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Old 06/11/09, 11:47 AM
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fresh egg labels

OK, I'm doing the farmer's market, got my egg license, bought new cartons, talked to the people at the state level and am good to go, except I need to put a label on my egg cartons.

What do you guys use? My new cartons are those paper ones, not the styrofoam ones. I have to keep the eggs cool (state rules, not mine), so I'm not even sure that using address labels would work.

I've searched the last 2 hours for a free address label program to make labels and I'm beginning to think that isn't the answer. I use OpenOffice and it's supposed to make address labels, and probably does, just not for me *sighs*. So, before I just print out the necessary information on paper, and stick it on with packing tape, lol ..... how are you guys labeling your fresh eggs?

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Old 06/11/09, 12:35 PM
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We're printing the following from a MS Word document. You could do something similar in OpenOffice. We print them on self-sticking label paper.

We use this on the left side of all cartons. The logo background is a photo of our farm from the roadfront
fresh egg labels - Market Gardens

For Brown eggs, we use this image on the right side of the cartons
fresh egg labels - Market Gardens

For Easter eggs, we use an image on the right side of the cartons with a basket of the colored eggs, same basic wording.

A lot of the info on ours is required by NC - but hope it gives you some ideas.
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Old 06/11/09, 02:29 PM
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We have been using weatherproof vinyl lables from Online Labels ( ) for our cider jugs and on our plant stakes with great results. They carry both laser and inkjet (we are using an inkjet HP printer). The labels stick even when they get wet, do not come apart and the ink does not run. We experimented with the plant labels by putting them onto the plastic plant stick and then dunking them in water for a couple weeks - no problem. One tip though, set your printer setting to as low a quality as possible (draft or something of that nature). At higher settings the labels were not soaking up all the ink and it would smear - lowering the print quality solved the problem. There is software and templates available on the site to use - we use Word for the cider labels and Avery Labelpro for the plant stakes (I can send you a copy if you want to try it - it was a freeby with a printer I bought a couple years ago).
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Old 06/11/09, 03:20 PM
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Hello, I am in the process of sesigning a label I can use for both eggs and produce bags. If you decide to print your own labels be sure the ink in your printer is water proof. My HP printer uses water soluable ink.
Also we have to keep our eggs 40 egrees or cooler at the market. I am exploring the use of Flexi- freeze or something similar. I found a website for a manufacturer that sells on They sell a case of water filled bubble wrap for $40 plus shipping. I might try it.
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Old 06/13/09, 02:10 PM
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In open office, click on 'File' then 'New' scroll down and it has a 'Labels' there you can print your new file or whatnot. (took me a while to find too).
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Old 06/15/09, 03:30 PM
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I needed help here too!! The Cooperative puts my eggs at the bottom of the basket so they are always getting wet and the labels were not making it, thank you so much, plus I think these are cheaper at higher quantities!!
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Old 06/17/09, 01:13 AM
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I bought a case of ICY COOLS and they arrived the next day. They are heavier than I expected. I will try them out on Friday. I am taking 20 dozen jumbo eggs to the market .
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Old 06/18/09, 05:46 PM
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We use the Paint program in our computer, a friend uses Photoshop, and print on labels to fit our cartons. It's nice because you can layer the images. Also, Google clip art images- there are lots of cute chicken/farm ones!

We print a smaller label for inside the carton with the safety information (required by our state), just on a regular address label.

Have fun designing!
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