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beccachow 12/20/09 03:21 PM

OK East Coast-ers, Post Pics of Your PAIN!
I will try to dig out a camera, we have like 4 cameras and none of them work. Yesterday DD went out into the snow and disappeared, lol. The puppy is doing this nutty bunny-hopping thing to try to get through the snow. I pulled out the sled prior to the snow starting, put it down outside...and can't find it now. My pygmy goats are staying inside, since the snow is deeper than they are tall!

Jakk 12/20/09 03:48 PM

We got a LOT of snow!

beaglebiz 12/20/09 03:53 PM

Jakk...cute little girl and cute dog. Here in Northeastern PA (Wyoming/luzerne county) we have just three inches, and I am itching to get snowed in. (think chicken and dumplings, cookies and hotchocolate. Snowball fights, an igloo, games in front of the woodburner....ahhhhh. Heaven
we keep getting ripped off
ps...did I mention no work, no school??

pps...where are you?

Jakk 12/20/09 03:56 PM

That is exactly what we are doing today!

I am in South Jersey, about 15-20 mins outside of Philly.

fellini123 12/20/09 03:58 PM

Well the van is out of the middle of the street!!!!!!!! But only just!!! Cant get it up the driveway. I figure spring will be here soon enough!! LOL
Alice in Virginia

beccachow 12/20/09 04:18 PM

I live in Western MD. We have about 18-20 inches, unheard of for us. I am loving those pics!

RandB 12/21/09 11:24 AM

Ditto JAKK's photos - that is about the same amount of snow we got....
Still shoveling and snowblowing today, 2 days later...

tinknal 12/21/09 11:58 AM

Jakk, that's a fine lookin' farm dog there. What is it?

Kinda reminds me of my old dog Bubba. He was a Ridgeback Redbone cross.

nandmsmom 12/21/09 02:43 PM

I have quite a few up on my blog. The address is in my signature.

Jakk 12/21/09 03:34 PM

Tinknal, we are not completely sure but the vet says 75% Pit bull and probably Rodesian Ridgeback mixed. He thinks one parent was full Pit, the other part Pit and Rodesian Ridgeback. He is a sweet heart!

tinknal 12/21/09 03:36 PM

My ridgeback was great with people. He never bothered poultry, but he was hell on wheels on 4 legged varmints.

Jakk 12/21/09 03:50 PM

We dont live on a farm, but he loves other dogs and cats. We were supposed to move to our little homestead by Pittsburgh over the summer but my husband lost his job and plans were put on hold. He was able to find another job, but it is here. We are still holding on to our dreams of a homestead...just have to delay it a bit longer.

ET1 SS 12/21/09 05:15 PM

We have not had any new snow since last Tuesday.

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