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Old 02/16/17, 12:25 PM
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I have rented from U Haul a few times. Before I made the reservation, I drove past the U Haul dealer to see whether they had the truck or trailer I wanted already sitting in the parking lot. If they did, I made the reservation. If they didn't, I would find another U Haul location and give it the drive by. Too many friends of ours have been burned by making a reservation and when that day came around the vehicle/trailer they wanted was not there.
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Old 02/16/17, 01:22 PM
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My daughter had a similar experience with UHaul in Manhattan KS. She was deploying to Iraq and had to move her furniture 120 miles to storage. On the day she was moving she also had paid loading help but when she arrived at the rental office they informed her they did not have the truck. l She had even put a deposit on it.

She scrambled a better truck from Penske and due to the fact she was deploying and had been screwed by UHAul, Penske gave her a terrific price on it. We are real Penske boosters from then on.

Sam Shoen is rolling in his grave if he can see UHAul today.
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Old 02/16/17, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
I made a reservation online Saturday to rent a 14' truck and chose one of the local locations based on feedback they have. Today some idiot calls me and tells me I can't get the truck there but have to get it from the place which has the bad feedback. Not only that, it is a 17' truck which I don't need. The guy didn't give me any choice, he just said that's the way it was going to be. And they don't open until 10 am which puts me in a bind because I have paid helpers arriving at the other end at noon to unload. I don't think I understand why they offer any choices when you make a reservation if they just do what they want and not what you want. I am pretty unhappy about this. Unfortunately they are the only truck rental outfit in this area. At .79 a mile I can't afford to go too far to get a truck. Any constructive ideas? Thanks.

Home Depot rents trucks and trailers. I believe they are Penske. We had the same problem with U-Haul and have never used them again. Good luck

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Old 02/16/17, 03:32 PM
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Boy, my angel must have been taking care of me when I rented a 17 ft. truck from U-Haul and hired a mover that they worked with to load and drive it to GA from AZ. He negotiated a $1.00 charge for a flat bed for my car that he towed and a good discount for the cargo trailer I towed with my truck. Absolutely no issues that I knew of with U-Haul, although the mover did all the leg work.
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Old 02/17/17, 08:32 AM
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Yes, you were lucky, believe me.

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Old 02/17/17, 08:51 AM
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U-Haul dealers are at the mercy of the corporate mismanagement. I knew one of their dealers in a summer vacation area and saw him berated multiple times by customers inconvenienced by U-Haul's screw ups. He had no control over outcomes.

He always ended up with a lot full of trucks and trailers after vacationers opened up their summer homes. The equipment mostly stayed there all summer. U-Haul does a pisspoor job of relocating equipment to areas of need.

I'd only rent from U-Haul if that was the absolute only choice. Budget and Penske have always out performed H-Haul.
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Old 02/17/17, 09:31 AM
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Sounds like a pretty bad system UHaul has! Sounds like they now routinely grab reserved trucks for the pricier cross-country moves that make them more money and hang short rentals out to dry.

I have used them with no problem, but only for half-day rentals, and that was 20+ years ago.

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Old 02/17/17, 01:35 PM
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I had same like you after many calls they gave me the bigger truck for less than the smaller. Hope its a good move
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Old 02/17/17, 04:40 PM
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We used to move tons of dog food donated by Pedigree for rescues and shelters, both Penske and Rider were great to work with and because we were working with 501 c 3 organizations they even gave us a discount.
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Old 02/17/17, 05:40 PM
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It's not only the truck rental.

I was buying a trailer out of state and went to Uhaul to get a 7pin connector installed. When I asked if they could install it, they said yes. When I took the car in for the installation, I again told the person at the desk I needed the 7 problem! I told the mechanic when he came to get the car, sure, no problem.

Went back to pick up the car when they were done...4 pin connector installed. Asked, where was my 7 pin connecter? Manager said, "We don't install those." Said that I'd told 5 fifferent employees what I NEEDED and was assured that it would be done. His reply, we don't install those. It was 6pm, I was leaving at 4am the next morning. Gee, thanks Uhaul!

“Owning a dog is slightly less expensive than being addicted to crack.”
― Jen Lancaster
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Old 02/18/17, 11:02 AM
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I used to go to the local landfill once a month and it was a common sight for Uhauls to pull into the dump with a group of hillbillies and the trucks loaded to the gills with trash or construction debris. Apparently it is common for some contractors to rent a UHaul to go clean out vacant homes for banks and job sites for construction companies. Seeing raw garbage pouring out from the back was enough to convince me I'd never use them again.
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