at night. It's a wonder anything is growing at all. The birds help themselves to any fat bean seeds ready to spout, so I'm going to shelter them and foil that plan!

I have to remember I'm not a spring chicken any longer and work inside in the cool basement during the hot part of the day.

GMB, You have a wonderful vacation, despite your SIL not wanting you to come down there. It's hard to judge what the situation is, when you aren't there, but don't let it upset you or ruin the trip. We all have someone like that to deal with, and just have to do the best we can. Take lots of pics!
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Old 06/18/14, 04:53 PM
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Still don't have our a/c fixed. It is now hot and humid and the humidity is just taking my energy away. The heat I can handle but that darn humidity is just awful.

Had the grandkids yesterday. Middle one had a ball game. Only 5 games left (3 for the 6 yr old and 2 for the 13 yr old). My ex has not shown up to any of them. No surprise really, at least to me. Just glad the kids don't know him so they are not disappointed. His loss.

Won't have the kids again until next Tues morning thru Wed afternoon. Daughter has a work related class to go to after working her 24 hour shift.

Bill is planning to take a few days off next week, now that his work schedule has let up. Hope to get some things finished around and maybe, a few more things started. Then I get to go away next weekend for 4 days with some of my Living History ladies. We are headed to Hot Springs, Ark. Haven't seen an itinerary yet, so have no idea what the weekend holds!!
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